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  • Sathishwaan Nair Bhaskaran
    The GLS comes standard with all of the GLX's features, plus picks up two more stereo speakers, switches the cloth seats for leather ones, adds auto headlights and wipers, and gets dual-zone climate control. Mechanically, the GLX gains a rear differential lock, too. The seven-seat GLS also gains a third row (obviously).
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  • What is GLS financing?

    Global Lending Services LLC (GLS) is an Atlanta based automotive subprime lending company that provides financing to franchise auto dealerships throughout the United States. GLS was founded by auto industry veteran, Douglas Duncan and is partnered with New York-based investment firm, BlueMountain Capital Management.
  • Are CLS Mercedes reliable?

    On the whole, the CLS is reliable. Some owners have mentioned electrical gremlins with the infotainment system, but for the most part, they have praised the reliability of the car and the quality of its interior. It hasn't featured in any of our most recent reliability surveys.
  • Will there be a CLS63?

    The long-discontinued CLS63 has been given a new lease of life by German tuner Pogea. Pogea Racing has turned its hand to a variety of performance cars over the years, ranging from the Alfa Romeo 4C to McLaren's 570S.30 nov 2021
  • Is GLS blue?

    The GLS estimator

    is BLUE (best linear unbiased).
  • What does Toyota DX mean?

    Here are what the Toyota trim level acronym names mean: CE: Classic Edition. DX: Deluxe. L: Entry level model. LE: Luxury Edition.11 jul 2017

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