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  • Zainuddin Abbas
    Torsion bar suspensions are used on combat vehicles and tanks like the T-72, Leopard 1, Leopard 2, M26 Pershing, M18 Hellcat, and the M1 Abrams (many tanks from World War II used this suspension), and on modern trucks and SUVs from Ford, Chrysler, GM, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Isuzu, LuAZ, and Toyota.28 Jun 2019
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  • How do you get a stuck torsion key out?

    Part of a video titled GM Chevy stuck rusted seized torsion key removal trick - YouTube
    Like this right there with the torsion bar running through it by cutting that notch out it allowedMoreLike this right there with the torsion bar running through it by cutting that notch out it allowed me to slip the key out with the torsion bar on it remove the crossmember remove the sorption bars.
  • How much does it cost to fix sway bars?

    The average sway bar replacement cost is between $125 and $160, with labor making up $50 to $70 and the part costing between $55 and $110. It's not usual to need a new sway bar. Typically, a car requires new sway bar end links or stabilizer bushings.28 Jan 2022
  • Which suspension system is best?

    Multi-link and dual wishbone systems are the holy grail of suspension designs, allowing engineers to achieve agile handling without compromising ride quality.
  • What does a rear anti-roll bar do?

    Anti-roll bars alter the distribution of lateral load transfer between the front and rear axles of car. This is due to an anti-roll bar increasing the amount of force upon the outside tyre when cornering. Due to this, the stiffer the anti-roll bar, the more lateral load transfer that occurs across it.29 May 2017
  • Is a coil shock better than air?

    If we were to evaluate both only on performance, a coil shock is superior. That's because an air-spring shock requires tight seals to capture pressurized air. A coil, however, operates without seals because it doesn't have to hold air under high pressure.14 Apr 2022

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