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Do you think any electric car companies will give Tesla any competition in the future?

You are asking a very broad question. And this is actually good, because the whole year 2018 there were questions “Is ,this, or ,that, a ,Tesla killer,”. We have advanced. So let’s return to your question. ,Any, electric car company in ,any, future? Yes. Sure. They may make ,some, competition. ,Tesla is currently having 80% of the US market, which is a lot. Their market share will eventually drop, but not by losing to competitors, but by simply having the market for EVs expanding on the cost of ICE cars. I don’t see any competitor coming from China. NIO has a long way to go to make consumer cars, BYD will get stuck in their battery exchange technology - which will put them a couple years behind since their batteries most likely don’t have a thermal management system - where Tesla excels. Toyota is stuck in it’s hybrid and hydrogen technology. Dead end. Probably they have a big R&D team, working on battery technology. Hyundai and Kia are actually quite good, closest competitors to Tesla, but they need to enhance their battery supply chain. And they are still one foot in the hybrid + hydrogen technology which is, as I said, a dead end. Nissan? Horrible story. They started with the Leaf in 2011, a car which was somehow OK for that year. But since then, they are dragging their feet. It seems like their design team starts to design a car which the customers would want ,today, instead what the customers would want in 3 years when the car will be on the production line. I would either drastically change their policy in R&D - or change the person who is responsible for it. Mercedes Benz? The EQC is a luxury show-car, not a competitor. BMW? The i3 is an expensive toy and the i8 is a compliance hybrid - joke. All design, nothing under the hood. And most certainly not an electric car. VW, on the other hand, is learning the hard lessons. You cannot convert a very good car (VW Golf) and make a good electric out of it. It charges very slow, it can overheat, the battery space is limited. It has to be a new platform. The Audi e-Tron has shown that making cost-effective EVs is a hard job. Porsche Taycan has yet to show what it will be capable to do, but it is a high-end car, competing with Model 3 Performance, Model S Performance and the new Roadster. The Taycan is the sports car version of the Tesla Model S 85D from 2012 (admitted, with a faster charging speed since it will work on 800V instead of 400V). You see how much Porsche lags behind. So my prediction? VW ,might, get in the race by 2025 and ,might, become a real competitor by the end of the next decade. It’s all whether they are really willing to produce EVs that will really replace their ICE cars (VW Golf, Passat, Audi-s, Porsche-s). We’ll see. But will any of these (VW, Hyundai/Kia, any other) actually ,threaten, Tesla? No way. They have slept too long.

Do you know about 3D printing?

I.3D Printing exist in daily Life Many people may think 3D printing is far away from our daily life, because they just hear or see the 3D model from internet or from news. However, that couldn’t be further from truth. The 3D printing technology can exit in our daily life. You may be bothered by the question that what kind of toys should you buy for your children? Even there are various toys on the market, you still want to create the unique one as a special gift to your treasures. While 3D printing can help you to realize your dream. By using 3D printing, you can design toys according to your own style, moreover, your children can participate in the design progress to create any kinds of toys.Just image that you and your children sit in a comfortable chair with the gentle sunshine on your face, you teach your children to exert their imagination to design their own toys. With 3D printer, you can enjoy more parent-child time. You are a travel enthusiast, you have been to many places and took many photos with your phone or digital camera.You like to print out these photos and put them in album and you want to show them in your home,but you don’t want to buy photo frame, then a 3D printer will be a great helper. It can produce various photo frames with fast speed at the low costs.You can also use it to make any objects which are unable to acquire in normal shops. There are only few example of 3D printer used in the home, there are still a large variety of functions used in your daily life.There will more and more uses with the continue progress of new technology. II. What’s 3D printing? If you search the term “3D printing ” through internet, you will find the definition as follows:The term “3D printing” ,also known as additive manufacturing, can refer to a variety of processes in which material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional components from CAD models, with material being added together (such as liquid molecules or powder grains being fused together,) typically layer by layer. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive process. In an additive process an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual project. However, such definition is too obscure to understand. According to my own understanding, I simply such definition like that “3D print technology, which is essentially adding layers of material under computer control to get a desired shape.” If you have basic knowledge traditional subtractive methods like milling and turning in which a machinist starts with a block of material and strategically removes it to form part, you may wonder what different between subtractibe method and 3D printing technology. 3D printers construct parts by starting with unformed raw material and building a part up layer by layer. They start from nothing, and end with finished part with minimal wasted material along the way. With 3D printing, you can produce functional shapes, all while using less material than traditional manufacturing methods. However,according to your knowledge or experience, you may think “3D printing” just representing one specific technology. But, instead of using one specific technology, 3D printing can be widely used in many aspects. You may not agree with my idea when you read here,however, it truly exist around your life. You will never have thought that a smartphone cases or car parts can be produced by 3D ,printing.it -&nbspprinting Resources and Information., is also hardly to image that artificial organs, medical equipment can also be produced by 3D printing. However, 3D printing technology is not only used in the above areas.With this new technology, you can create anything you want. Therefore, 3D printing is a creative progress, it is an imaginative process and it is also a key to the future. III. The history and type of 3D printing You may be wonder who create the first 3D printing. Let’s us take the time machine to unveil the mystery of 3D printing. The concept of 3D printing has been imagined back in the 1970’s, but the first experiments are dated from 1981. The father of the first 3D printing is Dr Kodama who come from Japanese,he was the first man to describe a layer by layer approach for manufacturing,creating an ancestor for SLA(or Stereolithography);a photosensitive resin was polymerized by an UV light. Unfortunately, he did not file the patent requirement before the deadline. Few years later, this technology are be developed by other experts. In the last decades,it’s risen to global prominence as machines have become more affordable, accessible and reliable, and more materials have become available. Now seen as one of tenets of industryb4 .0, it’s considered a rising start in the manufacturing space. These machines come in all shapes and sizes, and use a wide variety of processes to fabricate parts. Fused filament fabrication (FFF), the technology most commonly associated with 3D printing creates parts by melting and extruding filament through a nozzle. The vast majority of printers sold today are still FFF mechines.Curing machines, on the other hand, use lasers or projectors,to selectively cure resin layer by layer into solid parts.Laser sintering machines use lasers to fuse metal or plastic powder together while binder-jetting machines adhere similar powders with polymer binders instead. These four technologies are the most common in 3D printing but are by no means alone. The first 3d printers could only print with a few varieties of plastic, however, nowadays hundreds of plastics, metals ,resins and composites are available. IV. 3D printer in our company The table in the below are 3D Printing in our company, please refer to the detail information. No. Model Description Parameter Photo 1 Ender-3 V2 3D Printer Inheriting classics and continuing Legends, this is the upgraded printer of Ender-3. As our company regard as quality and high performance of our top ,http://priority.As, same as its predecessor type Ender-3, it remains the firm and stable integrated all metal body, which is easy to assembly. Equipped with concealed power and self-developed silent motherboard, this type 3D printing will ensure safe operation and non-disturbance working environment. Especially, during the night time, you will never worry about receiving complaints from your neighborhoods. Moreover, inspired by our dear customers, we add tool box to this upgrade printer for conveniently storing small tools. With a moderate size and preferential price, this is the best choice for home use. Machine Size:475*470*620mm Layer thickness:0.1-0.4mm Print size:220*220*250mm Filament:PLA/TPU/PETG Molding technology:FDM Supported OS:MAC/WindowsXP/7/8/10 Product Weight:7.8kg Slice software:Simplify 3d/Cura Package Weight:9.6kg Print precision:±0.1 mm 2 CR-5 Pro 3 Printer She has entrancing appearance with ivory white skin and a pair of charming blue eyes. Through “her eyes”, you will see the process of making products in her large body(300*225*380mm). The sheet metal chamber body enhance her stability and minimize wobbling during printing. Owning ATMEGA2560 master chip, she can ensure smooth motion, precise voltage control and effective heat dissipation. The famous branded power 24V/350W can be perfectly compatible with domestic voltage 115V/230V. With Carbon silicon glass platform, she can ensure that the bottom of model can be smooth.Owning her, you can get industrial accuracy on your desktop. Print size:300*225*380mm Machine size:530*487*612mm Package Size:625*545*710mm Molding Tech:FDM Machine Weigh:32.5kg Net weight:38.8kg Nominal voltage:115/230V Output voltage:24V Nominal power:350W Filaments:PLA File format: STL/OBJ/AMF Layer height:0.1-0.4 mm 3 CR-5060 Printer Customized If you need to make a big size products, this type 3D printing can meet your requirement. This 3D printing also has amazing appearance and strong body which is integrated by sheet metal.Devoted to high performance, this printer will bring a better and more innovative experience. The precision alloy nozzle, owing 8 process testing, will ensure the core component quality-dual duct cooling system, timely cooling delicate appearance. The precision double screw can guarantee running and fast speed. It provide professional industrial service, it provides a precise results. Chose CR-5060 means chose professional printer. Print Size: 500*500*600 Machine net weight:84.5kg Packing weight: 125kg Nozzle diameter: Standard 0.4mm Interface: Chinese , English Control system: Win, Xp, mac,vista,Linux Software:Cura Simplify 3D, Repetier-host File format:Stl,Obj,Png,Gcoda Print Speed: Normal 60mm/s Max 100mm/s Filament diameter:1.75 mm Support filament: PLA/ABS/TPU/wood /Carbon fiber/Copper 4 LD-002 R HDLED Resin 3D printer, was born with graceful appearance and sophisticated inside. It is such a precise printer,which can achieve precision of 0.01-0.05mm,producing delicate finish with only single spot 26.1μm2.The precise operation can be on a par with industrial-grade machine. Adopting the 405nm wavelength UV light source, LD-002R cab provide uniform light evenness up to 90% reflective cup.With high-level light concentration and even illumination, it will achieve higher print success rate.Double-fan circulation airflow and concealed cooling device deodorize the odor from resin. This printer provide convenience to cleaning:you can quickly remove residues from the resin vat with the removal release film. With this printer, your imagination will be realized. Print Size: 119*65*160mm Machine Size:221*221*545mm Print Speed:6-18s/layer Support Setting: Automatic/Manual Nominal Voltage:100-240V Output Voltage: 12 V Layer Height:0.02-0.05mm XY Axis Precision: 0.047mm Language:Chinese/English Print Method: USB File Format: STL/CTB Machine Weight: 7kg Package Weight:9kg Nominal Power: 72w Resin: Ordinary rigid photosensitive resin, standard resin Elastomeric resin highly-resistant resin,dental resin V. The future of 3D Printing It is hard to image how fast the world is changing,it is also hard to keep up with the key trends that are driving the future of 3D printing. In order to predict where 3D printing is headed, I search through internet and summaries some highlights based on experts interviews. 1. 3D printing will become a mainstream technology for serial production It was viewed as a prototyping solution for many years.Over the last few year, many advanced ,technology compani,es try to find ways to incorporate this technology into their production,with applications ranging from automotive spare parts to consumer goods. Taking large automotive companies as examples, BMW announced that it had fitted its one-millionth 3D-printed part for its BMW i8 Roadster. While the overall volume of parts being printed in the above cases is small relative to mass manufacturing volumes, the number, as well as the range of parts produced with 3D printing, are only set to increase. For industry and technology areas, they will maintain this momentum and work towards enabling more applications on a larger scale. More efforts is being put into ensuring greater repeatability and speed with industrial 3D printing, we are getting ever-closer to reaching this goal. 2. Focusing on education will enable 3D printing applications and adoption While because adopting 3D printing for prototyping is relatively straightforward, establishing 3D printing for production can be challenging. Not only is investment in hardware required, but companies must also commit the time to develop expertise needed. Lack if expertise, in particular, can create a lot of barriers to entry. For one, without proper knowledge about additive manufacturing, companies will likely struggle to develop a business case or use case for 3D printing. With awareness about the shortage mentioned above, a lot effort is now putting into educating the market in how to get started with3D printing and extract the most value out of it. Many companies are launching both online and on-site courses to provide engineers with the ability to attain relevant knowledge in additive manufacturing. Only when companies lean about the capabilities and limitations of 3D printing, will they be able to use this knowledge to develop successful application for the technology. There are predictions for 3D printers, which you can find on Internet. Considering the progress of the 3D printer and experts prediction, 3D printing is clearly headed for a bright future of digital, smart manufacturing.

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