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  • Nizam Othman
    Ball joints are the ball and socket joints that hold your control arms to your spindles. Ball joints are most commonly found in the lower arms of front suspensions, depending on your vehicle you may have four ball joints on your front suspension and some ball joints in the rear of your vehicle.10 sept 2018
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  • How do you fix ball joints?

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    Press slip the appropriate press tube around the bottom of the ball joint under the control arm thenMorePress slip the appropriate press tube around the bottom of the ball joint under the control arm then use the clamp. And a ratchet and socket to push the ball joint. Out.
  • Do bushings affect alignment?

    steering problems: worn control arm bushings can greatly affect a vehicle's alignment. this can make the car hard to steer, or give it vague, wandering steering. bad control arm bushings can also make a car pull to one side.4 abr 2018
  • Can I drive with a damaged lower control arm?

    How long can I drive with the damaged control arm? With the damaged or worn-out control arm, you can drive your vehicle for a week or less but it should be repaired as soon as you detect the problem through the methods given above before the suspension gets broken.14 ene 2019
  • What does a rear ball joint do?

    Rear ball joints are a key part of your vehicle's suspension system. The ball joints connect the control arm assembly (part of the chassis) to the steering knuckles (part of the wheels). The ball joints serve two purposes: they allow the wheels to steer and they allow the suspension to move freely.
  • Is suspension arm and wishbone the same?

    Other suspension systems, like the MacPherson strut suspension, feature a single control arm which is sometimes known as a wishbone. This means that, technically, these single control arm suspension systems can also be considered a wishbone system.

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