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  • Aqil Haikal Ismail
    If your brake fluid level is below the 'low' marker, you should add fluid to top it up. If you check the level soon after and it is still low, you may have a leak in the brake system. This can also be caused by worn brake pads – when worn, brake calipers have further to move this draws more brake fluid into the system.22 Jul 2019
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  • What is clutch fluid?

    Clutch fluid is a viscous oil that is used to operate a clutch in an automobile or other vehicle with a manual transmission. The fluid is poured into a tank or unit called a master cylinder, which pumps fluid through the clutch assembly.15 May 2022
  • Can you just add brake fluid?

    If your brake fluid is at or above the “MIN” line, your brake fluid level is fine and you don't need to add any. If your fluid is below the “MIN” line, carefully pry the reservoir cap off, and then add brake fluid until the level is just under the “MAX” line. Do not overfill.
  • What does replacing brakes include?

    In most instances, a “complete” brake job will include the following: New linings front and rear. Resurfacing both rotors and drums (or replacing them if worn, cracked or hard spots are found). Replacing drum hardware and caliper bushings/pins/sleeves.
  • Should you bleed brakes changing pads?

    No, it is not necessary for the mechanic to bleed the brakes when changing pads. That is because there are some instances where the pads can be changed or replaced without opening the brake fluid reservoir or the brake lines themselves.
  • How do you know if you need new clutch fluid?

    If you notice that your clutch pedal is acting or feels different from normal, that is also a sign that the fluid may need replacing.
    We suggest you change the fluid:
    1. Every two years.
    2. If the fluid has dirt.
    3. If the fluid level goes down.
    26 Sept 2021

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