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  • محمد ازمان
    The SST exemption covers all private vehicles, including SUVs and MPVs, but not trucks that are considered commercial vehicles. Part of the Malaysian government's Penjana programme, this SST exemption would cover: 100% for CKD (locally assembled) cars. 50% for CBU (fully imported) cars.31 mar 2022
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  • Who owns a Bugatti in Malaysia?

    Chin Jit Pyng
    Chin Jit Pyng (also known as JP) owns Malaysia's largest car collection, featuring three rare Bugatti hypercars, as well as vintage vehicles inspired by film and television. Chin's passion for automobiles started with his father, who was never able to buy a new car, opting for second-hand models instead.3 abr 2022
  • Can I bring my car back to Malaysia?

    Visitors may import one motor vehicle or motorcycle duty-free for no more than three months, subject to the following conditions: That the vehicle or motorcycle has been registered in the country of origin by the authority responsible for registering or licensing such vehicles.
  • What is Hicom Malaysia?


    is a Malaysia commercial vehicle manufacturer under a joint venture between HICOM Holdings Bhd and ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED JAPAN, based in Peramu Jaya Industrial Area in Pekan, Malaysia. Formerly known as Malaysia Truck & Bus Sdn Bhd, the name was changed to ISUZU HICOM SDN BHD in 2007.
  • How do I import a car from China to Malaysia?

    To import a car, an application must be made to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) for an Approval Permit.
    1. A completed JK69 Customs Clearance form.
    2. A passport and Malaysian visa.
    3. A Malaysian or international driving licence.
    4. Proof of ownership of the car to be imported.
  • What is the benefit of dynamic select?

    AMG® DYNAMIC SELECT® allows drivers to change the driving characteristics of their vehicle with a turn of the wheel.

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