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    Signs of Suspension Damage

    Feeling an increase in bouncing or bumps on the road. Difficulty while steering. Vehicle sitting lower on one side. Overly greasy/oily shock absorbers. Nose diving forward when braking.
    9 Apr 2021
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  • Which is the best shock absorber in India?

    Bilstein – Probably the most famous and known for providing best shock absorbers with the best kinetic energy in it to cruise on any type of roads. The Monotube design ensures top notch performance and comfort. The only downside is the costing part where a pair of Shockers can go in range of rs 50000 of Bilstein.16 Apr 2017
  • How do I know if my torsion bars are worn out?

    Turn the car of truck on and take it for a test drive. If one corner seems to sag excessively, then that torsion bar has gone bad. Any metal object can succumb to metal fatigue over time, especially if under constant, heavy loads. Pay special attention when driving over speed bumps.26 Apr 2021
  • How long do 4x4 shocks last?

    If you're city-based and drive carefully all the time on well-maintained, perfectly smooth tar roads, your shocks could last up to 10 years. But for those of us who may hit potholes from time to time and drive on dirt roads now and then, expect to get around 5 years from your shock absorbers.
  • How much does it cost to replace torsion keys?

    The average cost for torsion bar replacement is between $350 and $377. Labor costs are estimated between $106 and $133 while parts are priced at $244. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.
  • How do you know your suspension is bad?

    Signs of a Worn Suspension
    1. Clunking Noises When Hitting a Bump. ...
    2. Bumpy Ride. ...
    3. Hovering Front End. ...
    4. Irregular Tire Wear. ...
    5. Noticeable Vibrations While Driving. ...
    6. Erratic Braking. ...
    7. Fluid Leakage. ...
    8. Irregular Tire Wear.
    14 Mar 2019

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