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  • Muhammad Shazlan Syah
    The differences are in viscosity and boiling point. Use the grade that your car calls for (Volvos are usually DOT4), with DOT4 and DOT4+ pretty much interchangeable.1 Aug 2012
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  • Can DOT 3 be used as clutch fluid?

    Brake and Clutch Fluid DOT 3 is a high quality, non-petroleum automotive brake fluid designed for use in conventional hydraulic brake and clutch systems under normal service conditions.
  • Can I mix different power steering fluids?

    No, you can not mix power steering fluid. It is recommended you use the same type in your car's system. This is important because you don't want to have two different types of steering power (red and green) together which will create a cocktail that can ruin your car's steering system.17 Aug 2021
  • What happens when brake fluid is too full?

    If the master cylinder is overfilled it will not allow enough room for the brake fluid to expand due to heat expansion. The expanding fluid will cause the calipers to apply creating a residual drag.19 Jul 2016
  • Can I mix synthetic brake fluid with conventional brake fluid?

    You can not mix synthetic with conventional brake fluid, no matter what the rating. Don't do it. You can not mix synthetic with conventional brake fluid, no matter what the rating.14 Apr 2009
  • What happens if clutch fluid is low?

    Low clutch fluid can make shifting a struggle. Inadequate fluid levels will not allow the clutch to release properly. This can cause a loud grinding sound when you attempt to shift. It may be tempting to just top-off the clutch fluid, but that may not resolve the issue if there is a leak.27 Nov 2020

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