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  • Far Reid
    The manufacturing process of a ball joint is called the caulking process. A caulking machine, as shown in Figure 4, is used to assemble the parts of a ball joint. The parts of the socket, bearing, plug, and ball stud are sequentially positioned in the caulking machine. The lower part of the socket is fixed to a jig.
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  • What is a wishbone on a race car?

    “A wishbone is a type of rearend centering device. Centering devices, also known as track locators, restrict side-to-side movement and keep the rear end housing centered in the car.30 may 2019
  • Why do I need adjustable control arms?

    Adjustable control arms allow drivers to properly calibrate caster and pinion angles, which improves performance and centers the axle. Non-adjustable control arms are available for higher suspension lifts, though without proper calibration or fit, they could prove to be counterintuitive.
  • What happens when bushings wear out?

    When bushings wear, they allow more movement. The driver may feel a shimmy from the front of the vehicle, or hear clunking or rattling noises on rough roads, when turning the wheel or in hard braking. Drivers may also experience poor handling or loose steering.1 oct 2016
  • Can ball joint cause accident?

    As ball joints wear, this can hamper your ability to steer and control the vehicle. If a ball joint fails, a vehicle's suspension can collapse or the wheel could fall off causing the vehicle to lose control. A bad ball joint is extremely dangerous and can cause serious accidents.
  • What does bad bushings sound like?

    knocking noise: typically, the first sign of a bad sway bar bushing is a thumping or knocking sound when you go over bumps. the noise may also be heard when the vehicle takes a corner. this happens because the worn bushing no longer holds the sway bar in place, so the bar is free to move around, causing noise.29 mar 2018

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