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  • Siaw Song Yap
    Vehicle Availability
    VehicleFirst-Gen Rear Camera MirrorSecond-Gen Rear Camera Mirror
    Chevrolet Silverado HD2020+
    Buick Enclave2018+
    GMC Sierra 15002019+
    GMC Sierra HD2020+
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  • What is a 360 in a car?

    Also referred to as a Bird's Eye View Car Camera or Surround View Camera System, the 360 Degree View Car Camera is a collection of devices that work together to provide the driver a real-time view of the surroundings of the car.29 Jun 2021
  • Does Mazda 3 have front parking sensors?


    Front sensors on either side of the front of your Mazda enable you to manouever with ease with audible alerts guiding you safely.
  • Do back-up cameras record?

    Backup cameras do not generally record footage, primarily because they only activate when the vehicle is put into reverse. Recording footage, while it might be handy in the case of a car accident, would also tricky in terms of footage storage and battery life.13 Aug 2019
  • Can you install reverse camera?

    Can a Reverse Camera be Fitted to my Car? Although they usually come as standard equipment on modern vehicles, they can also be fitted to almost any vehicle of any age, in a few simple steps. The type of car you drive isn't as important as whether you have existing displays that can facilitate a reverse camera.
  • How do you drift?

    Part of a video titled HOW TO DRIFT (SAFELY). -Track Tips with T.H. - YouTube
    I suggest driving a line at the beginning that gives you the most space if you were to spin offMoreI suggest driving a line at the beginning that gives you the most space if you were to spin off ideally. You should try to get the car into a slide near the turning point of the corner.

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