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All-new BMW M3 caught undisguised

Instagram photo by Imran A.Here’s the upcoming BMW M3 codenamed G80.

All-new 2020 BMW M3 and M4 to get 510 PS and 4WD, launching in Sept

The 2020 BMW M3 and M4 make their final development test on various tracks around Europe.

Want to stand out in your E60 BMW 5 Series? Give it the M3/M4’s massive grille

Before came the G80/G82 BMW M3 and BMW M4, there was one other BMW model that received its share of flak

Review: All wheel drive 2020 Mazda CX-30, at RM 176k, you can buy a CPO BMW X1, worth it?

To be clear, the all wheel drive Mazda CX-30 is not a rival to the BMW X1, but as you know the imported

Behold the BMW M8 Gran Coupe, BMW M is on the roll

Now the BMW 8 Series is even more powerful!

Hyundai MR23T test mule spotted, a mid-engine rear-wheel drive hatch?!

the test mule for Hyundai’s next mid-engine rear-wheel drive mega hatchback!

All-new 2020 (F40) BMW M135i launching in Malaysia tomorrow

BMW Malaysia has just released a teaser video of the all-new 2020 BMW M135i on its Facebook page.

WapCar Morning Insiders: Previewing future Nissan EVs

all-wheel drive (AWD) with the electric motors powering the rear wheels while the combustion engine

All-new G80 BMW M3 Competition introduced in Malaysia; 510 PS/650 Nm, from RM 664k

BMW Malaysia has introduced the all-new G80 BMW M3 Competition, with an optional Innovation Package.

Evolution of the BMW 3 series in 7 generations – still the ultimate sedan?

Hailing from Munich is the famous German automaker, BMW.

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All-new 2021 BMW M4 debuts - up to 510 PS/650 Nm with a manual and a...Drift Analyser?

2021 BMW M4 keeps its polarising kidney grille.

Owner Review: Restoration Done with Tender, Love & Flair - My 2009 BMW E93 M3

** This article is the personal experience of a 2009 BMW E93 M3 owner and does not necessarily reflect

Leaked: Not for the faint-hearted, here are the 2021 BMW M3 and M4

Remember when BMW launched the G22 4-Series back in June and we were all (mostly) aghast at its controversial

Watch this 1,305 PS, 2JZ-powered BMW E30 M3 do M3 things at the Nurburgring

The Toyota 2JZ engine is one that has transcended time, spaceships and aliens.

A German tuner ‘fixed’ the 2021 BMW M4’s controversial grille

BMW M4 and the M3.

Frankfurt 2019: Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS is an all-wheel drive BEV luxury sports sedan

of Mercedes-Benz’s flagship electric-powered sedan Not necessarily the next generation S-Class All-wheel

What will BMW Malaysia be launching in 2021? 5 Series facelift, X7 CKD, and more!

years, the BMW M3 (and its coupe spawn, the M4) is largely unchanged from the 3 Series (or 4 Series)

The Singapore-assembled Hyundai Ioniq 5 will be rear-wheel drive, and this is a sneak peak

expected to be completed in 2022.Interestingly, the E-GMP platform is optimized for rear-wheel drive

Next-gen BMW M3 and M4 discussed by BMW M Head of Development

With the upcoming 2020 BMW M3 and M4 set to launch in Sept, BMW is slowly trickling info to set tongues

Mythbusters: Rear-wheel drive cars don't understeer

Yes, understeer, in a RWD car.Photo credit: ebayRear-wheel drive (RWD) motoring brings with it an untold

Evolution of the BMW M3 – M Power or AMG?

One happy result of such requirements is the BMW M3 derived from the 3-series.The M3 name has been around

BMW teases first ever M3 Touring – to be launched in 2022?

For generations, the BMW M3 was sold as a sedan, a coupe, and a convertible - the latter 2 became the

Leaked: Could this be the all-new G42 BMW 2 Series Coupe?

Seen here is allegedly the next generation G42 BMW 2 Series Coupe.

All-new 2021 G80 BMW M3 launched with madder looks and maddening power – 510 PS, 650 Nm

Have you got it all out of your system? Okay, here goes.

Malaysia-bound BMW i4 debuts with first all-electric BMW M performance model

i4 range.At launch, the BMW i4s global range consists of two variants, the rear-wheel drive 340 PS /

Could this be the front end of the all-new BMW M3?

Here’s another leaked photo after the rear of the all-new BMW M3 was caught undisguised.

All-new BMW X6 M and BMW X6 M Competition unveiled

unveiled the third generation BMW X6 M and X6 M Competition.Under the bonnet of the BMW X6 M sits the

Owner Review: Yellow Submarine - My BMW E36 328i

** This article is the personal experience of a 1996 BMW 328i (E36) owner and does not necessarily reflect

Why is my ABS warning light on? And what is a wheel speed sensor?

wheel speed sensor.So, what is a wheel speed sensor?

BMW M unveils the all-new BMW X5 M and X5 M Competition

BMW M has introduced the third generation all-new 2019 BMW X5 M.

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Fresh spy pictures of the upcoming 2022 BMW M3 Touring have surfaced. The car is essentially geared for Europe, but could be exported to other markets. It will deliver 353kW and/ or 375kW, depending on whether it is rear or all-wheel-drive. BMW SA may not import it though.