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  • kee leong
    Signs of wear

    A worn bushing can cause misalignment. This damaged component weakens the bond between two car parts, and these misaligned parts may result in clunking noises usually coming from the steering system of the vehicle. Usually, the damaged control arm bushings cause the wheel alignment issue.
    23 mar 2021
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  • How long do suspension bushings last?

    Bushings made of rubber would be designed to last about as long as rubber hoses, generally the lifespan expected would be about 15 years, which for most would be the life of the car. The environment they are in will affect the lifespan.30 mar 2018
  • What factors affect suspension?

    Factors affecting rheology of a suspension
    1. Dispersed phase content. The content of the dispersed phase φ is the most important physical parameter that affects the viscosity of dispersions. ...
    2. Particle shape. ...
    3. Particle size and size distribution. ...
    4. Temperature.
    9 sept 2020
  • Which bike is good for back pain?

    Best Bikes for Back Pain
    BrandModelEngine Displacement
    HeroSplendor Plus97.2cc
    BajajPlatina 100102cc
  • What is called suspension?

    A suspension is defined as a heterogeneous mixture in which the solid particles are spread throughout the liquid without dissolving in it.5 oct 2020
  • What happens if suspension fails?

    With a failing suspension system, you'll often feel the vehicle "drift" or "pull" when you're turning. This basically means the shocks are no longer keeping the vehicle body stable against the centrifugal force of a turn, increasing your risk of a rollover.

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