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  • Alvyc Teh
    Your Tires Aren't Wearing Out Evenly

    A worn suspension system means more bouncing, which means your tires are also moving as they hit the ground. This causes them to lose rubber.
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  • How do torsion axles work?

    Torsion axles work by using rubber cords or cartridges inside the axle tube to handle suspension travel and shock absorption. Torsion axles do not use leaf springs, but instead the compression of the rubber to supply the suspension support needed. Each wheel works independently from one another.31 Jan 2018
  • What are three advantages of independent front suspension?

    In this article, we focus on the advantages of the Independent front suspension system:
    • Superior Handling. While sharp turns, a centrifugal force is created in the sprung vehicles. ...
    • Less weight. ...
    • More stable. ...
    • Added Comfort.
  • Are leaf springs better than coil for off-road?

    Leaf springs are also much sturdier as compared to the coil springs. They are capable of handling much higher loads with less deflection than coils. Trucks with leaf springs are also easier to raise or lower. The leaf springs' simplicity is as much of a curse as a blessing.15 Feb 2017
  • How do you change a torsion key?

    Part of a video titled Torsion Key Install - YouTube
    So all you have to do in the second little groove that's on the key slide the torsion bar tool intoMoreSo all you have to do in the second little groove that's on the key slide the torsion bar tool into that and it locks it in to the top of the crossmember. Tighten it on up.
  • Can torsion bars wear out?

    If you hear a bang, then the torsion bar has grown too soft and allowed some suspension parts to come into contact. Any worn out torsion bar must be replaced.

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