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You can now buy a BMW without visiting a showroom, just go to BMW Shop Online

Group Malaysia, which just launched its BMW Shop Online - a digital showroom to view and place a booking

The one problem with the G20 BMW 3 Series that BMW needs to fix

In terms of evolution of character, the G20 BMW 3 Series is closer to the more driver-focused E90 3 Series

F30 BMW 3 Series: Still the best 3, tips to buy good used ones for RM 100k

Without skipping a beat, he candidly answered the F30 BMW 3 Series.

iPhone may finally be able to unlock BMW via Apple CarKey

A problem we have with the G20 BMW 3 Series is that the Digital Key feature is only available for Android

G28 2021 BMW 3 Series (G20 long wheelbase) set to be launched in India, 330Li and 320Ld variants

China-market BMW 325Li picturedBMW India has opened bookings for the upcoming long wheelbase (LWB) BMW

BMW looks to hydrogen power for carbon neutral manufacturing

Hydrogen-powered BMW NEXT Concept picturedThe journey towards sustainability has never been easy.

BMW Credit Malaysia offers up to 3 months moratorium via application

A little over a week ago, BMW Credit Malaysia announced that customized solutions will be offered to

Top-3 most powerful cars with a 3-cylinder engine

Previously, we’ve explained why manufacturers continue the use of 3-cylinder engines.

Why do concept cars look so much better than normal cars?

They are anything but practical.BMW i8 concept (top) and production (bottom)Design ideas like the translucent

Former BMW designer Jochen Paesen joins Kia to lead interior design

It looks like Kia has been busy recruiting some of the best talents from BMW.

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The carbon-fibre dream dies with the BMW i8

In 2011, BMW unveiled the i8 and i3 concepts, two cars that didn’t have faux-carbon fibre stickers

Elon Musk calls hydrogen cars “mind-boggingly stupid”, but BMW still believes in them

pressurise it, or both.BMW seems to have to closed the chapter on burning hydrogen in the engine.BMW i8

BMW sends off the last BMW i8 in an exclusive Portimao Blue

BMW announced last year they will be discontinuing their hybrid supercar, the BMW i8.

The 2021 G28 BMW 3 Series (G20 long wheel base) will be coming to Malaysia, here’s why

China-market model picturedRecently, we reported that the 2021 G28 BMW 3 Series (G20 long wheelbase)

W206 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is bigger than G20 BMW 3 Series; cast your votes

3 Series.

Are 3-cylinder engines as good as 4-cylinder engines?

Even premium brands like BMW and Volvo are employing 3-cylinder engines in their cars. Why is that?

Spied: 2021 G28 BMW 3 Series (G20 long wheelbase) caught in Malaysia, 330Li coming soon?

Merely days after Wapcar.my reported that the 2021 G28 BMW 3 Series (essentially a G20 long wheelbase

Just a longer 3 Series: 2021 BMW 330 Li (G28) previewed in Malaysia, est. price from RM 300k

After India and most recently Thailand, it is now Malaysias turn to launch the 2021 BMW 330 Li (G28),

BMW introduces mild-hybrid 48V technology to 3 Series, X3, and X4

BMW first implemented the mild-hybrid technology in the 5 Series last year and is expected to be seen

Evolution of the BMW 3 series in 7 generations – still the ultimate sedan?

If there is one BMW model that well-represents the brand, it has to be the BMW 3 series.

In Brief: G20 BMW 3 Series – For the driving enthusiasts

(G20 BMW 3 Series Prices & Specs | Gallery)The BMW 3 Series has been the enthusiasts’ choice

BMW commemorates the discontinuation of the BMW i8 with 18 custom-built units

As you know, BMW has officially discontinued the BMW i8.

Who Can Duck Out From The BMW’s Axing?

Same applies to BMW, and it’s curious to see how BMW would tide over these rainy days.Besides taking

2020 (F98) BMW X4 M Competition launched in Malaysia, 510 PS/600 Nm, from RM 904k

BMW Malaysia has launched the 2020 BMW X4 M Competition, priced at RM 904,276 (OTR without insurance,

Used vs New: Should you be brave to buy a used BMW 3 Series over a new Honda City?

Maybe you’d start asking around for opinions and someone questions, “Why not a used BMW 3

In Brief: G20 BMW 3 Series – How to differentiate the 320i from the 330i?

In BMW Malaysia’s current line-up, the company offers two variants of the G20 3 Series –

G30 2021 BMW 530i M Sport - What's so special about Laserlight?

Back in 2014, the BMW Laserlight made its premiere in the BMW i8 and has now made its way into several

Have you ever wondered how the BMW 3 Series came to be? What was the car that came before the model?

The BMW 3 Series is a well-loved model.

India launches long wheelbase BMW 3 Series, Malaysia next

BMW India launched the long wheelbase (LWB) 2021 BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine (codenamed G28) today.

In Brief: All-new CKD G20 BMW 3 Series 2019, when driving matters most

just introduced the locally-assembled version of the G20 BMW 330i M Sport.How Much Is BMW 3 Series 2019

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BMW i8.Motor Delantero Eléctrico + Trasero de 3 cilindros = 362cv#BMW #i8 #BornElectric #TheFutureIsElectric

BMW i8, 3 cilindros un 1.5 de motor y 356CV, de 0 a 100Km/h en 4,8 segundos y un precio de 129.900€

El BMW i8 demuestra que eléctricos y conducción deportiva no son antónimos. La potencia de su sistema híbrido, compuesto del turbo de 3 cilindros y el motor eléctrico, alcanza 362 CV. El motor de combustión acciona el tren trasero y el eléctrico, el delantero. #MotoresBMW

Así suena el motor de 3 cilindros del BMW i8

Queremos acabar la serie de los 12 mejores motores #BMW de la historia con el sistema híbrido de 3 cilindros y eléctrico del BMW i8 (I12) (2014). #MotoresBMW

Así es el nuevo Karma Revero GT 2020, híbrido que ahora monta el mismo motor del BMW i8, un 3 cilindros Twin-Turbo que con ayuda de motores eléctricos genera 528 HP, ofreciendo 128 kilómetros de autonomía en modo 100% Eléctrico.¿Te gusta?#ADR #Autos #Mexico #Karma #Revero #GT

El #BMW i8 no es un concept, ya es de serie: tiene un motor 1.5 de 3 cilindros de 231 cv + motor eléctrico de 131 cv.

2014' BMW i8Origin (Origem) : Germany (Alemanha)Engine with (Motor com) : 3 Cylinder (Cilindros) - 1499cc -... http://fb.me/tgOT00aO

#BMW i8 Roadster: tecnología BMW eDrive con motor eléctrico síncrono híbrido, potencia: 143 CV; par máximo: 250 Nm. Motor de gasolina de 3 cilindros BMW TwinPower Turbo, 1.499 cc, potencia: 170 kW (231 CV); par máximo: 320 Nm. Más info: http://ow.ly/6Orz30gUHjr

LOS 10 SUPER MEGA AUTOS DEL AÑO...:)2. BMW i8Precio: $164,000/€120,000Motor: 1499 cc, 3 cilindros, más un... http://fb.me/1SQaNVMEl

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