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  • Suhana Halim
    The ILX achieves a small boost in fuel efficiency, while the TLX delivers more power behind the wheel in Temecula. Standard Acura ILX Engine Specs: 2.4L 4-cylinder engine with FWD. 201 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque.
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  • Can you change gears while braking?

    There is no need to lift off the throttle abruptly or apply your brake whenever you want a gearchange to take place. These days, automatic transmissions are very smooth with upshifts even when you are accelerating hard or if you are in manual mode and shifting gears yourself.16 Jan 2019
  • Can I add paddle shifters to my F30?

    You've purchased an F30, you love it..But it doesn't have paddle shifters. We can retrofit these into your car! This retrofit will require a few things, as well as some coding that will need to be done. You will need a steering wheel with paddles.
  • What platform is the Acura TLX built on?

    Built on its own new platform, the TLX uses a front double wishbone suspension with forged aluminum lower control arms, mounted to cast aluminum damper towers and an aluminum subframe.
    Second generation (UB5/UB6/UB7; 2021)
    Second generation (UB5/UB6/UB7)
    PredecessorAcura RLX (V6 Engine)
  • Can you put paddles on a manual car?

    Paddle shifters are pretty simple to use: all you have to do is press or push the paddle to put the car in manual mode. The right paddle marked with a “+” is used to upshift while the left paddle marked with a “-” is used to downshift.
  • How do you install paddles?

    Part of a video titled Installing Paddle Shifter Extensions On My Carbon Steering Wheel ...
    And then just do that on the other one or you can do it on all of them. And then put it on yourMoreAnd then just do that on the other one or you can do it on all of them. And then put it on your paddle shifter.

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