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  • AFitri Yop
    New cars sold in the U.S. must now have backup cameras to help drivers avoid accidents. A federal regulation took full effect Wednesday requiring the rearview cameras and video displays on new models.2 May 2018
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  • What is 360 degree view camera in car?

    The 360-degree camera system isn't actually a single camera as we see in the smartphone industry. Instead it is the combination of multiple camera arrays placed around the vehicle paired together with a software that renders the surrounding in real-time providing users more awareness about the area around the car.3 Mar 2022
  • Is backup camera standard on cars?

    What is the backup camera law? The backup camera law went into effect on May 2, 2018. The federal regulation requires that all new vehicles are required to have back up cameras and video displays.
  • Does Audi a3 have 360 camera?

    All are standard on Premium Plus, which also adds inductive phone charging, leatherette door armrests, and enhances safety tech with adaptive cruise, lane-centering assist, and a 360-degree camera.19 Oct 2021
  • Does Honda Accord have side camera?

    Honda LaneWatch™ helps give drivers greater awareness regarding what's going on along the passenger side of the vehicle. The system features a camera mounted on the bottom of the passenger's side door mirror.
  • Does Mazda 3 have front parking sensors?


    Front sensors on either side of the front of your Mazda enable you to manouever with ease with audible alerts guiding you safely.

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