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  • Bam Mie
    A brake job usually involves replacing the brake linings (which means replacing the brake pads and/or shoes), resurfacing the rotors and/or drums, adding new brake fluid and bleeding the system as needed, and looking for other worn components. 2.15 Jan 2007
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  • How can I make my brake pedal higher?

    Part of a video titled How to Fix a Soft Brake Pedal | 2 Simple Upgrades - YouTube
    The most common remedy to this is swapping out the lines for ones that are further reinforced byMoreThe most common remedy to this is swapping out the lines for ones that are further reinforced by stainless steel.
  • Do you really need to replace brake fluid every 2 years?

    How often should I replace my brake fluid? The usual interval is once every two years. We always check your manufacturer's schedule during a car service in case yours is due, but you shouldn't just rely on this schedule. Sometimes, your brake fluid becomes contaminated and this is only resolved by a brake fluid change.
  • Why is my clutch stuck to the floor?

    Broken Clutch Cable: The most common reason to have a clutch pedal that goes all the way to the floor is a broken clutch cable. This is extremely common, particularly on older cars. Replacing the cable will allow you to engage the clutch and change gears once more.
  • Can I use DOT 3 clutch fluid?

    Brake & Clutch Fluid DOT 3 is suitable to be used for all driving conditions and is beneficial for a diverse range of brake systems, including disc, drum and anti-skid (ABS) applications. This includes passenger cars, motorcycles and other vehicles which require DOT 3 performance level.
  • Can you mix different brake fluids?

    Since DOT 4 and 5.1 are both glycol-based brake fluids they are compatible with each other, which means they can be readily mixed without harming your brake system. It is important never to mistake DOT 5.1 (glycol-based) with DOT 5 which is silicone-based and should never be mixed with any other DOT fluid.4 Aug 2021

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