Are protons reliable?

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  • Gawin law
    "Only 1% of consumers thought Protons were trusty whereas it's actually one of the most reliable cars on the market. “We believe that if you drive a reliable car you shouldn't be paying out for the cost of your recovery agent constantly having to attend call outs for cars more likely to break down.Jul 15, 2011
  • Does Myvi have Turbo?

    Thus, we reckon that it is very possible for the next-generation Myvi to get the Dual-mode (D-CVT) from the Ativa, as well as the turbocharged three-pot engine. In the Ativa, the turbocharged 1KR-VET produces 98 PS at 6,000 rpm and 140 Nm from 2,400 rpm to 4,000 rpm.Oct 5, 2021
  • What is ASA in Perodua?

    Advanced Safety Assist (A.S.A.) - Helping drivers avoid accidents. a. Pre-Collision Warning. b. Pre-Collision Braking.
  • Is MYVI using Toyota engine?

    Perodua's own specifications sheet confirms that the Myvi uses a 2NR-VE engine and its an aluminum block, again contrary to Wikipedia entries. However, the two engines horsepower figures differ slightly. ... Cars featuring the 2NR-FE engine include the Toyota Vios, Toyota Yaris and Toyota Sienta.Oct 22, 2019
  • Why are cars expensive in Malaysia?

    Malaysia's car industry is dominated by two local manufacturers which are heavily supported by the government through National Car Policy e.g. trade barriers. ... These excise duties imposed on foreign manufactured cars have made them very expensive for consumers in Malaysia.
  • Is Perodua Bezza a good car?

    But make no mistake, Perodua Bezza is still a very respectable choice in every regard. It's fuel-efficient, easy to drive in the city and most importantly, comes with the most advanced safety features in any A-segment sedan.Apr 20, 2020

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