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BMW Credit Malaysia Sdn.

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BMW Malaysia today unveiled the new BMW 330i M Sport, the latest addition to the premium automaker&rsquo

BMW looks to hydrogen power for carbon neutral manufacturing

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Getting a 2021 Toyota Vios? Here's the minimum salary required for a loan

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What are 50 random facts about yourself?

I am one of the weirdest mixes you’ll probably find. I’m part-Romanian, part-Russian, part-Sudanese. The story of how my family came to be is one of the most interesting ones I’ve ever heard… even if it’s ,my ,family :) I was in total able to speak 4 languages fluently,. I spoke Arabic as a child, and I used to speak Spanish, but they both have gotten so rusty to the point I can only understand a little bit of what’s spoken to me. I want to learn 5 languages,: Russian, Korean, Chinese, Afrikaans and a Nordic language,, but I can’t decide on either.. If I somehow happen to learn them and be fluent, I’ll die a happy man =) I learned English only by playing videogames,. No English lessons in schools or private lessons. Sure, it took me about 10 years to get where I am right now, with almost perfect grammar (at least compared to the past, thank God), but I pride myself in being able to say I did it all by myself ! I lifted a chainsaw to shoulder height when I was about two years old,. 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Countless artists such as Red Velvet, Heize and Dean seemed to do that in my opinion. Though of course, the ‘idols’ are also subject to abuse and being treated poorly. My favorite female music artist is Heize. ,Even outside of her acts and performances, she’s a sweet human being, and I honestly wish the best for her. My favorite male music artist is G-Dragon,. The man’s an inspiration in so many ways, and I’ve yet to hear a bad song put out by him. My favorite band is 5nizza,. I like their style. Something about them is so wholesome and uplifting. My favorite song is the USSR National Anthem. ,I think it is also the best song ever made by man., ,I also love most of the songs performed by the Red Army Choir. My favorite car is Chevrolet Camaro, ,(though I’ve never driven it before), I also like the BMW i8 (in terms of looks). I don’t understand why people purchase all those Bugatti’s, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s though. I think they’re kind of a waste of money. They just look good. My favorite gun is the Desert Eagle,. I wish I could shoot one (for recreational purposes). I also like the Armsel Striker (Protecta) shotgun I had a yellow belt in Karate,, but I stopped going to the lessons. I regret it to be honest. I wanna learn Karate again. I am a socialist,. I am also in great support of communism, and want to see it implemented in my lifetime if possible. But I think doing the right thing is not tied to an ideology. However, I have not ever seen an ideology pull out starving children out of starvation and illiterate peasants out of illiteracy and peasantry as I’ve seen socialism do. ,No doubt even Einstein spoke well of socialism. I am also a nationalist. And I stand indignant at the grave injustice going on around the world. I don’t care if a child is from Ghana or Mongolia, from Chile to Slovakia, I would as badly advocate that they be tended to. But I think we all have a duty locally to right the wrongs in our own Homelands. 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Developed by 4A Games, a company that was originally made up of developers who worked on STALKER and broke off, the game expands on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s book Metro 2033, and tackles issues such as making moral choices, nuclear war, and judging too quickly. The moral system of all three instalments so far (at the time of writing this answer) affects the ending of your game). I don’t want to end up alone. I may have autophobia/monophobia, (the fear of isolation). I can usually deal well with being alone/by myself, it is just that I so despise the ,feeling of being lonely,, and when it gets too intense, it really gets hard for me to cope. My father died when I was very young. I’m 196 centimeters tall. That’s 6′4 for those who hate cm/m. My favorite football team would be Borussia Dortmund,. ,I only like them because of their color lmao I don’t watch football except during World Cups,. When the World Cups happen, that’s when I become that stereotypical crazed footballer. 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What has been the most fascinating developments using 3D printing?

Here are some of the standout achievements and creations : 3D-printed steel bridge MX3D Unveiled at Dutch Design Week this year, MX3D’s ,printed pedestrian bridge, will be installed in Amsterdam next year. While the whole project took nearly four years to execute, the company ,told the website 3Ders, that the bridge’s production process can now be completed in six months. The 40-foot (12-meter) bridge was originally going to be built on site and printed right over the water, but logistical and environmental concerns halted this plan. Instead, ,robotic arms and welding machines, created it in one of the company’s workshops so it can be hoisted into place. 3D-printed homes ICON There were some impressive new experiments in using 3D printing for construction this year. A startup called ,Icon, claimed in March that it can make a 650-square-foot (60-square-meter) house this way ,in 12 to 24 hours., The first home made using Icon’s technology was unveiled at SXSW in Austin, Texas. In October the startup announced $9 million in funding to expand its printing projects. And coming up next year, Eindhoven University of Technology will be opening up the ,first of their five planned 3D-printed homes, to residents. People have been trying to make 3D-printed houses for a while—we reported on ,one back in 2012,. But engineers keep running into roadblocks, like equipment failures or issues about how long walls should dry. So take these promises with a grain of salt. Obstacles ,are starting to be overcome,, but plenty remain. BMW’s millionth component BMW While 3D printing is still seeking a larger foothold on the manufacturing floor, some higher-end car and aerospace companies have embraced it. BMW hit a major milestone this year: its ,one millionth component, created in series production since 2010 (specifically, a window guide rail for the BMW i8 Roadster, made on an HP 3D printer). The company has worked with the technology since 1990 for prototyping and development, but its use in production kicked into full gear over the last eight years. The company estimates it will complete over 200,000 3D-printed parts this year The Refabricator launch NASA A new 3D-printing system went to the International Space Station ,via rocket launch, in November, and this one had a special twist. Rather than requiring new material, ,the Refabricator, can turn old plastic items into filament, the plastic material it needs to create new parts. Most of the printer’s operations will be controlled from the ground for the test. The experiment will be able to test out a highly valuable use of printers for space travel. If astronauts are able to repurpose 3D-printing materials multiple times, it’ll help limit the amount of material they need in space, helping make longer stays more feasible. Self-tracking 3D-printed plastic objects MARK STONE | UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON Using 3D printing, University of Washington researchers ,created objects, such as pill bottles or prosthetics that can send information on how they are being used—without the need for batteries. Antennas embedded in the printed objects are activated when the object is moved in a specific way, such as when a pill bottle opens or closes. Changes in the way two antennas’ signals are transmitted creates a pattern that carries the relevant information. The researchers ,believe, their system could improve assistive technologies, making it possible to monitor exactly how people are using these devices. It wouldn’t even matter if they got wet or ran out of battery. The team’s next challenge will be to shrink its prototypes so they can be embedded in useful everyday objects.

What standard of living can you expect in Kuala Lumpur, if you’re making MYR 150K a month?

Depends on how you handle your money and your lifestyle. It can be either a LOT or VERY LITTLE. Let’s explore the details shall we? A LOT Your monthly expenses with everything included if you just have a modest lifestyle with not too picky food, rent and transportation is probably about RM2–3K. You can even stretch it too just RM1K if you are really frugal and stick to the bare essentials. Whatever you have as leftover you can probably invest into 10–20 properties depending on the property price. Just collect the rent from it. Booze all night every day if you’d like. Opening 2 bottles will probably set you back RM2–3K every night. Still more than enough. Drink your sorrows down! Eat luxury food every single meal at the high end restaurants and you will still be fine. Just lay off on the top range whiskies and wines but feel free to indulge every now and then. Buy practically 2–3 cars every month on a entry-level or mid-range model. Heck if you want just go on installments and get yourself whichever luxury marquee you need. Still well within range with the affordable financing packages everyday. Go entertain ladies every other day treating them to shopping sprees, they will likely treat you like a God, but beware the Hermes stores :P what kind of company you get yourself into is up to your decision :) VERY LITTLE Basically same thing as all of the above. But 10X everything. Luxury properties? Oh please a condo itself in prime areas of KL, that’ll set you back at least 10 million. Not even enough for a deposit, sorry ya gotta save up for at least a year. I have seen dinners worth RM20K on one meal. You can have your whisky and wines at more than RM10K per bottle. Sorry, you have just a pittance amount to get the BMW i8, maybe it will do as a deposit. Total of RM1.2 million please. Your monthly repayment on a 7 year loan will be RM16K (excluding maintenance) thank you very much. And yeah sorry, the entertaining ladies part apply here too. There are ladies which easily rack up a RM40K bill just in one LV store itself. So good luck with the Hermes stores. Oh did I mention that’s only what they buy at the store? You probably still have to entertain them equally well :P Why not just pay me 10% of the RM150K and I will give you a tour on both sides of the life here in KL :P

What are the pros/cons of the Tesla Model 3?

I have about two months of experience with mine. It’s stupendous. It’s made driving fun again after too many hour-long drives made it tiresome. I had 268,000 miles on my second Prius, and my daughter needed a car, and I wanted a Tesla. I got the extended range rear wheel. Zero mechanical issues, except the license screws are odd and they didn’t have extras at the service department. My wife broke the sun visor latch, and they did have that. I dislike the door handles. She got a BMW i8, which has a recess in the side of the door for the handle. It also has a wing door, which is not important. Tesla should emulate the cup door handles. No one can get into the car without two hands and I have a family member using a walker, which makes it extra hard. I wish that when my phone is a key, it detected me about six feet away from the car, because I have to walk past the charger, open the door, and then walk back to take the charger out. Putting the car in neutral for a car wash is tricky, and finding out how to turn off the automatic windshield wipers for a car wash is impossible if you didn’t know to look in advance. At least that’s easy enough once you find the on-screen control. The windows lower an inch when the doors are opened, and they don’t seem to be 100% about closing every time. This was a problem, again in a car wash. I wish the glove compartment opened without having to use the screen. That makes it hard to grab something when you are driving. These are pretty much all my real complaints. They are trivial. The HVAC is excellent compared to my 2008 Prius, although my 2002 Prius was better. The car cost almost twice as much as my two Priuses, but the payments are only 50% more due to lower interest rates. I bought my first Prius because it was so much more comfortable to get in and out of than cars I owned before. The Tesla is about as comfortable. If there is a way to save favorite radio stations I haven’t found it. The screen is pretty easy to use, but I only listen to about four stations. I’m having a real hard time keeping the windows clean. I think the problem is a tree I parked under a month or so ago, but I’m not sure. I can’t imagine it is specific to the car, but it is the thing which is bothering me the most about the car. Get your 220 circuit installed before you take delivery. The charger which comes with the car is plenty, you don’t need their special charging station, but you do need an adapter for the charger for 220, since they only provide it with the 100 adapter, and it took a couple of weeks for them to get the 220 adapter back in stock. I could have lived with 110 for a while, but not with a GFCI circuit. It kept blowing. I’ve been to fast chargers twice since my 220 was installed, both for long distance trips. Get your electricity service provider to give you 100% renewables if that’s an option in your state. Unless you have solar already, that’s the best option to make your car completely clean.

What percentage of Tesla owners solely own the vehicle for its low environmental impact?

Well, I guess I fall in between the two answers below this (don’t know if Quora changes the order. I have been extremely irritated with automakers all my life because they don’t make the cars I want. I have a little money, care about the environment, but I also care about having a comfortable ride. When the Prius arrived on the scene Honda’s hybrid was already available, but it didn’t have power windows. That may not seem like a big deal to someone planning the vehicles of the future, but I had been driving Hondas for 30 years because they were the best combination of fuel efficiency and comfort I could find. Toyota took me to an entirely new level. I literally had two Hondas whose driver’s seats wore a hole because I couldn’t get in and out without bumping the edge of the seat. All Toyotas have about four inches more headroom than most other cars of similar size. If you are over 5′6″ this may be important for comfort. I knew I was going to buy an EV, but I didn’t know when. My wife’s dealer-friend wanted me to test-drive the BMW I8 (it was slightly used and deeply discounted in price). I literally could not get into the car when the seats were in her position, and when I put them all the way back I had a really hard time getting in and out. I have back problems, and this was an immediate deal-killer, although the prospect of a 17 mile range on electric, compared to a 300 mile range on a larger car that cost less wasn’t thrilling me either. The BMW is a whole lot of fun to drive if you can fit in the car. My thing is that I won’t do things for energy purposes unless they are things that other people will think make sense. I have solar water heating, and a solar pool heater, but not solar panels. I live in Ohio, where the subsidy to rooftop solar was just terminated by the Republicans who are going to jail (if you read about the Speaker of the House, just remember, they ALL knew what was going on. Six months of hearings made sure of that). I’d like to have a powerwall, and it is about the same price as a propane backup generator, which is the other option (we live in the country, and have frequent outages, but none of them have ever been long enough to justify $4000 or more in “protection”. I contract with a different utility for 100% windpower, because it is 4.59 cents per KWh, and the cheapest I can get dirty power for is only about a penny less. So the Tesla was sort of a bunch of factors, including my daughter needing a car and my 275K miles on a 2008 Prius left a car that still needed some driving. Original battery, giving me a little confidence in battery technology didn’t hurt. I’m told I got the last 2019 model 3 with rear wheel drive and extended range available in the U.S., in June, 2019. It is a little more luxury than I would have had in my imaginary perfect car. Once I had the 240 V circuit installed in the garage (cutting a full charge from about 15 hours to about 5 hours) my range anxiety vanished. I had already made a 600 mile trip and was confident in the Tesla supercharger network (between Dayton and St. Louis). One other HUGE factor. The Tesla costs almost double what my last Prius (I had 2) did, but interest rates are so low that the payments are only about 50% more than the payments on my last Prius. I’m also getting older, and feel like I deserve a nice car. My license plate says “NO GHG”. (NO CO2 was already taken). Unfortunately, a lot of people read it as “NO CHG”. I’ll start telling them there is no charge for reading my license plate wrong. In my earlier years I would have looked carefully at the other models (there are two times as many full range EV’s today as there were a year ago in the U.S.). I’ll consider helping one of my kids buy a Bolt, and if that ever becomes an issue I’ll look at the full range, including used cars. BTW, I’m telling everyone that the Tesla Model 3 door handles really suck, because you can’t open them without the same hand being free (left side of car, left hand) which is exactly NOT how most people arrive at their car with a bag of groceries). I wish the company all the best, but they have to change that door handle. It is especially bad for handicapped people. But I didn’t figure that out until I’d owned the car for a while. There are a couple of other tweaks, but this is by far the nicest car I’ve ever owned, and the environmental aspects of it are wonderful. I’ve spent 35 years teaching people how to save money with efficiency technology, and now that utility scale wind and solar generation are cheaper than fossil or nuclear generation from existing plants, all we have to do is built the new clean energy.

Would it be correct to assume that most people who have bought an Electric Vehicle, stay loyal to it and won't go back to a regular fuel car? If so, what are the strongest factors for such loyalty?

I didn’t realize how much I disliked gas stations until I stopped having to go to them, except for toilet and food on long trips. My Model 3 Tesla is only three months old, and I have zero problems that are due to mechanical malfunction. There are a couple of irritating things about the design - the door handles are stupid - they should do what the BMW i8 does - not with the wing doors, but with the cup in the side of the door to grab. I wish my phone was recognized at about six feet, so I didn’t have to open the door first, before I can take the charger cord out. But the car is incredibly fun to drive, as silent as it is possible to be (no whining of any sort), and most (not all) of the bells and whistles are thoughtful and effective. I’ve been to exactly one supercharger since I had 220 installed in my garage, and that was because the home I visited had a weak 110 circuit. It took me 25 minutes to get enough charge to drive about 180 miles. I’m going to do it again today because I have to drive a huge circle from where I live to Columbus, to Dayton, to Cincinnati and back home, but all that means is that I’m going to do some of the reading I need to do anyways at a different time of day than I would otherwise. The electricity in my home comes from a 100% wind provider, so I feel great about eliminating the last significant fossil fuel from my personal energy use. I still eat food cooked on the propane we use for the stove but I think I will be able to find renewable propane in a couple more years. And I’m keenly aware of all the stuff I use which is made and delivered with fossil fuels. We have a long way to go, but the path is wide open. It still seems new today, but I expect this will happen faster than most people are thinking because the cars are so much more attractive than I expected.

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