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  • Amirul Asraf
    clutch and brake fluids are mostly same. transmission and gearbox are same, just make sure you use the correct manual/auto. Make sure when u get the fluid u know ur car is manual or automatic. U need Clutch fluid to allow a smooth clutch in your car for lubrication etc..16 Sept 2007
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  • What color should DOT 3 brake fluid be?

    This brake fluid absorbs moisture from the environment, thus reducing its boiling point. DOT 3 brake fluid has a clear bluish color when it is new. It is well compatible will all the other brake fluids apart from DOT 5.20 Mar 2022
  • Are new brakes supposed to squeak?

    Normal New Brake Squeal

    Likewise, overnight condensation accumulating on the metal rotors can create surface rust that requires a few braking occurences in the morning to wipe away. These parts can make a squeaking noise when covered with surface rust. The noise should subside as you drive.
    7 Sept 2020
  • Can I use DOT4 in my clutch?

    Brake and Clutch Fluid DOT 4 is a high performance non-petroleum automotive brake fluid designed for conventional hydraulic brake and clutch systems. Brake and Clutch Fluid DOT 4 is formulated for use under severe operating conditions or where DOT 4 fluids are recommended.
  • What happens when you mix synthetic brake fluid with regular brake fluid?

    You cannot mix these regular glycol-based brake fluids with a silicone brake fluid precisely because silicone and glycol do not mix with one another. this might result in a brake system that will not work properly or might even get damaged.
  • What brake fluid lasts the longest?

    Editors Pick: Bosch ESI6 Brake Fluid

    The “ESI” in the name stands for extended service interval, and that is the next key advantage of this fluid. Compared to traditional DOT 3 fluid, this Bosch fluid lasts 100 percent longer.
    20 Jan 2021

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