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Including BMW Motorrad bikes, the Group sold a total of 11,016 vehicles in 2020.Of the 9,890 cars delivered

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If there is one BMW model that well-represents the brand, it has to be the BMW 3 series.

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WapCar Morning Insiders: Previewing future Nissan EVs

electric motors powering the rear wheels while the combustion engine handles the front.

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** This article is the personal experience of a 2009 BMW E93 M3 owner and does not necessarily reflect

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" Toyotas legendary 2JZ-GTE engineNobody in the history of mankind has ever said, "The E30

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One happy result of such requirements is the BMW M3 derived from the 3-series.The M3 name has been around

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What will BMW Malaysia be launching in 2021? 5 Series facelift, X7 CKD, and more!

years, the BMW M3 (and its coupe spawn, the M4) is largely unchanged from the 3 Series (or 4 Series)

All-new 2021 G80 BMW M3 launched with madder looks and maddening power – 510 PS, 650 Nm

These are the official pictures of the 2021 G80 BMW M3 and I know some of you might be appalled by the

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;m thinking of this as I look at the official photos of the latest G80 M3 and G84 M4.

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With the recent launch of the Audi RS6 and RS7, plus the BMW M3 and BMW M4 performance cars on our shores

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BMW 1M, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, and M8. See what number is missing there?

All-new G80 BMW M3 Competition introduced in Malaysia; 510 PS/650 Nm, from RM 664k

BMW Malaysia has introduced the all-new G80 BMW M3 Competition, with an optional Innovation Package.

BMW teases first ever M3 Touring – to be launched in 2022?

For generations, the BMW M3 was sold as a sedan, a coupe, and a convertible - the latter 2 became the

Tanjong Pagar BMW M4 crash: Was it really going at 220 km/h?

a BMW M4.

15 years ago, this Korean car invented the SUV-coupe, not BMW!

Car manufacturers from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and even Volkswagen have dipped their toes into this emerging

All-new BMW M3 caught undisguised

Instagram photo by Imran A.Here’s the upcoming BMW M3 codenamed G80.

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Sunny wheather and a great BMW M3 #chiptuning at DTE. More power and a better acceleration. Now you can head to the #MondialAuto, will you?

Now is your chance to lease this fantastic #BMW at a stunning lease price. Click here for details #ukcarlease

I love the sound of a BMW M3 under hard acceleration. Neighbours gone out. #richneighbours

But, BMW M3 gives bigger which is 400+. I can't imagine how much jerk could the acceleration be.

BMW M3 GTS Acceleration Sound! | LPGEN 2 by Jonathan Van Clute: I spotted this orange BMW M3 GTS at the Nurburgrin... http://bit.ly/aa88yV

Audi TT 3.2 Quattro v BMW M3 Coupe e46: Firm but safe acceleration away from the lights – does the TT win.. http://bit.ly/mUrij

Depends on what a comparable car is. The SR+ is much cheaper if acceleration is the metric, but range is not comparable. Nor is the tech.But if compared to an entry level BMW 320, the SR+ is about $15K USD cheaper.P3D vs BMW M3 is about $100K+ cheaper. Thats the real bargain.

Christian, could you give a rough indication of how much cheaper is model3 SR+ than a comparable auto in it’s class due to tax exemption?

BMW M3 E36 Drive in the City Onboard POV Acceleration Sound Istanbul⇒

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Are BMW electric cars as good as Teslas?

No, and they won’t be for at least a decade, possibly more. The present cars, the i3 and i8, are clearly inferior to Teslas in almost every respect. They aren’t as quick, the electric range is vastly inferior (especially for the i8), they are intentionally oddly designed into the quirky niche space as opposed to Teslas mass market appeal aesthetic, they don’t have over-the-air-updates, they don’t have a fast charger network or destination charger network, route planning for charging is not integrated, their autonomous driving capabilities are inferior, they are lower efficiency on electric, etc. There are a few people who really like the i3 as a city car, and more power to them. Both are massively compromised by the internal combustion infrastructure, whether the i3 has it installed or not. And that latter part is important for their upcoming electrified cars. BMW’s strategic electric architecture is an anything architecture. Literally every vehicle will be configurable as only internal combustion, only electric or as a plug-in hybrid. This means that every vehicle has to leave space for both power trains and both storage options. That means that they will be heavier and taller than necessary, and that their electric range and possibly their gas-only range will be compromised. Even their electric-only car will have all the routing and space choices to allow fuel pumps, oil pumps, a radiator and the related tubing and wiring harnesses for them, even though none of them are needed. The extra weight and space consumption means that they are much more constrained in their design language and engineering, so they’ll have compromised aesthetics and performance. The complexity means that they will be much harder to assemble, have higher quality failures and be more expensive to assemble. The combination will turn out to be an underperforming, aesthetically inferior, more expensive choice than equivalent Teslas. It’s only advantage will be that it has the BMW badge on it. They are designing the platypus of cars, without the cuteness. And it will still be sold through BMW dealerships. Dealers don’t like electric cars, because they make most of their money on maintenance which electric cars don’t require nearly as much of. They’ll have to mark the platypuses down massively to move them off the lot, and they won’t get revenue from the pure electric versions, so they’ll be pushing the gas-only or hybrid versions wherever possible. It’s a strategy that could only be thought up by a marketing weenie with no technical understanding, likely the same guy who decided that it was important to have an almost undifferentiated vehicle for every tiny niche buying behavior, from the 1 series through the 8 series, the X variations and the M variations. Over 30 vehicles that are hard to tell apart from their siblings, and all of which perform more poorly than Teslas under conditions that people actually drive them for. And, of course, now the Tesla Model 3 is a better track car than the BMW M3 or M4, so BMW is starting behind and accelerating in the wrong direction. It will take a decade for this absurd choice to work its way through, fail and be reversed. That’s par for the course for BMW these days. The bikeshedding of the i3 and i8, from the weird and unnecessary material development choice that’s now been abandoned, to the fake engine noise pumped into the i8 interior through the stereo, is going to be repeated. The major engineering strategy is already bad, and then they will make a bunch of other bad choices driven by marketing, not engineering or car designers, so the results will be late and bad. BMW: the ultimate car for platypus lovers.

Why are fast cars so hard to drive slow?

Because they’re not designed to be driven slow. Driving a really powerful car in slow traffic is like trying to get just a dribble of water out of a fire hose. You’re using so little of the car’s potential that it becomes difficult to keep it “reined in”. And if you open it up even a little bit, before you know it you’re over the speed limit (or wrapped around a tree). This is one reason why I don’t really like very fast cars. Dodge Challenger Hellcat, BMW M3, Lamborghini Hurican - yeah, super-fast acceleration is a fun party trick, but at the end of the day, what’s the point? There’s a saying in the car community: ,driving a slow car fast is always more fun than driving a fast car slow,. (This is often abbreviated - mention “slow car fast” to a car enthusiast and they’ll most likely know exactly what you’re talking about.) Much of the fun of spirited driving is pushing the car to its limit and feeling how it reacts on the edge of grip. If you’re driving a 480-horsepower Ferrari F430 at the limit, you’ll be doing close to 200 miles per hour, which isn’t legal (or safe) anywhere except a racetrack with a ton of safety equipment. That’s out of reach for most people in terms of both skill and money. The simple fact is that a Ferrari would be a terrible car for the vast majority of people. On the other hand, a slow but fun and good-handling car, like a Mazda MX-5 Miata or a Toyota GT86, will let you push the car to its limit while staying within safe speed limits (mostly) and not breaking the law (much). It won’t beat the Ferrari around a track, but it will be a much more enjoyable car to drive daily. Even a slow, non-sporty car like a base Honda Civic can be fun when driven fast, although it won’t handle as well as a car that’s meant to be driven that way. Meh. YEAH.

Which car is the cheapest to run on gas?

The car that is the most fuel efficient on gas(that uses gas) will thus be the cheapest, so , looking up the most fuel efficient production car(at time of writing) is the: Volkswagen X1(209 MPG). On a more practical note: cars that are slower with less weight/smaller engines will be better for economy. You can increase your current mpg though by taking the following actions.,I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE(Nor do encourage) FOR YOUR actions: do at your own risk,. reduce weight the more weight, the more energy is needed to accelerate your car. Common weight items include: junk in car, headrests(if you never have anyone in the back seats, everyone riding in a vehicle MUST have a headrest to prevent whiplash and injury). Spare wheels, and anything else not needed for travel(reducing passenger weight counts too!). reduce load Everything electric in your car is a load on the engine: using the lights, radio, aircon, wipers, etc, uses electricity and thus requires the engine to burn more fuel to power these devices. Thus turn off all luxury items in car(dim gage lights, radio off, vents off, etc). DO NOT TURN OFF LIGHTS/ Wipers: Not getting in a wreck saves you the most $. reduce drag Roll up windows, tape up gaps(door sills, engine sills), ,DO not tape over your grill ,and remove roof racks and crew to reduce air resistance on your vehicle. The best way is to decrease rolling resistance by having properly inflated tires. Change your driving style Top Gear once did a test where a Toyota Prius was told to race around a track, while a BMW M3(V8 sports car) was told to simply keep up with the car. After 10 laps of a track, the Prius got 2 mpg less then the BMW. While this is a bit extreme, it gets the point across well; ,A conservatively driven fuel hungry car can get better mpg then a maximum speed ecobox., Thus if you are thinking about getting a different car, it may be better just to slow down a bit in your normal car to improve mpg: it will save you trade-in loss too. To ecodrive: coasting is your friend, there is no point in accelerating when you know there is a red light/stop sign ahead: this wastes fuel. Try to avoid unnecessary acceleration as much as possible. ,However, don’t put your car in danger doing it. Thanks for reading and again I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE OR OTHER RESULTS in your car: use common sense. Thanks{edit: added part 4} -H

Which car is better, Tesla Model 3 P100d or BMW M3?

I like both the BMW M3 and the Model S. But these cars serve different functions., The Tesla Model S is a daily driver luxury sedan that serves as a full-electric alternative to the S-class or the Porsche Panamera. It’s driven by wealthy individuals who enjoy being part of the EV revolution. The BMW M3 is a sports car that you’d find doing donuts at your local raceway. If you gave me an option between owning a Tesla Model S P100d or a BMW M3, then I would take the Tesla Model S every time. The Tesla has super-car like acceleration, a quiet, comfortable cabin, ample cargo space… and it just looks sexy from the outside: The BMW M3 could be mistaken for other “lesser” BMWs if it weren't’ for the M badges placed all around it: Looks like a 3-series. Besides, I never really cared about owning a BMW M3. I would love to own a Tesla. These are my preferences and I understand that you may or may not agree with them. Thanks for reading.

What motorcycle should I get? I want to start on a 600cc, but I'm 5'4. What would you recommend?

Riding a bike is all about developing traffic awareness. To be safe on a bike you need FAR more situational awareness than you do in a car, and at first the sheer amount of information flowing into your brain is daunting. A 600cc bike has a huge amount of power for its weight, and many have a significant weight too. You don’t NEED a 600cc motorcycle for anything apart from track day work. Most American riders think that a 600 is entry level, because basically, they have no training, and are used to low powered heavy cruisers… A 100 bhp 600cc Jap 4 cylinder bike has around the same power to weight ratio as an 800 bhp BMW M3 or a 1000 bhp Dodge charger. Do you really think you want to be trying to manage that kind of acceleration potential while trying to assimilate the amount of extra awareness you are going to need, figuring out entirely new braking techniques and trying to cope with 400 pounds of expensive metal balanced between your legs? Look for a 250 cc dual sport. Fast, efficient, light and easy to handle. Capable of any journey, comfortable and can be enjoyed for as long as you like. You’ll never get tired of a bike like that. There’s a reason why the whole of Europe starts riding on 12 bhp 125cc bikes….

How does the Tesla Model 3 Performance compare to the BMW M3?

I had an E90 M3 with a 6 speed manual, and now own a Model 3 Performance. I traded a Cayman S for the M3 about 6 months after my son was born, as it was a great compromise between fun and practicality. There wasn’t much I didn’t love about that car apart from the abysmal gas mileage, and perhaps the subpar iDrive system, which seems especially dated in retrospect. The aspect of the M3 which compares most favorably is the front seats - they were the best of any car I’ve ever owned. The Model 3’s seats are comfortable, but lacking in lateral support for high performance driving. Without driving them back to back and relying on memory from 5+ years ago, I’ll call these two cars close enough to equal in handling and braking. The Model 3 is better in almost every other aspect. Acceleration, at least up to around 80mph, isn’t even close, as the Model 3 has 100% torque from a stop, and loses no time shifting gears. It’s a rocket, and the motors respond instantly to accelerator input with no delay. The M3 sounded great and revved high, but had relatively little torque at low to mid rpms. The M3 got ~16 mpg, while the Model 3’s e-mpg is about 100 miles higher! You probably already know about Tesla’s electronics, and here is where it distances itself against all other cars. It continues to improve over time with regular over the air updates, and Tesla uses machine learning to make its Enhanced Autopilot smarter and more capable over time. The touchscreen interface was quite a change to get used to at first, but now it’s second nature and other cars often seem overly complex. As time goes on, I expect they’ll continue to enhance the user interface. BMW’s are great cars, but they’re neither cheap to maintain nor known for long term durability. Tesla maintenance primarily consists of tire replacements, windshield wipers & fluid, & periodic alignments. Brake wear is minimal due to regenerative braking which does most of the braking. You will likely experience faster tire wear due to the temptation to accelerate faster and the car’s relatively higher weight vs. an M3. Now that I’ve experienced how much different and better Tesla ownership is, I won’t be going back to an M3 or any of its competitors. I’m tentatively planning to get my wife a Model Y when they start production, and will go totally electric from then on except perhaps for niche vehicles (Jeep, track car, etc.) where it’s not practical to do so. You can use my referral code to get 5,000 free Supercharger miles on a new Tesla. ,Free Supercharger Miles

If you accelerate really fast when the light turns green but never go above the speed limit, can you still be pulled over?

I once got pulled over after reaching 0-35mph faster than the officer liked. Driving a BMW M3 convertible with top down didn't help. Officer pulled me over with the air horn instead of siren and wrote me for 55 in 35, which was false. He nearly caused me to have an accident as the noise designed to pierce sound-proof cars startled me. I yelled at him asking why he didn't use lights and siren instead. I was ready to explain in court how my somewhat fast car wasn't fast enough to reach that speed, but he never showed up. I still mentioned to the judge how dangerous the officer was. I also filed a complaint with this department before the hearing.

Why is the BMW M3 so expensive?

As with most goods in a free market economy, the M3 is priced at a level that the seller (BMW) believes the market will bear, i.e. maximize profit by selling as many as they can without leaving unsold inventory. BMW is easily selling all the M3’s they can make, so by that measure it’s not too expensive. It may well be too expensive for ,you,, however. As for the ,cost, to make the M3, it is a high performance vehicle that is the result of an extensive development program staffed by talented and expensive people. Designing and building cars like the M3 is not cheap. But note that when a new car development program is started, the manufacturer has a retail price target in mind that they want to hit. If the design objectives for the car wind up being too costly, then either some corners have to be cut in the design, or the marketing department has to figure out how to sell a more expensive car against the competition. P.S. I recently got to drive an M3 on a racetrack - it was a total blast. The carbon-ceramic brakes will make your eyeballs surge out of their sockets as you slow down hard for the turns. And we hit 125 mph on the straight - wow. Breathtaking acceleration.

Why don’t Tesla limit their cars acceleration to make them better for family usage?

I wondered this too, then I recalled some vague physics from 60 years ago and reasoned that the batteries (or petrol tank in a normal car) contained a finite amount of energy, and how this energy was used depended on the operator. You can use the energy to accelerate or cruise at full power for a short time, or you can moderate your acceleration and speed and travel further. Just because you have a powerful engine does not mean you need to use its full power, used gently it can be quite economical. I remember this being illustrated by the Top Gear team, they took a Toyota Prius and a BMW M3, The Prius was driven round the track as fast as possible, the BMW followed. After a while the fuel consumption was checked, and it was found that the Prius used more than the BMW despite being much less powerful. The answer of course is that while the Prius was being driven at its limit the BMW did not even break into a sweat. So if you buy a Tesla or similar and limit it’s acceleration by judicious use of your right foot it will be quite suitable for family use. For me though I seriously doubt I would be able to resist using that acceleration occasionally

Driving a BMW M class car does it sound and accelerate just like a Ferrari or Lamborghini?

No, it doesn’t. When it comes to sound, the M cars have a 6 cylinder engine in most cases, whereas the Ferraris tend to have V12s. The sound is very distinct. The Ferraris are also designed to be more of a spectacle/experience whereas the BMWs are designed for practicality (and actually, some of the sound is artificially generated and with a tweak to the firmware, can be switched off. See ,This Is What A Modern BMW Sounds Like When Engine Sounds Aren't Piped In By A Computer,). As for acceleration, no. Recently drove a BMW M3 back to back with a Porsche 911. 911 accelerates harder. And that’s a near-base model 911, let alone a Ferrari. Here are the numbers: BMW M4 GTS 0–60: 3.7 seconds. Ferrari 488 GTB 0–60: 3.0 seconds