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The carbon-fibre dream dies with the BMW i8

In 2011, BMW unveiled the i8 and i3 concepts, two cars that didn’t have faux-carbon fibre stickers

Thailand's blue or Malaysia's red? Which do you prefer on the 2020 Honda City?

Now the car in its hero Obsidian Blue Pearl colour is on display at the 2020 Thailand International Motor

Former BMW designer Jochen Paesen joins Kia to lead interior design

It looks like Kia has been busy recruiting some of the best talents from BMW.

Like your 2020 Honda City in this Obsidian Blue Pearl colour? Tell Honda Malaysia

Obsidian Blue Pearl.Malaysian buyers also get the Crystal Black Pearl colour option, just not on the

All-new 2021 G22 BMW 4 Series open for pre-booking, priced from RM 419k

BMW Malaysia is only offering a single variant for the G22 4 Series which is the 430i Coupe M Sport and

2020 Perodua Myvi specs updated! New Electric Blue and A.S.A 2.0

After much speculations and a few spy shots in between, Perodua has finally launched the updated 2020

New Platinum White Pearl colour for Honda Civic and Honda BR-V

Honda Malaysia has introduced a brand-new Platinum White Pearl colour option to the 2020 Honda Civic

BMW Z4, prices confirmed for Malaysia, RM 479,800

The chassis comes with M Sport Suspension and Variable Sport Steering as standard.

BMW sends off the last BMW i8 in an exclusive Portimao Blue

BMW announced last year they will be discontinuing their hybrid supercar, the BMW i8.

Elon Musk calls hydrogen cars “mind-boggingly stupid”, but BMW still believes in them

I’ve been to the BMW Museum twice. Once in 2013 and once again this year.

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Prices of CKD 2021 BMW X7 xDrive in Malaysia confirmed: RM 699k

BMW Malaysia has confirmed prices of the locally-assembled (CKD) 2021 BMW X7 xDrive40i, following its

BMW commemorates the discontinuation of the BMW i8 with 18 custom-built units

As you know, BMW has officially discontinued the BMW i8.

All-new 2020 BMW X6 xDrive40i M Sport launched; 340 PS/450 Nm, CBU, RM 729k

It gets the BMW Laserlights with high-beam assistant and LED fog light with full LED taillights.

iPhone may finally be able to unlock BMW via Apple CarKey

A problem we have with the G20 BMW 3 Series is that the Digital Key feature is only available for Android

Priced from RM 286k, the G01 2021 BMW X3 20i is cheaper than a GLC 200, but would you buy one?

Alongside the long-wheelbase BMW 330 Li M Sport, BMW Malaysia has also launched the BMW X3 sDrive20i

This is the new, transparent BMW logo

black, blue, and white BMW roundel will soon be retired, to be replaced by a new transparent logo that

You can now buy a BMW without visiting a showroom, just go to BMW Shop Online

Group Malaysia, which just launched its BMW Shop Online - a digital showroom to view and place a booking

2020 BMW M8 launched in Malaysia, from RM 1.4m, 600 PS, 750 Nm

BMW Malaysia has just unveiled the latest high-performance models to augment their Malaysian BMW M line-up

Why is it so hard to buy a Toyota Alphard / Vellfire that’s not in white or black colour?

would’ve noticed by now that it’s very difficult to find one that’s not pained in white

Dark blue Proton X70 for Tengku Laksamana Selangor, Rakyat to get different blue

presented a customized Proton X70 to Tengku Laksamana Selangor, featuring a number of customized bits and

BMW Malaysia introduces CKD 330i M Sport, priced from RM 288,800

”The locally-assembled BMW 330i M Sport upholds the same level of innovation in technology and

Rotating Propeller? That Is What BMW Try To Depict Initially!

Not only because of Two Noticeable Nostrils, but also the classic blue and white logo on every BMW vehicles

Spied: 2020 (G20) BMW M340i spotted in Malaysia, launching alongside 330e!

500 Nm, 129 PS and 100 Nm more than the 330i.

G30 2021 BMW 530i M Sport - What's so special about Laserlight?

Back in 2014, the BMW Laserlight made its premiere in the BMW i8 and has now made its way into several

2020 (F98) BMW X4 M Competition launched in Malaysia, 510 PS/600 Nm, from RM 904k

BMW Malaysia has launched the 2020 BMW X4 M Competition, priced at RM 904,276 (OTR without insurance,

All-new 2020 BMW 840i Gran Coupé M Sport launched; 340 PS/500 Nm, CBU, RM 968k

Combined with the large M sport air intake and BMW M Aerodynamic kit, the 840i looks wide and low.Moving

Proton X70 CKD: New blue colour option coming?

It appears that the upcoming locally-assembled (CKD) Proton X70 will receive a new blue colour.We spotted

New 2020 G20 BMW 320i launched in Malaysia – priced from RM 243,800

(BMW 3 Series Price and Specs | Gallery)BMW Malaysia has just unveiled the new 320i, a new addition to

2020 BMW X1 sDrive18i launched in Malaysia - RM 208k, 1.5L 3-cylinder turbo, 140 PS/220 Nm

this year, BMW Malaysia has expanded the BMW X1 lineup with the sDrive18i.It is locally assembled (CKD

BMW looks to hydrogen power for carbon neutral manufacturing

Hydrogen-powered BMW NEXT Concept picturedThe journey towards sustainability has never been easy.

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BMW i8 up for sale. Gray with white leather and blue accents. $167,000#BMWi8 #BMW #California #ForSale

We got the Bmw I8 available in Blue,white and black..... Self drive hire & Chauffeur driven 07951511814

Who owns the blue,white and black BMW i8 in Marlboro ?

I want an old white or blue Chevy and also a sports car of course....and a jeep.....and a BMW i8.....and my masters degree already!!

My dream garage would be: white Mclaren, yellow Lamborghini Aventador, grey BMW i8, blue Acura NSX, and a red 458 Ferrari.

When I went to go visit some friends today, I saw a white and blue BMW i8

I just saw a white and blue BMW i8 being driven on the road. Such a sick car.

i8, i8 up the road extreme...off to the cylinder in the ultimate driving machine,Bavarian blue sliced white blades take me to the museum!Joy steps out drops in,asks, “where’s the 1975 Calder and the M6 GT3 Cao Fei.”#WorldPoetryDay #WorldPoemDay

In difficult timeswhat would bring you some joy? Stay home and write a poem to BMW.You can rhyme better than that, can‘t you?Send us your BMW poem!#WorldPoemDay

i want a bmw i8 in white with blue detailing 4 my birthday pls and thank you :)

bmw i8 white and blue Q&A Review

Is it possible to use laser as a headlight in the automobiles?

Thanks for the A2A. Now, I don’t know what you’ve had on you mind when you said “Laser” as Headlights for Automobiles. No, you can’t be Darth Vader, cutting people with your LASER headlights. Sorry to break it to you. Just Kidding. Now, at CES 2015, BMW actually proposed what you just asked. They went ahead and presented these ,LASER or OLED lights, on the BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights as LaserLight. But, since I have brought it up before regarding cutting people up with lasers, let me explain. Three blue lasers which are positioned at the rear of the assembly fire onto a set of mirrors closer to the front. Those mirrors focus the laser energy into a lens filled with yellow phosphorus. The yellow phosphorus, when excited by the blue laser, emits an intense white light. That white light shines backward, onto a reflector. The reflector then bounces the more diffused white light forward, shining it out of the front of the headlight casing as a beam that is powerful, yet still able to be gazed upon. Now, this is developed jointly by OSRAM and BMW. The cars this was first featured in were the BMW i8 and the New 7 Series. Audi followed suit with its R8 LMX. So, to answer your question, Yes, it is possible to use ‘,LASER’ ,as headlight in automobiles, but we still have a long way to go. Hope this helps.

What is the best place in Los Angeles for a car photoshoot?

The “Best” place for a car photo shoot depends on the, intent, of the person who wants to display the car. >If you are ,Lebron James, and want to flex your new Lakers Yellow Lambo, then enroll the LAPD to stop traffic DTLA on Figueroa St and shoot it in front of Staples Center or cruise a few blocks north to the ,2nd Street Tunnel ,and get that whip up into triple figures. >Perhaps you just performed at the ,Maxim Hot 100, party at the ,Hollywood Palladium, and want to head home with your #1 girl, and TMZ snaps a few complementary photos of you and your Blue/Black Bugatti Chiron >If you want to convey a good image for your new ,Christian Mingle profile,, cruise down to Orange County and take a picture of your White Tesla Model X in front of ,The Crystal Cathedral ,and all the sexy single mommas will want to ride with you. >If you are looking to get a nice photo of your 2018 White BMW i8, consider a slow moving ride down the 110 or 405 and take photos at ,Terranea Resort,. Stop by the golf course to hit a few balls and then take your photographer to a dinner overlooking the ocean. >If you are just a regular guy looking to take a couple nice photos to sell the car on Craigslist or AutoTrader, drive up to ,Beverly Hills, and park in any one of the mansion’s roundabouts and get a few shots in before security comes out and takes a few shots at your pride and joy. >If you live in an apartment and are driving a heavily-modified car and you can barely afford to fill it up with gas or pay the insurance, maybe you should focus on other things instead of taking photos bragging about all the money you threw away on the whip. >For any other questions, take a virtual ride on ,GoogleMaps, and plot out your next photoshoot.

What does it feel like to be a sugar baby?

My sugar daddy experience has been absolutely fantastic. My boss is also my sugar daddy and I will share my story. I am a 28 year old white female 5’10, blonde hair, blue eyes, former fitness model now personal executive assistant to an extremely wealthy African-American man. I will call him JM(not his real name). He is worth $450 million and he is just a wonderful man, generous boss/person, kind, authentic and genuine He is tall(6’4) extremely attractive, physically fit, beautiful caramel skin, great smile, great body. JM is 42 years old and his wife is a stunningly beautiful Black American woman and she is a Doctor. They are what I call “Relationship goals”. A powerful man with an intelligent, beautiful woman by his side. I wish I was that woman instead of his wife. I am now his mistress and I feel no regrets because I have no illusions about my situation. As messed up as this is, here it goes - I am madly and unexplainably in love with my married boss. He has been married for 10 years and has 2 young children, but struggles with the lack of appreciation and love shown to him at home. We are best friends and extremely close, we can talk about anything. I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and there are even things I don't feel comfortable bringing up with him that my boss and I discuss on a regular basis. I think he probably know more of the true me than anyone else. He's a wonderful father and loves his children dearly, and I didn’t know that he or I could ever go through with a full on cheating situation (as tempting as it seems right now). I would never want another woman ruining my marriage and I don't think I could do that to someone else. But I can't help but find myself wishing so hard that they would separate and my morals are becoming much, much harder to uphold. He is amazing; our personalities, sense of humor, and views on nearly everything either directly correlate or we can have a fun and lively debate when we disagree (whereas with my boyfriend, similar debates often become heated and leave me in tears or severe anger). He mentions sex and intimacy to me often, and we joke about getting together, but if I'm being honest, I wish so badly that it wasn't a joke. I don't know what about me interests him, but he always initiates the flirting and sexual conversations so I know there has to be something similar going through his mind. I crave him sexually and I want to submit my entire body to him. I dream about having a life with him regularly, and even during intimate moments with my boyfriend, I find my thoughts wandering to my boss. I know none of this is right, but I have struggled with these feelings the last 1.5-2 years and can't seem to stop my brain from thinking of him often and wishing we were together. I know that you are thinking that I am a bad person and a home wrecker, but I am not writing here to get validation for my feelings or have you tell me what I'm feeling is okay. I know it's wrong and unfair to our significant others. I simply ask this - what can I do to move on? To stop feeling this way about him? Communicating less is not an option since we work in direct contact on a daily basis, but what should I be doing to transfer these feelings to my boyfriend? I do love my boyfriend dearly, but my boss is like something out of a fairytale and I can't help but wish there was more of that in my life. My boss informed me that we are going to London for a business conference. We are staying for 7 days. I was estatic because on this trip I was going to quench my thirst but I needed a plan. I called my best friend because I needed an outlet because I am about to cheat on my boyfriend because I cannot deny myself any longer. My boyfriend and I had sex before my trip with my boss but it was unfulfilling because my thoughts was focused on my boss. I called my best friend because I needed an outlet because I am about to cheat on my boyfriend because I cannot deny myself any longer. My boyfriend and I had sex before my trip with my boss but it was unfulfilling because my thoughts was focused on my boss. I try so hard to focus on him but it is impossible and it is so unfair to him because he deserves better. However, in London things changed dramatically and I don’t know how I can ever reconcile with my Boyfriend. On the second day in London my boss and I was drinking champange discussing our lives and our usual banter. As the champagne began to take its effect I was getting super horny and my panties was soaking wet. He stared at me and looked me up and down. It made me hot and sweat. Seemed he could look right through me or at least under my clothes. I was wearing a white blouse (one could see my lacy bra through it) and a tight skirt. I was wearing really high and really sexy heels. My boss started to undress his muscular chest and 6 pack at 42 years old was amazing! I got really tense when I saw his unzipped fly and his Huge penis swaying in the air, throbbing. My Boss was completely nude looking like a bronze God. His beautiful caramel skin was glistening staring at my body fondling his dick slowly. I was in awe of how fantastic his body looked and how massive his dick was. I was so wet looking at this beautiful, gorgeous man. Our relationship went to another level and I loved the sex. My pussy juices was running down my legs my boss carried me to the bed and spread my long legs and stared sucking my clit and eating my pussy. I was moaning loud and my body started contorting because of the powerful orgasm I was having. JM was extremely generous with his tongue eating my pussy for 45 min. His foreplay skills was amazing, my boss kissed, licked and sucked every inch of me. I had 3 orgasms from his foreplay alone. My body was hot, my head was tingling and my pussy was running like faucet. After his delightful tongue lashing of my hard clit and tight pussy. My Boss slid is long middle finger deep inside my pussy. I gasped due to the length and thickness of his fingers. I was screaming because it felt so good and I was headed to my 4th orgasm. I bent down and looking at his big cock. Smell of desire and sex. His dick was in front of my face, it was still throbbing. I parted my lips and sucked on the dickhead. Boss moaned loudly. I felt his heavy hand on the back of my head, pressing me and impaling me on his shaft. He was pressing hard and I had to open my mouth as wide as I could to let his dick get deep in my throat. He is the love of my life and I wanted to please him in every way.I was fondling his dick with my tongue. Boss showed me the tempo, holding my hair tight making me feel like a puppet in his hands. I had to obey and suck the dick deep throat. I was about to choke sometimes, tears flooded my eyes. Finally I felt his hand let my hair go. He touched my butt. He was squeezing my butt cheeks for a while and then he bent down lower to reach my pussy. “You’re so wet!” he said. And he was damn right. Soon as he said it I was ready for his big beautiful dick. Hardly I said anything as he turned me round and put me on the table. I squeezed my hips tight instinctively. But it didn’t help. Boss raised my leg and put it on his shoulder. He pressed my other leg to the table, leaning on my knee, making me lie down on the table surface. I was stretched on the table, my legs hurt. The lips were apparently opened as my boss touched them and grinned. He took his dick in his hands and pressed it against my vagina. He entered my pussy. “You’re so tight…” He moaned pausing. Well, it’s just that his dick was too big for me. I moaned really loud. I felt his long thick hard dick tear my snatch apart. Boss started fucking me. He was slow at first. It hurt to feel his giant cock in my tight pussy but then… I just couldn’t help but scream, it felt so good to be filled. My butt was fidgeting on the table, and he was pounding me so hard and deep, it felt great taking such a huge cock. I didn’t try to resist or whatever, I liked being fucked by my boss’s giant member. After few deep hard strokes and I arched my back and climaxed. I was creaming all over his big cock. It was such a powerful orgasm my legs started shaking. My moaning, screaming and muscle contractIons squeezing his massive cock like a vise grip. He pulled his cock out of me then bent me over and then he proceed to fuck me so hard and deep. I never been fucked so hard and his thrusts were steady and powerful. He was pulling my hair, smacking my ass, I was cumming and screaming. I started begging him to cum! His cock was ripping me apart literally, for the next 15–20 mins I was simply overwhelmed by his experience, size, skill, and stamina. He pounded me until he came deep inside my pussy. I just collapsed on the bed with my body shaking feeling so pleased. My boss wrapped his arms around me and we both laid in bed. My boss kissed my forehead as we talked we both were exhausted so we fell asleep. I woke up at 6:30 and my boss opened his eyes. I. started gathering my clothes scattered about on the floor. He was staring at me smiling. Guess it was fun to watch a beautiful blonde bend down now and then, exposing her holes and watch semen flow down her hips. However, that wasn’t the end. When I was passing him by with a pile of clothes in my hands he slapped me across the ass… When I came closer I saw his big cock at full attention, he was jerking his hard dick off. I knew what he wanted me to do. I knelt down in front of him and sucked his dickhead into my mouth. My lips were sliding up and down the stem. I squeezed the shaft with my hand, while my fingers were playing with his balls. It was easier this time. Boss let me take over the initiative. He wasn’t in charge anymore. It was me to control the process. He was watching me give him head. He was moaning. My blow job lasted for a pretty long time and I was obviously upset I wouldn’t be able to try his giant dick in my snatch again. “Stand up.” My Boss said suddenly. I was so excited that he wanted to bury his big dick inside of me again. He touched my soaking wet pussy. My body gave me away, I desperately wanted him. I bit my lip and moaned, arching my back. He was fingering my pussy lustfully. “Good girl.” He said. He turned me around leading me to the bed. massive semi hard cock swinging. He spread my legs wide placing them on his shoulders. His erect penis was pressing against my wet pussy. I couldn’t wait any longer. I took his dick and thrust it in my gushing slit. His huge throbbing dick slid inside my vagina smoothly. I was being impaled by my boss big cock. His stamina was unbelievable. Sometimes, he took his dick almost out of my pussy and then thrust it deep in my womb. It was so hot and felt so fucking good! Soon I realized I wanted a faster tempo. I told my boss to fuck me harder. He was pounding so hard and so deep I lost my breath, I was cumming, I was having crying orgasms. He felt so good I started to cry! I was feeling light headed, I passed out while he continued to thrust his cock deep. I was in pure ecstasy taking every inch of him I regain consciousness when he pulled his huge hard cock out of me. I grabbed his dick and got on my knees again. I was still trembling and was really relaxed and super exhausted. His shaft was all covered in my juices. My hand could easily slide along the stem feeling its hardness and heat. Besides, my lips were licking the head, and stroking his cock with 2 hands.He didn’t last long. A huge cumload hit my throat. I was trying to swallow everything but some of the load spilled and was flowing down my chin right on my breasts. I was milking the dick in order not to lose a single drop of his tasty juices. I licked his balls and his groin to gather the last drops. After the conference, during our flight home my love for my boss intensified. I had the best sex I ever had with a black man and if ever told my boyfriend this it would absolutely crush him. However, my connection with my boss is much stronger than my boyfriend. I had a lot to discuss with my boyfriend and a lot to think about. My boss is a married man with children and his silence tells me he is in deep thought as well. We arrived back in LA and boss gave me 3 days off. I was glad because I needed the rest. We shared a long embrace as he knew I didn’t want to let him go. We kissed and I went home to deal with my boyfriend. I knew I had to tell him the truth and it wasn’t going to be an easy conversation. He will not be able to handle the fact that I slept with a black man but my boss is everything he is not. JM speaks Italian, French and Spanish fluently, far more educated, worldly, adventurous, great personality, incredibly handsome, best lover I ever had, great boss, great loyal friend. Just thinking of my boss sends me into a frenzy. How often in life do you meet someone that makes you feel special? We share a level of intimacy that I never shared with a man before. I arrive and my boyfriend had flowers, we hugged and kissed. He took my bags to the bedroom and I went to shower. I knew my life was about to change and I feel terrible about cheating but it’s what I wanted. It felt so good to submit myself to a man that doesn’t expect my submission but is worthy of it through his actions and deeds. I love my boyfriend but he is still at the “Aspiring to be” stage at 31 and at 28 heading to 30, I am outgrowing the “aspiring to be” types. Love is such a difficult thing to navigate because as I am learning everything isn’t so black and white(no pun intended). Love in modern times is extremely hard and financial ramifications must be taken into account. My salary is significantly more than my boyfriend’s and I’m sorry but I want a man that is levels above me not levels below me. I want more and I’m tired of waiting for my boyfriend to catch up and I’m tired of explaining. However, I didn’t get a chance talk because my boyfriend wanted to have sex. It was awful. After being fucked by my boss massive cock for the past 6 days and my emotional detachment my boyfriend felt like a toothpick. I knew I had to plan my departure from this situation because my boyfriend is a really good person but I am choosing to move forward with my life without him. Sometimes love is not enough plus I don’t believe in looking backwards when it’s time to move forward. After my boyfriend left for work I received an email from my boss. I was so eager to read it was our first communication since London and everything that happened. My boss email stated that he wants to have dinner with me tomorrow night he wants to discuss the London trip. I reply yes please send details and I look forward to seeing you. His reply back was with smiley faces. I went to the spa to just relax and rejuvenate myself after London and to deal with my Boyfriend. I packed my bags, booked a hotel room, and gathering my thoughts on how to break this to my boyfriend. I cooked my boyfriend’s favorite meal, bought his favorite wine. I fed him and I told him I am in love with my boss and our relationship cannot continue. He just stared at me and he was deeply hurt. He walked away and left. I said good riddance, I’m tired of just settling for less. I gave him the remainder of my share of the expenses and I left. I met my boss for dinner the next evening and I was so happy to see him. We hugged and we sat to a great bottle of Lafitte ‘76. My boss told me that he will never leave his wife or his children. I knew that already but I didn’t expect what he said next. My boss said that he wanted to discuss an arrangement outside of our boss/employee relationship. I was uncertain about his next statement. I didn’t want to lose his friendship and I definitely wanted to continue having sex with him. His pause was making my heart pound out of my chest. He finally continued and said I want more of you. With those words started our full blown affair and I am loving every second of it. The sex is just unbelievably amazing, I got a substantial pay raise, JM purchased me a Loft in DTLA, stocks, paid all of my student loans plus an immediate deposit of $500k in my bank account(Yes all factual and true), a new BMW i8 Roadster(my dream car) my entire financial picture has changed in a matter of weeks. My boss told me that he wanted to take care of me just in case our thing ended and he wanted me to remain as his Personal Executive Assistant. I could not be happier because I would rather be JM’s mistress than to have a man that cannot make me happy. My love for my boss is just something I can not control but it continues to grow. I know most women will cast aspersions on me but I don’t feel guilt because I love JM and he treats me better than anyone I had a monogamous relationship with. My boss is very open and honest about everything and I am aware that our relationship will eventually end. Until then I am having the time of my life, the very best sex I ever had(I can’t get enough of his great cock)a loyal, compassionate, loving friend and financial security. At 28 years old I would say I’m doing better than most at my age. I am Debt free and most Importantly I’m happy. I haven’t revealed my affair with my boss to my family because of their racist views. However, that is not the reason why I am with JM as some mommy/daddy get back. I am certain without question that their are plenty of beautiful white women just like me that would date a Black man like JM. I don’t have the patience to teach a racist group why. For now I am so happy and my boss/my man are doing wonderfully. I keep my secret to myself because the impact it has had on my life is worth it. This guy is simply amazing and I do not think I could be in a better position. I never thought I could fall in love with a Black man because I never spent significant time around a black man besides JM. I am learning so much from him and we are so close like kindred spirits. Men in my age group 25–35 are not gentleman and they really have nothing to offer. Many of them are angry, disrespectful, suffering from joblessness, porn addicts, and bitter because many women today out earn them. My boyfriend was a good guy but he simply wasn’t good for me. I will not allow a man to stand in the way of my ambitions and goals. I love my freedom and independence Life feels very different when I can do everything I want. I get to shape my life the way I want, when I want, how I want, where I want, with whoever I want! My experience is not the norm because I work in such proximity of JM and it’s normal if we travel together. His wife never questions him to my knowledge and we have a very cordial relationship. I do not want your “Moral Superiority” because I could care les what you think of me. I never thought I would be a “Sugar Baby” but I love the man so it’s easy because it’s so enjoyable.

Why should I buy the BMW i3 as opposed to other electric cars on the market?

Going all-electric? Get the best you can afford If you're on the brink of switching to electric, range (the number of miles you can travel on a charge) ought to be top of mind. If you drive modestly and charge amply at home, this won't be a huge factor, but for road warriors, longer-range commuters and people who enjoy nearby road trips on the weekend, my advice is to get the highest-range, best performing electric vehicle you can afford. In short, buy a Tesla. Better range, and let's face it—it's a gorgeous car. And if you're filthy with money, I'd never kick the BMW i8 out of bed for eating crackers. For style and range, the BMW i3 is probably your next best option after Tesla (right now). If you can't afford the Tesla, but still want something electric (not a hybrid), and ,well appointed, the i3 is an excellent choice., The Leaf, has a similar range and it's cheaper, but its handling and styling leave a lot to be desired (many Leaf owners concur, and it fares poorly in automotive comparisons such as Car and Driver's). Most of the competitors in the cheap EV category are either not true hybrids, or they're gas vehicles converted to electric modalities, and this makes them far less efficient (and less fun to drive). Not your typical BMW owner, Let's just get this out there: I have a Bernie sticker on my i3. I'm not loaded or an asshole, which BMW drivers often are. I've had a number of BMW bikes, but no cars so far. So why did I buy the i3? When my old Passat died an operatic death, I just couldn't stomach getting a new gas-guzzling vehicle. ,Harry Lin,'s overview of the i3's history, conception and manufacturing process is superb—he's detailed perfectly why the car is both a pleasure to drive and a conscionable choice for anyone who has a sincere desire not to gigantically exacerbate our current planetary shitstorm with their choice of vehicle. Because some driving is, for me, inevitable, it feels great to be conscientious for a change about what I drive. But what I didn't expect was to love it this much. Driving it around town brings me the type of zippy euphoria I normally only get from motorcycle riding. Tires, torque and road feel, The small tires connect you to the road in ways I just haven't gotten from other cars: the acceleration is surprisingly propulsive, the cornering is outrageous, and a flick of your wheel can alter your course significantly (in this way, so much like a motorcycle). Another writer described it as a "nervous" driver, and yes, this is true, and I'd add "tetchy" or "skittish" to further describe the steering. It's the only car I've driven like this—a minor twitch of the wheel translates into a rather palpable swerve on the road. "Daughter, always know the surface you're driving on.", When my dad was teaching me to drive in the dead of winter, he'd insist that I do a quick road test—a start-and-stop, a hard turn at very low speed, under controlled conditions, to check for ice, gauge slickness—in short, to size up the state of the road. My dad may not have done everything right, but he's always known his shit with driving. If you do not like to "feel" the road—getting a bump from potholes or ragged pavement, feeling rain grooves, etc—you won't like the i3, which gives you constant feedback about your driving surface. I love this, but others may prefer a more insulated ride. The exterior: storm trooper? Wall-E's main squeeze, EVE?, While the look isn't for everyone, I came to love it. I was sure I'd favor the dark anthracite one, but once on the lot I fell in love with the space bubble white one. It looks like an enamel panda bear with electric blue accents, or more precisely, like Wall-E's girlfriend: There are weird lovable details that I deeply dig, like the Virgin America lighting that comes on when you unlock it from afar at night. Like Harry, the interior delights me, even though it struck me as highly odd and even discordant at first. Syncs with your toys reliably (mostly), Sometimes it freaks me out how effortlessly and immediately it syncs with my phone (over Bluetooth). Anyone you talk to on an iPhone will come through your sound system unless you decouple it. That said, you have no engine noise (unless you're running on the range extender), and the ride is quiet as hell, so your sound will be clear and clean. You can find charging stations and map things on the go through a pretty vast media center, but I still find myself just doing many of those things on my phone. Google lets you send destinations to your car now, and I prefer Google maps to the onboard navigational system. That said, the latter has not run me into any real trouble unlike certain other navigational systems (cough, Apple maps, cough). People will talk to your more, Yep, even in taciturn, antisocial Seattle I've had people yell out things like "Right on!" from the street, or mouth, "THIS IS ELECTRIC, RIGHT?! DASS AWESOME!" which is unexpected, but pretty cool. It's a nice feeling (and an utterly new one) to love what I'm driving, for more reasons than I'd have expected. Also, there's this: ,http://www.automnews.com/?p=259812 So what DON'T you like?, I'm updating this screed, having owned my i3 a bit longer now, and although I still truly love this car, I'm out of the honeymoon period now and have noted a few things which should be considered if you're weighing a decision to buy this car. First and foremost: research the charging infrastructure where you live., How much and how far do you drive? If this is to be your only car, you'd better make sure you either won't be driving much daily (and can fill in your charging gaps at home); or, if you do use your car more broadly, ensure that you have sufficient charging options in your surrounds or at your destinations. When I purchased my BMW I was told in no uncertain terms that fast (DC) chargers (SAE combo types) were going to be—these were the words used—popping up everywhere. I live in Washington state and there are currently 3 – two clustered within 30 miles of one another, and another in the middle of nowhere. Interstate 5 runs north-to-south and you can currently not drive from top to bottom of Washington state expecting easy charging. The same is true for eastbound treks. This means road trips are just not viable here. Note that there may be Level 2 chargers (which in my experience mean 3- 3.5 hours to fully charge my battery) but if you want to make a 3-hour trip from Seattle to Portland, you're probably looking at 8-9 hours given our charging infrastructure. In California, on the other hand, you're pretty much set – charging stations are preponderant. I've called Chargepoint (BMW's proprietary network) to ask what plans are underway for more DC charging stations and they said this: None. Zero. If you call BMW today they will tell you something quite different. Note that some dealerships offer as an i-series incentive the possibility of weekend rentals for longer trips. So this doesn't have to be a dealbreaker. In short, if you: • live in a state with ample fast charging • plan to drive only short distances from your home • have another vehicle for longer trips ...you'll likely have no reservations with your choice. If it's your only car and you life to venture out, though, do take stock of what your charging options are where you live.

Why is Dubai becoming such an attraction?

Dubai is raised just like a child who will grow up to attract tourists. After oil was discovered 50 years ago, Dubai already planned it’s future. It calculated the number of years the limited oil reserve is going to serve them. Before the oil gets exhausted they have to make alternative ways of economic growth for the city thus choosing tourism. They built Dubai accordingly to fit your choice. Geographical Location Dubai’s central location is a big advantage. It is a switching point for trade with a region of 2.2 billion people in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the CIS, Central Asia, and India. Dubai International airport has annual traffic of over 83.6 million passengers with flights to and from over 150 destinations worldwide. Relaxation in VISA requirements VISA on arrival for over 50 countries and exemption of transit passengers from all entry fees for the first 48 hours and transit visa extension for up to 96 hours for a fee of Dh50 enhanced more tourism in the country. Luxury escape to spend holidays , They built the best and luxurious hotels & resorts in the world like The Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Perfect Sun and Sand Vacation , They built pristine beaches, safer and family-friendly and some even restricted to women-and-children only, clean and patrolled by experienced lifeguards. Skyscrapers and Modern Architecture , Dubai has highly sophisticated infrastructures, awe-inspiring skyscrapers including Burj Khalifa - the world’s tallest building and also home to one of the magnificent skylines in the world. World Class Shopping Dubai is the shoppers’ paradise. It is also the home of the biggest shopping mall in the world in which the famous Dubai Mall alone is covering up to 12 million square feet with all international luxury brands. Foodies Heaven Since it has a massive 90% of the population coming from outside the country there is a spectacular range of food styles available in the city. With hundreds of Arab-Persian-Indian-Pakistani-Filipino-French-Japanese-Chinese-British, and American restaurants, both humble and high-end, there’s something for everyone. Best Desert Safari Dubai offers the best Desert Safari tours which include dune bashing, dune driving, camel rides, sand skiing, belly dancing shows, and quad bike. Seeking for an adrenaline rush activity in Dubai? Experience jumping off the plane at around 120 miles per hour over the Palm Jumeirah Island and you do not even need any experience beforehand to try this out in Dubai! Great Nightlife Even though Dubai is known for practicing the Sharia laws as most of the citizens are Muslims, for those who like to party, this city is all about its nightclubs and bars,, ,open every night of the week. With some household names such as White Dubai, Blue Marlin, and Cirque Le Soir, this city doesn’t take a single night off. Bars are also open every night and come in different themes and styles. Gold Market Dubai is a rich country and also known as the City of Gold. Not only gold that is being displayed at the windows of the shops but also diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other types of precious stones and jewelry are available and sold at a much cheaper price compared to the one sold in western countries. You will find the world’s largest gold ring, weighing almost 64 kilograms here. City of the future Dubai boasts a world-class infrastructure, well-maintained roads, excellent public transport, and connectivity. That’s not enough, From man-made islands to best of the best flower garden in the middle of a desert. It is also planning for man-made mountains to make rain. You can buy pretty much anything from a vending machine Gold to Go ATM in Dubai Mall allows you to buy anything from a 2.5-gram, 24-karat gold coin to a one-ounce gold bar. Sharaf DG store at the Times Square Centre mall, where you can buy a laptop, tablet, camera or phone straight from a vending machine. Safety Dubai is a politically stable environment and a safe city for citizens, residents and visitors alike. According to Interpol, Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world in terms of crimes and health, making it a reassuring ground for all. World’s fastest Police Cars Nowhere else in the world is that police car likely to be a BMW i8, Nissan GT-R, Ferrari FF, Aston Martin One-77, Bentley Continental GT, hybrid Porsche Panamera or Lamborghini Aventador. They added a McLaren to their fleet in December 2013, and a Bugatti Veyron in 2014. Supercar Uber Uber has supercars in Dubai, in fact, they have choppers as well. The super-fast, ground-based transportation system Five years after Elon Musk imagined about the fastest ground-based transportation system with near supersonic speed, Dubai set for a moment in transport history. Hyperloop TT edges closer to unveiling first commercial track. World’s biggest EXPO, biggest Fountain Show, Firecracker Show, biggest Amusement Parks, Large Aquariums, Underwater Restaurants, Ice Skiing inside Shopping malls and uncountable others. Dubai currently holds 139 world records in first, fastest, biggest and best. If you still did not find things of your choice here, Dubai definitely has it probably I missed mentioning it.

What are some interesting things about BMW?

BMW was founded in 1916 as Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian motor works) but then it was shortened to BMW In the early years of the company, they manufactured a range of products, including railway brakes, household items, and agricultural equipment. Although BMW is now best-known for producing cars, this was not the original purpose of their company; they actually manufactured engines for planes. Their aircraft engines became well-known for high-altitude performance and fuel efficiency. As the warplanes were in high-demand by the German military, BMW was forced to expand their business at a rapid rate to keep up with demand. Treaty of Versailles is responsible for BMW manufacturing cars. The terms of the Treaty of Versailles banned German companies from producing both warplanes and engines for warplanes. Many people mistakenly believe that the logo is supposed to represent a spinning propeller, but that is not the case. The symbol was designed and the colors were chosen to represent the colors of Bavaria which is where the main headquarters of BMW is located. Blue and white are the national colors of Bavaria Many people assume that electric cars are a modern invention. However, this is not the case and car manufacturers have tinkered with the concept since the early 19th century. The very first electric car was produced in 1828 but the fashion for this type of car saw a huge decline which wasn’t really revived until the 1990s. BMW bought the British Rover Group in 1994. This means they now produce all the cars formerly produced by that company, including the Mini Cooper. BMW then took over Rolls-Royce and produced their first car using this name in 2003. This was the Rolls-Royce Phantom. It often surprises people that two of the best-known British car brands are now manufactured by a German company. The headquarters of BMW in Munich, Bavaria, have a rather unusual design. They represent the shape and design of BMW’s famous four-cylinder engines. BMW is famous for its four-cylinder heritage and designers of the headquarters wanted to reflect this. It may surprise people to learn that BMW built a Lamborghini as the two companies are not connected to each other in any way and one is German while the other is Italian. However, it was by mutual agreement that BMW built the car. The two companies had agreed to build a race car together during the 1970s. The car was designed by Giugiaro and BMW were providing part of the suspension and the engine. Everything else was the responsibility of Lamborghini. During a particularly difficult period in BMW’s history in the 1950s, they were almost taken over by Mercedes. BMW had almost gone bankrupt by 1959 and one reason for this was the Cold War. Daimler-Benz, the parent company of Mercedes, attempted a hostile takeover of BMW. However, shareholders of BMW fought against the takeover and mounted a counter attack by buying back shares. Therefore, the takeover bid failed. Eventually, the company was taken over by Quandt. There has been a long-standing rivalry between Mercedes and BMW and the attempted takeover is still considered on of the highlights of their ongoing battle. One of the most distinctive features of a BMW is the grille. This is one of the features that people notice when they see a car and instantly recognize it as being a car manufactured by BMW. Some people even find this a more recognizable feature than the BMW logo. This grille is called a kidney grille and it has a longer history with this car brand than you may think as it was first introduced in 1933. (No the grill isn’t actually that big. But honestly the big grill fad these days is getting annoying now) While most people associate BMW with cars, they have also manufactured motorcycles. IN fact, they manufactured the fastest motorcycle in the world in 1937. Their motorcycle division was called BMW Motorrad and they still make top-of-the-range bikes to this day. The BMW CSL is one of the most distinctive cars manufactured by BMW. Its stand-out design has often been compared to that of the bat mobile in the Batman series of films. This sports car has spoilers and arches that are not only an important element of the aesthetics of this car, they also play a vital role in this model’s dynamics. This car is considered one of the most desirable models ever produced by BMW. As BMW has produced many models that are associated with quality and luxury, they are a popular option amongst the rich and famous. Kim Kardashian has a Range Rover and this is a car manufactured by BMW. She is not alone in the celebrity world when it comes to driving BMWs. Jessica Alba is often spotted out in her BMW X6 while NHL player Scottie Upshall is the proud owner of a BMW i8. Halle Berry drives a BMW i3 and Jerry Ferrara drives a BMW X5. Other celebrities who own a BMW include Clive Owen, Heidi Klum, and Reese Witherspoon. Automobiles continue to be the main focus of BMW although they do also have a successful motorcycle division. However, they have not forgotten about their roots in the aerospace industry, even if they haven’t produced an airplane engine since 1945. They continue to design the interiors for airplanes, including those that fly for Singapore Airlines. The interiors of these are so comfortable and luxurious that once you are inside a Singapore Airline plane it is unlikely that you will ever want to leave. The M10 four-cylinder engine was a creation of BMW’s that first hit the streets in 1962. At first, it had just 75 horsepower. The engineers had spent some time working on its design until it could achieve 1,400 horsepower by 1983. It was still basically the same engine, but they had heavily modified it to achieve that horsepower. It was this engine that was in the car driven by Nelson Piquet when he won the Formula One World Championship. Many people who own a classic car or motorcycle find it difficult to get hold of parts as they are no longer manufactured. BMW have made it easy for owners of their classic cars as they continue to make World War II era parts for their vehicles. Rather than owners having to track down a second-hand part in questionable condition, they can opt to order a brand-new part for some models of BMWs that is made direct in the factory to order. It is called the BNW Classic Program and it is said that a group of mechanics once built a 1976 R906 motorcycle from scratch simply by ordering new parts for it from BMW. The company bought back their old motorcycle factory in Munich co they can make the old parts people need. This shows a true dedication to their customers. -AR

Do headlights from a car form interference patterns?

If you mean an interference pattern as in a laser interference pattern like this one: Then no, they don't. To cause an interference pattern the light must exhibit ,Coherence,. To make a light source coherent is not trivial -- light bulbs, LEDs, etc are generally not coherent. In fact, in general, unless you're using a single laser, the light won't be coherent. So you won't get interference patterns with headlights. Note that ,very recently, people have started talking about laser headlights, e.g. BMW: But these are only available on super-high end cars like the i8; and even then I'm not sure if the light actually emitted is coherent: they use a blue laser that shines into a yellow phosphorus which gives off a nice white glow instead of the blue. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the process of hitting the yellow phosphorus makes it no longer coherent (after all, it's spreading the energy across the entire light spectrum). So even in that case, you wouldn't get an interference pattern.

If I save $1,000 a month for the next 20 years, will I be able to afford a BMW i8?

The ,BMW i8, is comfortable in its own amazing skin. It needs to be. It looks like a buttressed spaceship trimmed with extraterrestrial blue and black. If the wheels were spat-covered, it’d be easy to convince people it’s actually levitating on the pride of Munich. Every person who catches a glimpse locks eyes on it, and you needn’t be clairvoyant to read pedestrians’ thoughts, which mostly boil down to, “What the . . . ?” Bending in and under the dihedral doors is an event, every time. Before you fall into the car, you must first hoist yourself over the tall, wide side sills. Graceful entries and exits are not an option, and after a weekend of running routine errands, we found this raises questions about daily drivability. But then, like a hat worn to the Kentucky Derby, this car is about making statements. For some, announcing one’s arrival is a priority that overshadows any thought of inconvenience. And this plug-in hybrid makes a greener statement than any Audi R8, McLaren 570S, or Porsche 911. Tesla owners nod in approval and Prius owners . . . ah, who are we kidding? Prius owners don’t see other cars. Aside from drawing all the stares, this car can see well, too. Or rather, its driver can because this is the first car in the U.S. equipped with laser headlights—yes, laser beams, but not quite literally, Dr. Evil. Lasers are used internally, but the pure-white light generated by laser-excited phosphorous is safe for oncoming motorists. BMW finally got federal (NHTSA and FDA) approval to offer these lights, a $6300 option for the high-beams that are 1000 times more intense than LEDs. These new lights are even more energy-efficient than LEDs, but they are only for use as a supplemental high-beam that activates above 43 mph; the regular low-beams and the high-beams below 43 mph are LEDs. Although the U.S.-approved laser high-beams are less blue and less powerful than those offered in Europe (where they’re also dynamic, dimming out an area when the car detects oncoming traffic), they’re still turn-night-into-day, we-have-a-prison-break bright. We see why they operate exclusively at higher speeds. The i8’s three sources of power—a mid-mounted 228-hp turbo inline-three and AC motor and a stronger 129-hp AC motor up front—are the same as in the European car, but this federalized i8 weighed 3484 pounds, about 100 more than either of the other previously tested cars. Thus, it wasn’t quite as quick, with launch control enabling a zero-to-60-mph time of 4.0 seconds (compared with 3.6 and 3.8 for the European examples) and the car dusting off a quarter-mile in 12.5 seconds (down from 12.1 and 12.4). Regardless, the thing accelerates like a solid-fuel rocket when eBoost mode is engaged by pressing the accelerator pedal through the kickdown switch. It delivers the kind of sustained acceleration we’ve experienced in Porsche 911 Turbos. As a plug-in hybrid, the i8’s front electric motor is strong enough to propel the car all by its lonesome. In the Normal driving mode, most movement begins with only the front motor operating. Occasionally, the three-cylinder engine felt slow to kick in and deliver the intersection-clearing thrust we were seeking. Silently creeping into lanes of cross-traffic can raise concerns with unprepared passengers. Moving the shifter over to Sport mode keeps the engine fired and makes gap-shooting feel less eventful. There are four seats, but the rears are just laughable pads more suited to cushion a football-stadium bench than to transport guests in a $150,000 car, and the space is itself hospitable only for small children. The front seats, however, are extremely comfortable, firm, and supportive in all the right spots to allow long days in the saddle, although they lack the bolstering to complement the 0.95 g that the car can generate in corners. The buckets are mounted deep in a well, so there’s plenty of body structure to brace oneself against. A Corvette for half the cash will trot away from an i8 on a good road, but we suspect there is more to uncork in the i8’s carbon-fiber-and-aluminum chassis. We’re looking forward to a mid-term update or second-generation model with performance that (we hope) better matches the concept-car looks of the i8. Aside from the laser headlights, our test car had but one option, called Giga World. No, it isn’t a Glenn Quagmire–inspired salute to Seth McFarlane, it’s just a full-leather interior and the aforementioned LED headlights (projector beams are standard kit). For $2000 it seems well worth the investment. The next step up, Tera World, costs $4500 and includes frivolities such as a leather engine cover, but once you’ve signed up to spend this much money it may look like small change for a few more bragging points. As with many other BMWs of late, the steering feels light and the pizza-cutter front tires are quick to turn, but we’re gluttons for steering feel—we want a lot more. Fortunately, the style statement the i8 makes is authoritative enough to argue that it really resides in a class of one. I doubt if you would be able to afford such a luxury automobile like this with your present plan of joining the military. But I could afford one, In just a month from now if I pay more attention to my job as a Purchase manager and make more money daily. I think I would buy one next month, you just planted it in my mind. ,Thanks

What is the most beautiful car in the world?

A white Tesla Model S P100D with a white interior. A blue Tesla Model S P100D with a white interior. A red Tesla Model S P100D with a white interior. A white Tesla Model 3 Performance Model with a white interior. A red Tesla Model 3 Performance with a white interior. A white Tesla Model X P100D with a white interior 6 seat config. A blue Tesla Model X P100D with a white interior 6 seat config. A red Tesla Model X P100D with a white interior 6 seat config. Jaguar iPace BMW i8. Once you cross over, you never go back. EVs - I’ve never met anyone who crossed over twice.

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