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    Direct-Shift Gearbox
    DSG stands for 'Direct-Shift Gearbox' (luckily enough, the German translation has the same initials – Direkt-Schalt Getriebe). Without getting too technical, this special gearbox is effectively two separate clutches that work together as one unit, without a clutch pedal and with full automatic or semi-manual control.
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  • What is the strongest Acura engine?

    Building on a lineage of driver-focused refinement, the all-new TLX Type S is the most powerful Acura sedan ever engineered. A dual-scroll turbo V-6 engine delivers an estimated 355-HP and 354 lb-ft of highly responsive torque.
  • Do DSG cars have a clutch pedal?

    Do DSG transmissions have a clutch pedal similar to a traditional stick shift manual? Dual-clutch transmissions are fully automated as opposed to manual transmissions, so there is no clutch pedal.25 Feb 2020
  • What golf has paddle shifters?

    Volkswagen Golf GTI
    Paddle shifters are often found on sportier vehicles and trim levels because they allow drivers to switch gears quickly. This is the case with Volkswagen Golf GTI paddle shifters. You will usually find them located right near the steering wheel.
  • How do manual car paddle shifters work?

    Part of a video titled PADDLE SHIFTERS: How They Work Explained! - YouTube
    Down shifting makes it easier for the engine to do the breaking. Instead of the brakes. So you canMoreDown shifting makes it easier for the engine to do the breaking. Instead of the brakes. So you can downshift the car as you approach a red light and the car will slow down without using your brakes.
  • Does the VW Touareg have paddle shifters?

    The 3.0-litre V6 diesel uses its 286ps to propel this big SUV from 0-62mph in a shade over six seconds with the help of a slick eight-speed automatic gearbox which can also be controlled manually with paddle shifters flanking the steering wheel.17 Feb 2019

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