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  • Apih Hp
    Driver Attention Monitor
    1. This feature uses an angle sensor to measure the degree of steering-wheel corrections by the driver to maintain a proper lane position.
    2. If it senses too much correction activity, it will notify the driver to take a break.
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  • How do you turn off Attention Assist take a break?

    Part of a video titled Turn on and off the Mercedes Benz Attention Assist Coffee Cup
    Press ok and by pressing ok again we can enable/disable. That function as you will see the coffeeMorePress ok and by pressing ok again we can enable/disable. That function as you will see the coffee cup icon does go on and off.
  • Does Honda Sensing use radar?

    Honda Sensing is a driver support system which employs the use of two distinctly different kinds of sensors, a radar sensor located at the lower part of the front bumper and a front sensor camera mounted to the interior side of the windshield, behind the rearview mirror.
  • What is driver assistance package plus Mercedes?

    The Driving Assistance Plus Package offers maximum comfort and safety on the road to autonomous driving. To supplement the Driving Assistance Package you receive Active Stop-and-Go Assist, which takes the strain off you on motorways.
  • What is VW Driver Alert System?

    It monitors driver behaviour closely – noting any erratic steering wheel movements and lane deviations, for example - so it can judge the moment that you are starting to feel sleepy and need to stop. It also continually evaluates traffic signals on the road when you are driving at speeds of more than 40mph.
  • What is tactile alert?

    Basic tactile warning signals can promote driver alertness for forward collision avoidance. • Directional tactile warning signals can shift the driver's attention and speeded responses to potential collision events. • Dynamic tactile warnings can potentially convey meaningful information to drivers.

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