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  • Anuar Kedah
    Customs assumes the vehicle will only be driven in the US temporarily and will be returned to Mexico. If you have a residence in the USA, even with another in México, you may not take the Mexican plated vehicle into the USA.29 jul 2020
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  • How does a Honda Civic handle in snow?

    The Honda Civic Si can drive in snow reasonably well. Features such as front-wheel-drive, traction control and ABS enhance its performance in slippery conditions. Safety features include collision mitigation, lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control, all of which are great for winter driving.5 jun 2021
  • What happens when you put your car in sport mode?

    Typically, sport mode adjusts the car's throttle response, steering response, and shift points. If the car is an automatic, then putting it in sport mode will make the transmission shift later in the RPM range in order to make use of all of the car's power.11 may 2020
  • What does CKD stand for in automotive?

    Completely Knocked Down
    Completely Knocked Down (CKD) Kits is an acronym for kits of the loose parts necessary to assemble a complete vehicle in a customer's own plant.
  • Is torque good for snow?

    Whether driving in the snow or on a dry road, both of these features are important because they are what help make the car move. However, if you are planning on plowing snow, then torque may be a detail you want to focus on more, because it's helpful for moving heavy objects.15 ene 2021
  • What country has the cheapest cars?

    Australia holds the title of most affordable place to own a car, where just under 50% of the average annual income is spent on ownership costs. Denmark comes in third at just over 60% and Canada, fourth at slightly more than 64%.

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