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  • Mohd Amir
    The Golf R will launch with one trim, and it will come with a panoramic sunroof.27 Sept 2021
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  • Can paddle shifters be used on a manual car?

    Usually thought of as a feature of automatic transmissions, paddle shifters were first used in race cars with manual transmissions. They can still be found in an occasional manual-transmission application.24 Sept 2021
  • What RPM is most fuel efficient?

    Between 1,300 and 1,500 RPM
    Generally speaking, the faster the engine speed, the more fuel the engine is using. Between 1,300 and 1,500 RPM is the most fuel-efficient engine speed, or what some would call the “sweet spot.”29 Mar 2012
  • Is Golf R good on fuel?

    Considering the supercar levels of performance, fuel economy isn't bad at all. Under the most recent WLTP test procedure, the DSG auto version of the Golf R has claimed economy of up to 32.8mpg, which is a figure you can expect to achieve in real life if you're easy with the loud pedal.
  • What's bigger Acura TLX or ILX?

    At 181.9 inches long and 70.6 inches wide, the Acura ILX is 9.8 inches shorter and 2.4 inches narrower than the 2019 TLX, making it easier to squeeze into tight parking spaces here in Rochester, New York.
  • How long does a DSG clutch last?

    Maintained properly, the DSG box should last well over 150,000 miles without needing clutch replacements as it is a wet clutch system and much gentler on the clutches than a human driver.9 Jan 2011

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