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BMW sends off the last BMW i8 in an exclusive Portimao Blue

BMW announced last year they will be discontinuing their hybrid supercar, the BMW i8.

G30 2021 BMW 530i M Sport - What's so special about Laserlight?

Back in 2014, the BMW Laserlight made its premiere in the BMW i8 and has now made its way into several

Spied: Is this the new 2021 BMW M5 (F90)?

When BMW unveiled the updated 5 Series range yesterday, they did not reveal the top-of-the-line F90 M5

BMW M8 and BMW M8 Competition revealed

Another week, another new BMW M car.

iPhone may finally be able to unlock BMW via Apple CarKey

A problem we have with the G20 BMW 3 Series is that the Digital Key feature is only available for Android

Former BMW designer Jochen Paesen joins Kia to lead interior design

It looks like Kia has been busy recruiting some of the best talents from BMW.

Deal breakers: The Mitsubishi Outlander air-conditioning system needs to be improved

effort to remedy that, buyers of the Outlander have the option of fitting the SUV with a roof-mounted air

Deal breakers: Mercedes-Benz C-Class' ride comfort and handling need major improvement

It handles twisty roads well, but not well enough like the new G20 BMW 320i or our favorite Toyota Camry.The

Owner Review: Superior Ride Quality Approved by Adrian - My Toyota Camry

D-segment sedans do not deserve to be compared against luminaries such as the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the BMW

Review: 2020 (G20) BMW 320i Sport – Drives superbly, but at what cost?

The door grab handles/pockets feel hollow, the knobs on the side air vents feel plasticky, lower door

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Smoother ride for Japan-spec 2021 Mazda CX-30 with suspension, engine updates

said to improve the suspensions damping characteristics on rough roads, simultaneously improving the ride

Ratings: 2020 (G20) BMW 320i Sport - Excellent driving performance, 181 pts overall

Balance 3 / 3 Grip 2.5 / 3 Load Reaction 3 / 3 Total 42.5 / 50 pts Ride

2020 (F98) BMW X4 M Competition launched in Malaysia, 510 PS/600 Nm, from RM 904k

BMW Malaysia has launched the 2020 BMW X4 M Competition, priced at RM 904,276 (OTR without insurance,

Wapcar Morning Insiders (Sep. 19, 2019)

Continue reading International News BMW i3 to be discontinued and will not get a successorAfter it

GrabCar Premium vehicles in Malaysia to get Nanoe air purifier

Soon GrabCar Premium rides will offer premium riders with cleaner air thanks to Grab Holdings Inc&rsquo

Owner Review: First time owning a German machine - My BMW 318i

The list of mods was Taiwan made Enkei Rims, LED fog lamps, front ultra racing bar, works drop-in air-filter

You can now buy a BMW without visiting a showroom, just go to BMW Shop Online

Group Malaysia, which just launched its BMW Shop Online - a digital showroom to view and place a booking

2020 BMW 320i vs 2020 Mercedes-Benz C200 - which is the ride and handling champ?

In this ride and handling comparison, we’re pitting the 2020 (G20) BMW 320i up against its archrival

Why do concept cars look so much better than normal cars?

Thicker tyres offer better ride comfort and a less sexy roofline actually makes for better ergonomics

Take a look at our list of the cutest cars in the world!

and the wide array of bright colours also help increase the car’s cute appeal as well.BMW i8The i8&

Top-3 most powerful cars with a 3-cylinder engine

most powerful cars, which are either on sale or will be on the market, with a 3-cylinder engine.BMW i8

BMW commemorates the discontinuation of the BMW i8 with 18 custom-built units

As you know, BMW has officially discontinued the BMW i8.

Elon Musk calls hydrogen cars “mind-boggingly stupid”, but BMW still believes in them

pressurise it, or both.BMW seems to have to closed the chapter on burning hydrogen in the engine.BMW i8

2020 Proton X70 CKD gets stiffer suspension for better ride & handling

transmission (DCT) and improved kit list, Proton has also revised the suspension on the X70 CKD for better ride

Malaysia's Proton X50 will ride and handle better than China's Geely Binyue

variety of local roads.We love the interior and its straight-line performance, but not its handling and ride

Who Can Duck Out From The BMW’s Axing?

Bitter, but model cutting is an obligatory course for BMW to go through this gloomy course.Majority of

BMW looks to hydrogen power for carbon neutral manufacturing

Hydrogen-powered BMW NEXT Concept picturedThe journey towards sustainability has never been easy.

2021 BMW X7 xDrive30d (CKD) launched in Thailand, RM 810k

BMW Thailand has launched the locally-assembled (CKD) 2021 BMW X7.

In Brief: 2019 Lexus RX 300 - Who needs air suspension?

Engine, tyre, and wind noise are impeccably suppressed at any speed.Plus, the Lexus RX 300’s ride

The carbon-fibre dream dies with the BMW i8

In 2011, BMW unveiled the i8 and i3 concepts, two cars that didn’t have faux-carbon fibre stickers

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Busiest week of my YouTube life. Drift science in LA, SmokingTire podcast, riding in a RB Air Race plane, Formula E, and BMW i8 hot lap ride

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Which is best among Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S and BMW i8?

Let’s first eliminate the i8. It is a pretty car without much else going for it. Just watch videos of how to open the hood. It is a VERY quirky car. Between the Model 3 and S it is a big “IT DEPENDS.” The S will carry much more. Heck, the S carries more than a lot of smaller SUV’s. The latest S has longer range than the 3. The S with air suspension is a smoother ride and quieter at highway speeds. The Model 3 has more of a sport sedan ride and handles better. The Model 3 is MUCH easier to park and maneuver in tight spaces. The Model S is very wide. The Model 3 charges faster in terms of miles added per 10 minutes of charge. I find the Model 3 interior more usable. Inside it has door pockets and just better thought out storage.

Which is a better automobile company, BMW or Mercedes in respect of price as well as luxury and comfort?

Keeping it short and simple It’s Mercedes benz! When it comes to luxury, comfort and value for money Mercedes cars are just up to point, precise and class leading in every single way.With over 100 years in the automobile industry, the illustrious car company is one of the most coveted and well-known out there. It all began with Karl Benz, a German engine designer and automobile engineer who in 1886 invented the modern automobile which the first car that was powered by petrol.Since then only Mercedes has always been in the top league.Right away from huge parts such as The Engine to small parts like Headlamps and wipers, ,The attention to detail ,Given in these cars is just unmatched and first in class, it gives a ,combined rich feel of luxury and power at the same time. •,Mercedes was first in the market to introduce ,Multibeam bending LED’s ,which later became a trend in the market.Mercedes has always been a trendsetter in many ways. ,MULTIBEAM LED headlamps in the new E-Class. •Mercedes was the first to develop in collaboration with ,BOSCH ,and use the most used breaking system in today’s automotive world, which is ,The ANTILOCK Braking SYSTEM ( ABS ) in 1978. •1954 SL Gullwing was the first car in the world to feature a four stroke petrol engine with direct fuel injection. •It is said that a Mercedes car is welded at nearly 10,000 places because of which the nuts and bolts don't get loose. What this gives is a car that never rattles, despite its age or how it has been driven. •Many other safety features like airbags and Electronic stability programme too were seen first on Mercedes cars. •,Mercedes-Benz has always been an originator. When they started producing the Mercedes-Benz 260 D from 1936 to 1940, it was one of the first cars to use a diesel engine. This means that an internal combustion engine ignites its fuel via the compression of nothing but air. The ,G-Wagon, from Mercedes is a ,Hummer, Killer in each and every sense. It carries forward the essence of a full streched SUV, ,more than enough ride height, perfect luxurious interiors, trued and tested in extreme conditions for ,hill hold and hill climb assist,. when it comes to interiors and features, Mercedes has Tech packed it’s models with almost more than every thing you’ll ever require. Those iconic ,A.C Vents ,say a lot in their own, Two large LED displays, ,The trackpad, the audio system, The ambient lighting,, it’s just the place you would want to be in. When it comes to power the ,AMG ,series of engines roar like a lion.Ample amount of torque and horsepowers to go ,0–100Kmph in 3.5–5 seconds ( depending on the model) Now when it comes to luxury, there’s the ,S-Class (The epitome of luxury and comfort),, and if by god’s grace you’ve got ,The MAYBACH, then i think a ,5 star suite ,should be compared to it. From foot massager to 2 stage audio control and everything is fitted with elegance and grace that brings practicality and purpose in the same bucket.,Thats all for the Mercedes which is a clear winner here. Following, I’ve discussed about how BMW can be your second choice. Ever since it’s evolution, The ,BAVARIAN MOTOR WORKS or Bayerische Motoren Werke, ,( BMW ) ,has been one of the most demanded and most drived cars,. Whether be it’s intuitive features or being it’s Iconic ,Headlamps, ,or ,M-series engines,, it has always been a treat for the eyes, Riders, and for the viewers as well.BMW is more of a practical car manufacturer which according to me focuses more on efficiency, effectiveness and ride quality. They’re not prominently in the Luxury game , but yes they definitely are the top most rivals in the ,Performance game., I grew up playing the ,EA - NEED FOR SPEED MOST -WANTED,, which was one of the most demanded and most played game at some point of time, and if you’ve played this game ever, you can remember, the whole story starts off because youR ,BMW-M3 ,gets taken away by crook. The whole story revolved around you defeating all the rivals (10 of them) and getting back your car ( ,THE BMW M3 ). Bmw has always been a master in ,Hybrid drives ( electric + petrol ) The BMW I8 ,is one of the most loved car of all times. You can see here, it gives a ,cockpit ,like experience when you look at this masterpiece’s interiors! The Bmw I8 was so popular that celebrities ,like Sachin Tendulkar, Justin Beiber , Pierce brosnan ,and many other celebs like them own this jewel in their garage fleet. Bmw has a foot in the luxury world too by its ,7-series ,variant, and undoubtedly it is full of features and a really really safe car, it has all the luxury amenities but when you’ll compare to it’s rival that is the ,S-class,, I don’t think it has got a chance against it, it can give the S-class a tough fight but , Mercedes S-class will always be the clear winner. So I would like to conclude by saying that, there are 100’s of car manufacturers out there, BMW, MERCEDES, AUDI these are top of the line car manufacturers which are famous for their outstanding quality, features , luxury and yes ofcourse price. But in these top of the line car companies Mercedes is still and hopefully will remain at the pinnacle. Image source :- ,Google,, ,Pinterest Thanks Pranjal singh

Has BMW lost its way?

YES. It possibly lost its way by being brave enough to lead the way by unleashing new technologies to create better cars. 3 Series. E30 to E46 had heating/cooling engine issues. BMW replaced these with much better and more efficient engines in the E90 and F10. BMW were brave enough to continue the runflat tyre trend with the E90. It initially affected ride quality but instead of falling back, they made a class leading ride with the F10. Nothing Merc Benz could replicate with the new C-class. You need to opt for air suspension just to keep up with the excellence of an M-sport spec 3 series’ ride. 5 Series. The V10 M5 Introduced Heads-Up display and automatic seat side bolsters. A naturally aspirated fire breathing V10, a 1st seen on any sedan. 7 Series. Introduced touch command tablets for rear passengers. Introduced gesture control which was also filtered down to passengers. BIKES: The BMW S1000RR just broke the unofficial record for fasted bike with 242miles per hour. This is the bike that changed the game recently for supersport bikes. BMW i8 is the 1st hybrid sports car of its kind. Another new market. This is just to mention a few. There are other world 1st’s that BMW is responsible for.

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