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  • Ashlee Tan
    If you notice that your clutch pedal is acting or feels different from normal, that is also a sign that the fluid may need replacing.
    We suggest you change the fluid:
    1. Every two years.
    2. If the fluid has dirt.
    3. If the fluid level goes down.
    26 Sept 2021
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  • How can you tell if there's water in your brake fluid?

    Part of a video titled How to Test the Condition of a Vehicle's Brake Fluid - YouTube
    And performance when moisture is present simply locate your brake fluid reservoir. This is normallyMoreAnd performance when moisture is present simply locate your brake fluid reservoir. This is normally located on the firewall. They may be in plain sight or under a cover wipe. Off the surrounding.
  • Can I mix different brand brake fluid?

    Since DOT 4 and 5.1 are both glycol-based brake fluids they are compatible with each other, which means they can be readily mixed without harming your brake system. It is important never to mistake DOT 5.1 (glycol-based) with DOT 5 which is silicone-based and should never be mixed with any other DOT fluid.4 Aug 2021
  • What does replacing brakes include?

    In most instances, a “complete” brake job will include the following: New linings front and rear. Resurfacing both rotors and drums (or replacing them if worn, cracked or hard spots are found). Replacing drum hardware and caliper bushings/pins/sleeves.
  • What is the boiling point of DOT 4 brake fluid?

    The most widely distributed brake fluid is the DOT 4, which has a dry boiling point temperature around 270℃ and a wet boiling point temperature around 170℃. The boiling point temperatures of DOT4 is very similar to those of DOT5. 1. The major difference is the viscosity at low temperatures.
  • Can I mix DOT 4 brands?

    It will not do any damage to your vehicle when mixing brands. The thing you should keep in mind is that you need to put the same DOTX in your car if you refill. DOT4 will perform a little better than DOT3 as it is more resistant agains higher temperatures.24 Apr 2015

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