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  • Kai Xing
    Replacing bushes

    At times, the entire component, such as the control bar, is replaced as it may only be available as a whole of part of the suspension arm. It can take about 2 hours per side to replace suspension bushes and 3 to 4 hours for both sides.
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  • What are the symptoms of bad control arm bushings?

    The most common symptom of poor control arm bushings is losing the stability of your car at higher speeds. You may also notice signs such as uneven tire wear or trembling steering. In some cases, you may also experience a vibrating steering wheel.5 feb 2022
  • Can you drive a car with a broken wishbone?

    No. Your car won't move at all when a wheel is broken. While it's possible to drive on a cracked wheel, it is not recommended.
  • How much does a control arm cost?

    If just a single control arm needs replacing, it will typically cost between $50 and $100. If the damage is to the whole system, you would need to purchase a control arm kit for around $100 to $250 .1 may 2019
  • What is suspension arm bush?

    Suspension bushes are the rubber parts between suspension joints responsible for making your journeys as smooth as possible. If you need a suspension bush replacing, we're sure to have the right product to help you put the comfort back into your driving. Bushes in a car work like knees or elbows in the human body.
  • What do rear axle bushes do?

    Axle bushing is the cushioning between joints in a car's suspension system. The bushes are designed to absorb the shocks of going over bumps and divots in the road, so they reduce over time.

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