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  • Emesem Mohd
    Overall, both Acura and Lexus (and Honda and Toyota, respectively) have excellent records for vehicle safety and long-term reliability, but the Lexus brand edges out ahead on customer reviews and analysis by automotive experts.
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  • Is driving an automatic car in manual mode bad?

    First of all, it should be pointed out that driving your automatic car in manual mode, overall, doesn't add any significant wear and tear to the car, unless you accidentally overtax the system in some way or mistakenly put the gear shifter back into another mode like neutral, park or reverse while you're moving.21 Feb 2021
  • What is a car with paddle shifters called?

    Part of a video titled PADDLE SHIFTERS: How They Work Explained! - YouTube
    Up shifting allows drivers to simulate the manual gear selection aspects of a standard transmissionMoreUp shifting allows drivers to simulate the manual gear selection aspects of a standard transmission by shifting at higher rpms. And thereby extracting more power from their engines.
  • Does Audi S3 have paddle shifters?

    Audi S3 and S3 Sportback Get S-tronic Paddle Shift Transmission.17 Nov 2008
  • What is Acura's biggest SUV?

    Acura SUV Models by Size

    While both vehicles offer spacious cabins, MDX is the bigger Acura SUV with larger exterior and interior dimensions.
  • Does a 2009 Audi s5 have paddle shifters?

    For 2009 US spec A5 Tiptronics, paddle shifters only come with the S-line package. For 2008 US spec, they came standard on the S-line as well as the regular A5 Tiptronics.9 Sept 2008

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