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    The upper control arm connects to the uppermost area of the front wheel and the lower control arm connects to the lower most area of the front wheel, with both arms then attaching to the frame of the car. If you have independent rear suspension, the design is similar.
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  • What is the purpose of bushings on a car?

    Bushings, also called flexible or anti-vibration mountings, allow parts to move without transmitting vibration to the cabin. Limited-motion joints, like control arms and sway bar links, usually use bushings. Bushings are also used in non-moving parts, such as body mounts and strut mounts.1 sept 2020
  • How do you know if your lower control arm is bent?

    Here are some of the most common telltale signs that the control arm is bent:
    1. Vehicle pulling to the side.
    2. Tire sitting at and unusual angle.
    3. Accelerated wear on either edge of the tire.
    4. Loose steering.
    5. Clunking noise in the steering area.
  • What is the purpose of a trailing arm bushing?

    The trailing arm bushing allows your car's rear trailing arms (which locate the rear suspension and tire) to move up and down over road surfaces and bumps, and allow for compression of the rear coil spring when the car is heavily loaded.8 dic 2019
  • What is the difference between forged and stamped control arms?

    Stamped steel and aluminum arms have a larger ball joint that fit the same knuckle. Steel knuckles with forged steel control arms had smaller ball joint holes that match the cast steel arms only.11 jul 2017
  • What is suspension arm bush?

    Suspension bushes are the rubber parts between suspension joints responsible for making your journeys as smooth as possible. If you need a suspension bush replacing, we're sure to have the right product to help you put the comfort back into your driving. Bushes in a car work like knees or elbows in the human body.

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