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Owner Review: The Everyday Sports Car - Living With My Lotus Elise

Elise 1.8 S owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar.Facebook: Kelvin TeeThe Everyday Sports

Review: Porsche 718 Cayman GT4, a perfectly irrational middle finger to turbo+DCT sports cars

In my eyes, it had all the makings of a great driver’s car.

G30 2021 BMW 530i M Sport - What's so special about Laserlight?

Back in 2014, the BMW Laserlight made its premiere in the BMW i8 and has now made its way into several

Former BMW designer Jochen Paesen joins Kia to lead interior design

It looks like Kia has been busy recruiting some of the best talents from BMW.

A modern S2000, production Honda Sports EV could debut in 2022

According to a Japanese publication, the Honda Sports EV electric sports car could make its debut in

Take a look at our list of the cutest cars in the world!

Audi TTIf there ever is an affordable sports car that would appeal to women it is the Audi TT.

You can now buy a BMW without visiting a showroom, just go to BMW Shop Online

Car manufacturers are taking new measures to carry out new car sales by bringing their brand experience

Elon Musk calls hydrogen cars “mind-boggingly stupid”, but BMW still believes in them

The hydrogen cars were the BMW H2R and the BMW Hydrogen 7.BMW H2R (Hydrogen Record Car)Now, back in the

iPhone may finally be able to unlock BMW via Apple CarKey

A problem we have with the G20 BMW 3 Series is that the Digital Key feature is only available for Android

RHD available, MG Cyberster EV sports car to enter production!

Shanghai 2021 in April, MG Motor has confirmed that the striking MG Cyberster electric vehicle (EV) sports

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Want to e-race? Join Alex Yoong’s Axle Sports simulator race competition

After last year’s successful debut of eRacing GP’s online competitions, Axle Sports will

If BMW made an FWD sports sedan, it would be the Toyota Camry 2.5V

sedan.Looks the part as a sports sedan tooIsn’t the Toyota Camry an ‘uncle’s car&rsquo

2020 (F98) BMW X4 M Competition launched in Malaysia, 510 PS/600 Nm, from RM 904k

BMW Malaysia has launched the 2020 BMW X4 M Competition, priced at RM 904,276 (OTR without insurance,

If Rolls-Royce were to make a supercar, it’d probably look like this

You’d get arguments on what constitutes a sports car, supercar, or even a hypercar.

Evolution of the BMW 3 series in 7 generations – still the ultimate sedan?

Like many other long-running car models, the 3-series has evolved over the years, grown larger, and has

Scoop: Nissan plans flagship mid-engine sports car with 3.0L V6 for 2024

Youre looking at what Nissans flagship sports car would look like and not only does it look tantalising

BMW commemorates the discontinuation of the BMW i8 with 18 custom-built units

As you know, BMW has officially discontinued the BMW i8.

BMW looks to hydrogen power for carbon neutral manufacturing

Hydrogen-powered BMW NEXT Concept picturedThe journey towards sustainability has never been easy.

BMW Malaysia introduces CKD 2019 BMW X3 M Sport

It’s a very sporty month for BMW Malaysia as they launch yet another M Sport equipped car - the

Top-3 most powerful cars with a 3-cylinder engine

most powerful cars, which are either on sale or will be on the market, with a 3-cylinder engine.BMW i8

Are 3-cylinder engines as good as 4-cylinder engines?

cylinder engine at some point in our lives, particularly if you’re under 40 because the driving test car

Wapcar Morning Insiders (Sep. 19, 2019)

“National Car” to be defined in NAP 2019In view of the soon-to-be launched third national

BMW sends off the last BMW i8 in an exclusive Portimao Blue

BMW announced last year they will be discontinuing their hybrid supercar, the BMW i8.

Who Can Duck Out From The BMW’s Axing?

Bitter, but model cutting is an obligatory course for BMW to go through this gloomy course.Majority of

Owner Review: Luxury meets performance - Experiencing the BMW 740Le

Therefore, I start off by admitting that BMW is really a driver’s car; you really do get the sheer

The carbon-fibre dream dies with the BMW i8

In 2011, BMW unveiled the i8 and i3 concepts, two cars that didn’t have faux-carbon fibre stickers

Meet the kawaii Kei sports cars of the nineties

the Japanese people’s car and are strictly regulated, from the length of the car to the size of

Why do concept cars look so much better than normal cars?

As young car enthusiasts, we have all been excited by concept cars and their extreme aesthetics.

9 unlikely car collaborations – Toyota GR Supra, BMW M1, Galant AMG and more!

Developing a car from scratch can be very costly, even for a regular car.

SUVs aren't killing sports cars, enthusiasts are

Whatever the budget, there was a sports car for you.

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Today I got to experience the BMW i8, a plug-in hybrid sports car developed by BMW. The i8 is part of BMW's electric fleet #CleanEnergy #ZeroCarbonTransport @REEFSA_empowers @electric_south @FullyChargedDan @DoTransport @uYiloZA @juliewurtz @GalesheweSMME @zsaul1 @LekweneMaruping

Aggression comes in style in the most progressive sports car.#BMW #i8 #JO

Groundbreaking hybrid sports car BMW i8

Sports car. Redefined. The #BMW i8. Explore now: http://bit.ly/BMWi8_

The 600-hp @BMW i8 M could be the hybrid sports car we always wanted: http://crdrv.co/yj19wv3

BMW i8 - Hybrid sports car!!#mean #bmw #i8 #beemer #cars #birmingham #mercedes https://instagram.com/p/6fv7MSkcjd/

Bmw I8 Sports Car: Wallpaper HD Bmw I8 Sports Car in high quality for your desktop http://bit.ly/1U38yRv

talking about suju with their cars, this 2015 leeteuk casually walking towards his BMW i8 sports car is so sexc


@NayMaps well done guys job well done nice sports car BMW i8 ng'gcwele ngan baft #mxo #mastermind

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    What is the Timing Type of BMW i8 Coupe?


    Here are the Timing Type and variants of BMW i8 Coupe:

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    Is BMW i8 Coupe available in Auto Parking?


    No, BMW i8 Coupe isn't available in Auto Parking.

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    Is BMW i8 Coupe available in Sound Plus Functions?


    No, BMW i8 Coupe isn't available in Sound Plus Functions.

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