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  • Marco Tan
    You can not mix synthetic with conventional brake fluid, no matter what the rating. Don't do it. You can not mix synthetic with conventional brake fluid, no matter what the rating.14 Apr 2009
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  • What is the difference between DOT 3/4 and 5 brake fluid?

    Unlike poly-glycol-based DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluid, DOT 5 is silicone-based, does not absorb moisture, and has a more watery consistency.
  • What is DOT 3 and 4 brake fluid?

    DOT 4 Fluid

    To make it simple, DOT 4 brake fluid has a higher boiling point than DOT 3. In contrast, DOT 3 brake fluid loses its boiling point much more quickly when it comes into contact with water. Source: Shutterstock. In accordance with the specified criteria, DOT 4 has a boiling point of 230° C dry and 155° C wet.
    27 Jan 2022
  • What happens when you mix transmission fluid with oil?

    The transmission fluid will not be providing exactly what the engine needs in order to be properly lubricated and you could be causing your engine damage by continuing to run it with the tranny fluid in there. As you've suggested, there is a real chance of blowing out seals due to having too much fluid in the engine.25 Mar 2017
  • What happens when you mix synthetic brake fluid with regular brake fluid?

    You cannot mix these regular glycol-based brake fluids with a silicone brake fluid precisely because silicone and glycol do not mix with one another. this might result in a brake system that will not work properly or might even get damaged.
  • How do you know if you need new clutch fluid?

    If you notice that your clutch pedal is acting or feels different from normal, that is also a sign that the fluid may need replacing.
    We suggest you change the fluid:
    1. Every two years.
    2. If the fluid has dirt.
    3. If the fluid level goes down.
    26 Sept 2021

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