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  • Lim CK
    Wages are higher in Malaysia and there is generally a better standard of living and better infrastructure. This means taxes and rents are higher for businesses and payroll costs are higher in Malaysia than they are in Thailand. The higher overhead cost has to be passed on to the consumer as higher prices.
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  • What is snow mode car?

    A snow mode typically adjusts the engine throttle and transmission to launch your car with reduced torque and power. This helps manage wheelspin. Some AWD vehicles also change the system's settings to equally distribute the power to all four wheels.10 nov 2017
  • What is bigger E-Class or 5 Series?

    The E-Class Estate is more spacious than the 5 Series Touring estate, too.
  • Who owns Cycle and Carriage Singapore?

    the Jardine Matheson Group
    Together with its subsidiaries and associates, JC&C employs more than 250,000 people across Southeast Asia. JC&C is 75% owned by the Jardine Matheson Group, a diversified business group focused principally on markets in Greater China and Southeast Asia.
  • What happens when your car loses traction in the snow?

    If your front wheels lose traction, take your foot off the gas. But don't try to steer immediately. As the wheels skid sideways, the car should slow and regain traction. As it does, steer in the direction you want to go and accelerate gently.
  • How much is SST for cars in Malaysia?

    Proton ModelVariantPrice with SST
    Persona1.6 Premium (CVT)RM54,600
    X701.8 TGDI Standard 2WDRM94,800
    1.8 TGDI Executive 2WDRM106,800
    1.8 TGDI Premium 2WDRM119,800
    31 mar 2022

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