Where is Mercedes GLC SUV made?

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  • Ali Farzand
    The Mercedes GLC is made in Germany at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen, in Finland at the Valmet Automotive plant in Uusikaupunki, in China at Beijing-Benz and in India at Mercedes-Benz India in Pune. These four plants are responsible for the world supply of GLCs. The USA bound GLC is made in India.Jul 23, 2021
  • What did the GLC replace?

    The current-generation GLC (pictured above) replaced the GLK-class for the 2016 model year, and since then we've seen subtle changes to its exterior, new infotainment tech, and the addition of a new base turbo four-cylinder borrowed from the C-class sedan.Feb 23, 2021
  • How much is a Mercedes c300?

    The base C 300 sedan starts at $41,600. That's not the highest starting price in the class, but it's decidedly above average. The C 300 Coupe starts at $47,200, while the cabriolet starts at $54,700. The Mercedes-AMG C 63 S is the range-topping trim, and it's also more expensive than most other top trims in the class.Oct 22, 2021
  • Which is bigger Mercedes GLC or GLE?

    The mid-size crossover has more front and rear head room, rear leg room, and front and rear shoulder room. The GLE-Class also has more total cargo capacity: 72.6 cubic feet compared to the GLC-Class' 56.5 cubic feet. ... The AMG GLE 63 S has a larger 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 that cranks out 577 hp.Feb 18, 2020
  • What Mercedes Benz class is the best?

    The top-tier, flagship class of the Mercedes-Benz brand is typically considered to be the S-Class. Originally introduced in 1972, the S-Class moniker has remained in use to denote some of the automaker's most impressive rides ever since.Nov 8, 2020
  • Which is better GLC or GLE?

    2021 GLC vs 2021 GLE Performance and Fuel The new Mercedes-Benz GLC and GLE are both incredibly powerful and fuel efficient for midsize SUVs. ... The GLE has higher towing capacity compared to the GLC, as the GLE offers up to 7,700 lbs compared to 3,500 lbs that the GLC offers.Apr 26, 2021

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