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    For free a lot of trucks. All the GM trucks. Use we call torsion bars to level the front of theMoreFor free a lot of trucks. All the GM trucks. Use we call torsion bars to level the front of the truck. We'll look at those in a minute but basically what we can do here.

    How can I level my truck for free?

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  • What suspension do most cars use?

    The most common automotive applications include leaf springs (often used on a rigid axle), torsion bars and coil springs (both used for independent suspension). Some newer vehicles utilize "air suspension" with air-filled bladders replacing the springs.18 Apr 2019
  • How do I know if I need new torsion bars?

    Turn the car of truck on and take it for a test drive. If one corner seems to sag excessively, then that torsion bar has gone bad. Any metal object can succumb to metal fatigue over time, especially if under constant, heavy loads. Pay special attention when driving over speed bumps.26 Apr 2021
  • How can I improve my car's suspension?

    Upgrading Car Suspension
    1. Anti-Roll Bars or Sway Bars.
    2. Strut Tower Braces.
    3. Coilovers.
    4. Wheels and Tires.
    5. Air Suspension Upgrades.
  • What trucks have torsion bars?

    Torsion bar suspensions are used on combat vehicles and tanks like the T-72, Leopard 1, Leopard 2, M26 Pershing, M18 Hellcat, and the M1 Abrams (many tanks from World War II used this suspension), and on modern trucks and SUVs from Ford, Chrysler, GM, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Isuzu, LuAZ, and Toyota.
  • Can I drive without stabilizer bar?

    TOM: Removing it won't make the car unsafe to drive. In fact, anti-sway bars were commonly optional equipment a decade ago. But without the sway bar, the car will not handle and corner as well, or as comfortably for the driver and passengers, and your son will have to get used to driving slower on turns.28 Aug 2014

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