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Oh no, driving this BMW i8 in Forza Horizon 4 is kind of making me want one.Thankfully, they are not the most expensive sports car in the UK thanks to government incentives for hybrids while it was in production and how generally under-loved it is with meh stock settings.

Only bubble tea shop owners roll into their shop in exotic cars. It's actually really crazy how much they make off employee labour.So far I've seen BMW i8, a lotus, a Bentley and an older Ferrari. Huge money on expensive toys by the non-operator owners

Your local bubble tea worker or ice cream roller or drink mixer is very likely underpaid and not making a living wage. If they’re your friends, ask them about it. And in the mean time, while there’s no union, always tip them well.

How is the new BMW i8 more expensive than the R8?

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Why aren't there more Hybrid Electric Vehicles in India ?

If I look around and see, what are the Hybrid options available in India? Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, BMW i8. How many do you actually see on road when you drive down to your office? Hardly any. So the simple answer to your question is, India as a market is still not mature enough for Hybrids yet. The ones which are launched earlier or available right now, have never set the sales charts on fire. There are two major factors which prevents Automobile Manufacturers to offer Hybrids and Evs in India. Government Policies about hybrids and EVs. Infrastructural Support. India won’t have a mainstream hybrid product till the time there is no government intervention. Why government intervention is required? Because, the technology is complex, as a result expensive. So for the initial incubation, government has to subsidize the tax structure for hybrids and EVs. This is not only related to India but has happened across the globe. Every country which promotes the hybrids has a subsidized policy. We have a FAME policy to name one, but does not a have big impact. I have another analogy to explain this concept.We all are aware how expensive LED bulbs were sometime back. It was out of the reach of urban India. Then the govt. launched National Ujala scheme, and the prices were slashed down, and now everyone is able to afford to LED bulbs. What government earned out of it is Energy saving in consumption. This saved energy is open for other usage, which generates additional revenue. So till the time government does not have a subsidized policy for hybrids, its really very challenging for any automobile manufacturer to offer hybrids or EVs in India. Also, the necessary infrastructural support is lacking in country like India. Once these factors are controlled, preferences and proving Hybrids beneficial over the routine cars would become easier. So to keep the efficiency-cost calculations in control and make hybrids as lucrative as the other options, its important to have a favorable legislation.

Why are more cars not made with gull wing doors considering how practical they are?

Because gull-wing doors are ,not,, in any way, practical. Okay, okay… with the proper pivot point, gullwing doors are much easier to open in a tight parking space. Which is more a matter of ,convenience ,than practicality. But they’re quite a bit more complicated when it comes to indoor parking garages. The Short, Chaotic History of the DeLorean The Delorean DMC-12, for example, has doors that open up to six feet and five inches (1.961 meters) in height. Which is necessary because people, y’know, need to get in without banging their heads on the doors. Any less would be a danger. And the raised doors require pull handles to close, whereas your typical standard swing-door can be closed with a regular handle by a seat-belted driver or passenger. It gets even worse with SUVs: The Tesla Model X “Falcon Doors” manage to minimize the height gain for the tall SUV in terms of door clearance, but requires fancy software and sensors to keep from banging on parking lot ceilings, and a double pivot to ensure clearance when opening. Which adds complication to a heavy assembly that requires electric motors to open. Creating more failure points that can trap passengers in an accident that compromises the vehicle’s power supply. Speaking of trapping, what happens when the vehicle flips over? While a rollover can trap occupants behind swing doors, it’s not likely both sides will be wedged shut in a rollover, not without major roof deformation - and those doors will typically pop open, anyway, when that happens. For cars with gullwing doors, you won’t be able to open them at all if the car is on its roof, so you need to add explosive bolts to pop them off: VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG crash-test video shows off exploding door hinges There’s a similar issue with scissor-doors… BMW i8 Flips During Test Drive Crash in Mexico, Doors Open Tightly Adding explosive bolts and emergency door removal systems adds more complexity and cost to an already heavy, expensive, assembly, one which will also wear out pneumatic struts and motors much faster than automatic tailgates, because you open them much more often. Gullwing doors also require you to redesign the roof for extra strength to meet rollover regulations. Whereas you can avoid all these issues by simply using ,practical,… regular… doors. 'Seat Belts Save Lives': Police Respond To Rollover Crash In Lincoln

Which brand of car is better, Mercedes or BMW?

If it were the good old days, there would have been a definite answer, but things have changed now. Both of these automakers are at the top of their game,. Both of these brands offer tech that's yet to be seen in other manufacturer’s vehicles (with the exception of Audi, which stands in the competition). So instead of trying to state which is better, ,I'll, ,illuminate the unique features of both the brands along with their design ethos. BMW This ,Bavarian car maker, started out to make the best driver's cars. Their tagline states “,The ultimate driving machine,” to this day and with good reason. The ,Brand's emphasis has always been on the driving experience,. The fine tuning of the chassis, the supple yet sporty suspension setups along with aggressive looking body work are all a typical BMW affair Th,at's, the 2016 BMW 320d. A classic example of typical BMW design. The ,interiors are premium, but are just not at the level of Mercedes Benz,. This is more evident when you look at the 3-series (F30) and the C-Class (w205). The interiors of the 2017 BMW 7-series “Individual”. This competes with the Mercedes Maybach s600. You think this is nice ? Check out it’s competition. The interiors of a Mercedes Maybach s600 sedan. The ,design is much sportier, to accentuate the appeal of a driver's car. A regular BMW 320d with the “M”-sport package. The lines are sharp with the design more angular than Mercedes Benz. Recently, BMW took shine to the new “,Layered design,” philosophy that received mixed reactions. BMW’s “,M,” division made some of the best driver's cars in the past, however, ,that's not the case anymore,. With the exception of the M2,, the cars have grown heavier with the downsizing of the engines and the addition of a turbocharger that resulted in more lag than top end performance. BMW has an independent electric hybrid model range,. The i3 and the more expensive i8. These eHybrids come with futuristic design language and give good fuel consumption efficiency. BMW also worked on ,battery powered keys,. This is first seen on the ,BMW i8,, and then trickled down to the ,new 7-series,. I agree, for an enthusiast, this is nothing but a gimmick, but the regular consumer base shows great response to stuff like that. Mercedes Benz This brand was the one ,responsible for the invention of a motor powered car,. (Ford Model T was the first mass produced vehicle). These manufactures have so many industry firsts under their belt. MB’s tagline “,the best or nothing,” should give an insight on how this car maker operates. The ,body and the chassis along with the suspension is setup for ride quality & comfort rather than outright driving dynamics,. The ,body work, is much more refined and stately, with ,soft swathing lines all over. The Mercedes Benz C -class (w205) Mercedes Benz takes the cake where the interiors are concerned,. BMW vs Mercedes Benz, typical cabins. Best in class finishes without skimping on premium materials (like metal, wood and leather). ,The attention to detail is much better than a BMW,. This interior ,invokes a sense of occasion every time you step in,. Sadly, the same can't be said for BMW. The design R&D at Mercedes Benz took to a new form, with those ,Coupè-ish lines and less angular bits to accentuate the length and width of the car,. The 2017 Mercedes Benz C-Class, E - Class and the S - Class. Good luck figuring out which is which. This swelte frame design was well received, albeit ,making the model differentiation that much difficult for the masses. Mercedes’s “,AMG,” division ,never set out to make the best driver's cars. They just wanted to make their standard models more exciting to drive and to look at,. I'd say that ,the in-house tuning firm accomplished just that,. I mean, you don't need a 612ps V8 Luxury sedan (,2017 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG s,), but you would want one, wouldn't you ? Mercedes Benz ,does not have a standalone hybrid range,, but offers an option of Hybrid powerplants in some countries with their higher end sedans (the C200, E320 and the S320 BlueEFFICIENCY models). They also ,made the completely electric SLS AMG, ,E-cell ,that runs on four individual electric motors (one per wheel) alone, Mercedes Benz ,pioneered safety features like SONAR, nightvision using IR, Pre-SAFE assist, active brake assist, lane monitoring, radar assisted cruise control, and many more. BMW,,, in all its glory, doesn't come with this kind of tech. To conclude, Mercedes Benz is a better owner's car while BMW is a better driver's car. The difference of how much better the BMW is to drive over Mercedes Benz is negligible, ,in current times but the tech Mercedes Benz packs in, by any means, is not“negligible”. Which is better ? You be the judge.

What standard of living can you expect in Kuala Lumpur, if you’re making MYR 150K a month?

Depends on how you handle your money and your lifestyle. It can be either a LOT or VERY LITTLE. Let’s explore the details shall we? A LOT Your monthly expenses with everything included if you just have a modest lifestyle with not too picky food, rent and transportation is probably about RM2–3K. You can even stretch it too just RM1K if you are really frugal and stick to the bare essentials. Whatever you have as leftover you can probably invest into 10–20 properties depending on the property price. Just collect the rent from it. Booze all night every day if you’d like. Opening 2 bottles will probably set you back RM2–3K every night. Still more than enough. Drink your sorrows down! Eat luxury food every single meal at the high end restaurants and you will still be fine. Just lay off on the top range whiskies and wines but feel free to indulge every now and then. Buy practically 2–3 cars every month on a entry-level or mid-range model. Heck if you want just go on installments and get yourself whichever luxury marquee you need. Still well within range with the affordable financing packages everyday. Go entertain ladies every other day treating them to shopping sprees, they will likely treat you like a God, but beware the Hermes stores :P what kind of company you get yourself into is up to your decision :) VERY LITTLE Basically same thing as all of the above. But 10X everything. Luxury properties? Oh please a condo itself in prime areas of KL, that’ll set you back at least 10 million. Not even enough for a deposit, sorry ya gotta save up for at least a year. I have seen dinners worth RM20K on one meal. You can have your whisky and wines at more than RM10K per bottle. Sorry, you have just a pittance amount to get the BMW i8, maybe it will do as a deposit. Total of RM1.2 million please. Your monthly repayment on a 7 year loan will be RM16K (excluding maintenance) thank you very much. And yeah sorry, the entertaining ladies part apply here too. There are ladies which easily rack up a RM40K bill just in one LV store itself. So good luck with the Hermes stores. Oh did I mention that’s only what they buy at the store? You probably still have to entertain them equally well :P Why not just pay me 10% of the RM150K and I will give you a tour on both sides of the life here in KL :P

What are the most important innovations that Tesla brought to cars besides having them run on a battery instead of gasoline?

The battery itself. See: ,Jason M. Lemkin's answer to What are some of Tesla Motors' major innovations?, No one else thought this was possible,, ,or even tried,. The $125,000 BMW i8 coming out next year? 7 kWh. Seven. The incredibly innovative Volt? A 16 kWh compromise because batteries are too expensive. The upcoming $60,000 Cadillac ELR? That same 16 kWH battery pack. Leaf? 500e? BMW i3? Fisker? Fit EV? Focus EV? They are all in the 20-25 kWh range. The "glass cockpit." The giant touchscreen console and the all-digital screen dashboard, complete with REGULAR FREE SOFTWARE UPDATES that ADD FUNCTIONALITY. Try doing that with a traditional auto manufacturer, who charge usurious fees for terrible updates. The fix is always "buy a new car." The elimination of model years. Instead, they just do constant revisions and improvements as they go along. This is pretty awesome, since it gets improvements to market faster. The supercharger ecosystem. Having fueling infrastructure built into the cost of the cars (or sold as a subscription), as opposed to a nickel-and-diming add on like OnStar. The ecosystem is not a bolt-on, but a critical part of the purchase experience. It will be interesting to see how the Model III deals with that. The elimination of the auto dealership. This one gives me sheer joy. I hate auto dealerships profoundly. I would rather get a root canal than buy a car from a dealer. I love the ability to buy direct from the manufacturer without a sleazy, money-grubbing intermediary adding mark-ups without adding value, wasting hours of my time on paperwork and saying "no" to all of their stupid offers.

Why do Ford Mustang cars always run into the crowd?

This is a joke that started a while back with a compilation video of Mustangs spinning out while leaving car meets. It happens with other cars too, but Mustangs tend to get a bad rep for it for a number of reasons. One is the meme, but another is that they’re a very popular but not very expensive performance car, which means a lot of Mustang owners aren’t very experienced and don’t know how to handle the car very well. Any fast rear-wheel-drive car will oversteer (lose traction in the rear and rotate too far into the turn) if you give it too much gas suddenly while turning, but a properly trained driver will be able to steer into the slide and recover. Many drivers of cheap fast cars, including Mustangs, don’t have the training or experience to do this properly. As a result, what they imagine in their heads as a spectacular powerslide ends up with the car spinning out of control and hitting a crowd, another car or a tree. This is what they’re hoping for: (I couldn’t find a good powerslide gif of a Mustang, so please enjoy this BMW i8.) This is what ends up happening: . Moral of the story: know your limits, pay attention to your surroundings, don’t try to show off if you don’t know what you’re doing, and when leaving car shows, just drive out of the parking lot like a normal person instead of doing something idiotic.

How fast of a car is the BMW I8? Is it worth buying one if I'm capable of buying Lamborghinis and Ferraris?

I looked at some of the other answers, and some do not know what they are talking about. I own a BMW i8, but have driven a decent amount of exotics/supercars, and I an unequivocally say that if you can afford a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, then buy those. Of course I don’t mean the shitty Lamborghinis or shitty Ferraris. You can buy a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari F360 for less than a used BMW i8. I am talking about Huracan, Aventador, 488, 570s level. If you can afford any of the cars listed here, then go for those, and not the i8. If you can’t, then the i8 is a great bang for your buck car which looks like a million bucks, but certainly doesn’t drive like one. The BMW i8 is a super nice car with great exterior looks and is at the edge of what I would consider daily drivable. It has back seats which come in super-handy much more than you’d think. However, if you’re looking at buying these cars, then you’re probably not looking for “daily drivability”. To answer your question in segments. The i8 has a 0–60 time of 4.2 seconds, and electronically limited top speed of 155mph. Now, if we compare against the McLaren 570s (which I most recently drove) has a 0–60 time of 3.2 seconds, and a top speed of 204mph. Just by the numbers, the i8 cannot compete. However, the driving experience is just something else entirely. The i8 has a 3 cylinder engine which pipes sound from the exhaust into the cabin to make it sound louder, but on the 570s you get the real thing. The seats and steering wheel have alcantara lining and carbon fiber is everywhere in the 570s. Turning the steering wheel is like an arm workout, the seats are hard, and the suspension is stiff. But that is what you want in a car that expensive. With the McLaren, at the touch of the accelerator, you’re going well past 100 in a 55. So if you’re looking for the cheapest car with butterfly doors or if you’re particularly keen on having an exotic car which is also a hybrid, then I would recommend the i8, but if you can afford better, definitely buy better.

What are some of Tesla Motors' major innovations?

Balaji Viswanathan (பாலாஜி விஸ்வநாதன்),'s list is a great one and I agree those are the 5 key innovations. But I think from a True Disruption perspective, it boils down to just one thing: , Tesla figured out how to bring an 85kWh battery pack to market at an affordable price point ,(for the volume luxury market at least). No one else thought this was possible,, ,or even tried,. The $125,000 BMW i8 coming out next year? 7 kWh. Seven. The incredibly innovative Volt? A 16 kWh compromise because batteries are too expensive. The upcoming $60,000 Cadillac ELR? That same 16 kWH battery pack. Leaf? 500e? BMW i3? Fisker? Fit EV? Focus EV? They are all in the 20-25 kWh range. From this, comes the range and performance necessary to truly replace a conventional ICE vehicle. Audi cancelled its eTron and Mercedes barely launched its electric SLS because they couldn't get the battery pack math to work. Telsa got an 85 kWH pack to market at a price point the luxury market was a-OK with. I'm simplifying all the other work that goes along with this. But that's the true disruption. In fact, Tesla never even needed to launch its 40 kWh pack -- b/c that's not where the innovation was. Everything else falls into place from there ...

Why do people buy a BMW i8 instead of other supercars?

I can’t speak for others, but I can share my experience. I’ve owned two Lamborghinis, both bought new; an LP640 Roadster and an LP670–4SV. I had fun, but they were both problematic cars and after a while, I just wasn’t driving them. I didn’t have them at the same time, except for about a day. I had a chance to sell my LP670–4SV for close to what I paid, so I got rid of it and didn’t have any other exotics for a while. It was a rare car in a rare color. Exotics have one big disadvantage and that’s driving them any distances. You pay through the nose to drive an exotic as a daily driver. You’re competing for resale against garage queens and the depreciation for high mile cars is huge. It’s more than twice what it costs to fly a BBJ the same distance. I’m not exaggerating that number. Most exotics are driven on weekends only and even then, just short distances. To make my point, take a look at the allowable miles on a lease on any exotic dealer site. Notice that the allowances is around 2,500 miles a year? That’s only about 200 miles a month! Add the lease inception, the payments, the mileage penalty and you soon see what it really costs to drive an exotic. Don’t forget to add service, including the low mile warranty. Then divide all that expense by the miles and you see a big number per mile. The BMW i8 is purchased by buyers who mostly use the cars as daily drivers. The fleet miles are much higher and the leases are written accordingly. Take a look at their residual value with 36k miles and three years. This tells you that the i8 is being driven and used. Compare the two and you see the i8 costs a fraction on a per-mile basis. When I had my LP640, my first Lamborghini, I kept wondering why people would flatbed their cars everywhere. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it was cheaper to move it that way. There are a few things to also consider. Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, and other true exotics are not suitable for ownership outside of large metropolitan areas. There is nothing practical about buying a Lamborghini in Montana or Spokane and trucking it to Seattle for service. This is the reality of true exotic ownership. Not so with the i8. You can get it serviced at any BMW dealer. I know this is a big deal when the LFA was heat mapped some years ago and it was observed that it was the exotic of choice for those living outside of major metropolitan areas. It made sense. I have just as much fun driving my i8 as I did my Lamborghinis. There are some advantages to the i8 that surpass the usability of other more exotic exotics. For one, there is far less fatigue on a long drive. I can drive the i8 from Seattle to Portland and not be dying to get out of the car. It’s highly functional and extremely comfortable and I just enjoy the car in all respects. I’m not out to turn heads so I don’t pay attention to which gets more. I don’t notice a difference. I can say more people ask about the i8 and how it works. I get more technical questions. Otherwise, I don’t notice any difference.

Why don't electric cars include a gasoline or diesel electricity generator in case of emergency lack of power?

That, my friend, is called a hybrid car. Specifically what you’re saying could variously be described as: A series hybrid: indicating that the engine provides electrical power rather than mechanical traction A range-extender hybrid, indicating the engine exists to supplement a primary electrical drivetrain A plug-in hybrid, indicating the electrical system has its own plug-in functionality to allow the user to directly recharge the batteries from a power outlet. The BMW i3 is the best example of a car that’s primarily an electric vehicle, but comes with a Range Extender option. Here’s a BMW i3 in Quora colors. (Source: BMW via ,New BMW i3 2018 - Price, specs, range, release date and new i3s hot hatchback REVEALED ,) When you peek under the hood, as illustrated by this render, you’ll see that the car is powered by a motor (in gold) mounted across the axle… …but when you buy the i3 with the range-extender option, an engine (teal cut-away) plus generator (known as a gen-set) and fuel tank drops into the empty space to provide additional electrical power that can be used to charge the battery pack and/or power the motor. (source: ,BMW Group and Samsung SDI expand partnership on batteries,) This kind of hybrid vehicle is most accurately known as a “series-hybrid”, while the term “range-extender” describes specifically the extra gen-set that you drop into an electric vehicle to turn it into a series-hybrid. The car industry has thoroughly explored the idea of hybrids over the past few years, and today, production hybrid vehicles tend to be the parallel hybrid system rather than series-hybrid. Parallel-hybrids mixes electrical and combustion engine power through a gearbox/transmission. This kind of design has a few advantages over a series-hybrid, primarily the electrical system does not have to be sized to provide the full mechanical power output of the vehicle, since mechanical power output is also supplied by the combustion engine, sharing the load; this allows the electrical system to be smaller, or conversely, the car to have a much better acceleration than it would have otherwise had it the same set of components in series-hybrid configuration. The only downside is the need for that mechanical transmission, which despite the additional complexity, is a piece of mature technology that all car manufacturers already have a great deal of expertise in. So series-hybrid/range-extenders tend to exist in an awkward middle-ground of low to medium-performance cars whose fuel efficiency in hybrid mode is not significantly higher than parallel hybrids; and yet they don’t have the simplicity advantage of an all-electric since they still need to deal with all the additional engine-related paraphernalia and safety systems. You could perhaps look at it this way: Parallel hybrids: “let’s improve the efficiency of the combustion engine using an electrical subsystem” All-electrics: “let’s avoid reliance on gasoline altogether, help create the market for charging infrastructure needed for widespread adoption of all-electrics” Series hybrids: “I want to go all-electric, but can’t because of lack of charge stations, so I’m going to start off with an all-electric car, and then bolt-on all this extra stuff to shoe-horn what might in the future be a viable all-electric car into the gasoline world” The range-extender hybrid is, in a way , a present-day anachronism; more than anything, it’s a product of uncertainty about the state of charging infrastructure in the future. While there are people for whom this kind of arrangement makes sense (and it's certainly possible to build high-performance series-hybrid/range-extenders, it's just much more expensive), the majority of the “green car” industry is dominated by parallel-hybrids that are suitable for everyone as a drop-in replacement for regular combustion engine vehicles; and on the other side of the fence: all-electric cars that work for people who want to be green and have access to charging infrastructure. We all know that Tesla has significant mind-share when it comes to all-electrics, but it’s worth noting Toyota’s dominance in the parallel hybrid market with the Prius. The fact that the Prius is an entirely mundane car by today’s standards goes a long way to showing how mature this technology has become, and how well of a job Toyota have done in making this new kind of vehicle seem every-day. That’s a sign of great engineering: it’s invisible. Other hybrid vehicles worthy of note are the high-end BMW i8, which unlike it’s i3 sibling, is a parallel hybrid. It’s a high-performance vehicle that happens to be a hybrid. Here’s an example of an i8 with a Quora paint-job: (Source: ,2017 BMW i8 Reviews and Rating | Motor Trend,) This is the McLaren P1 (again, in Quora livery). It too is a hybrid: (source: ,RM Sotheby's - 2015 McLaren P1,) This is the new Koenigsegg Regera (again, the famous Quora color scheme seems very popular with supercars). Also a hybrid (and using three YASA motors, which is a company that span out of the same University group that I worked in) (source: ,https://paultan.org/2017/08/22/koenigsegg-regera-aero-package-385-kg-downforce/,) So even supercars are going parallel hybrid these days to reap the benefits of the low-speed high-torque performance of electric motors; and the power-energy decoupling effect of hybridisation. While I was working at McLaren, there was a significant shift towards hybrid vehicles for future car models with several of the in-development cars (one of which eventually became the P1) being hybrids. You can expect to see hybrids continuing to gain popularity, particularly with proven performance, technology being established, and legislation pressuring reduction in emissions.

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    What is the Capacity (L) of BMW i8 Coupe?


    Here are the Capacity (L) and variants of BMW i8 Coupe:

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    Does BMW i8 Coupe has Multi-function Steering Wheel?

    Steve Lum

    Yes, BMW i8 Coupe has Multi-function Steering Wheel, which are: 2019 BMW i8 Coupe eDrive.

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    What is the Front/Rear Side Airbags of BMW i8 Coupe?


    Here are the Front/Rear Side Airbags and variants of BMW i8 Coupe:

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