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  • Udin Ahmad
    With a failing suspension system, you'll often feel the vehicle "drift" or "pull" when you're turning. This basically means the shocks are no longer keeping the vehicle body stable against the centrifugal force of a turn, increasing your risk of a rollover.
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  • Which agent are used for stability of suspension?

    Xanthan gum in drug delivery applications

    XG is widely used as a suspending agent and stabilizer in suspension due to its safety properties in food and drug applications. Moreover, it is soluble in water and can provide sufficient viscosity in low concentration.
  • What are the advantages of suspension?

    Comparison Table of Advantages and Disadvantages of Suspension
    Advantages of suspensionDisadvantages of suspension
    Higher concentration of drugThe accurateness of the dose is not possible
    It can improve the taste or odour of the drugsIt is bulky
    Span and the onset of action of dose can be controlled
    9 may 2022
  • When should you replace suspension bushings?

    Signs of wear

    A worn bushing can cause misalignment. This damaged component weakens the bond between two car parts, and these misaligned parts may result in clunking noises usually coming from the steering system of the vehicle. Usually, the damaged control arm bushings cause the wheel alignment issue.
    23 mar 2021
  • What is all wheel suspension?

    A four wheel independent suspension allows each wheel to move up and down independently from the rest of the suspension. This means that all four of the vehicle's wheels will always be in contact with the ground.7 oct 2013
  • What is stability suspension?

    Suspension stability can be theoretically estimated prior to the beginning of the formulating process based on the solid phase particle size, liquid phase density, and viscosity. Stokes equation can be used to predict suspension stability in order to save time and resources.

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