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  • Hulaimi Zubir

    is a Malaysia commercial vehicle manufacturer under a joint venture between HICOM Holdings Bhd and ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED JAPAN, based in Peramu Jaya Industrial Area in Pekan, Malaysia. Formerly known as Malaysia Truck & Bus Sdn Bhd, the name was changed to ISUZU HICOM SDN BHD in 2007.
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  • What does S-Class mean in anime?

    Class S (クラスS, Kurasu Esu), or "S kankei", abbreviated either as S or Esu (エス), is an early twentieth-century Japanese wasei-eigo term used to refer to romantic friendships between girls.
  • Is it better to buy an American car?

    Price. American-made vehicles generally are cheaper for American consumers than foreign-made vehicles. This pricing difference is due to many factors, several of which have already been discussed. Quality of the build, fuel efficiency, and overall creation costs of foreign vehicles tend to increase the price.
  • What does sport mode do in BMW?

    SPORT mode, on the other hand, ramps up power, enabling your BMW to perform at its peak sportiness. It accomplishes this by shortening the gearshift times in the transmission, making it easier to pick up speed and generate more power. You'll hear your engine rev up and roar once you switch into this powerful mode.
  • Can Malaysian buy car from Japan?

    To import your car to Malaysia, you must apply for an Approval Permit (AP) from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). In order to apply for this permit, your car must be registered under your name for at least 3 years.
  • What does the B stand for in a car?

    The B means Brake or engine brake in your gear shift. When you are going down on the gradient road, it is recommended to shift the car in B mode. It engages the engine braking, and your car won't free-fall down the slopes and increase the entire drag.4 sept 2020

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