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  • Wei Sheng Er
    So what are torsion bars? Basically they're straight steel bars that work like coil springs but twist for damping rather than compressing as coils do. The bars can be found in the front suspensions of IFS vehicles. They are the main load-bearing spring on some vehicles and also used to adjust ride height.1 ene 2009
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  • How many control arms are on a strut type suspension?

    Automotive vehicles usually have between two and four control arms, depending on the vehicle suspension.
  • What is a car lower control arm?

    A control arm's purpose is straightforward. It connects the steering knuckle to the frame and stabilizes the vehicle by allowing the chassis and the wheels to move in unison while the vehicle is in motion.8 ene 2021
  • Are bushings hard to replace?

    Bad bushings here can lead to popping noises, irregular wear on your tires, and a shaky steering wheel. It's relatively easy and cost-effective to replace these bushings by yourself -- with the right tools and techniques.
  • How much does it cost to replace suspension bushes?

    The cost to replace front suspension bushes averages £172.50 with rear suspension bushes coming in around £137. The mechanic's cost to replace suspension bushes is approximately to . Total costs to replace suspension bushes (inclusive of labour) ranges between £384 to £650.
  • Do aftermarket control arms improve handling?

    Aftermarket upper control arms (UCAs) can help correct these geometries and compensate for added lift due to beefier or longer springs, leveling shocks, or coilovers. They may also provide a bit more suspension travel as well, and are typically stronger than the factory units they replace.19 abr 2017

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