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When was the last time you checked your tyre pressure?

I also can’t remember the last time I pumped air into my tyres, let alone checking the tyre pressure.It

My New Car: I would take this car over the Proton X50 anytime - My story of buying the 2020 Perodua Aruz 1.5 AV

budget-wise.Car selection process I have a budget of: RM70,000-80,000 Models that I have considered include: Honda

25 years of the Honda CR-V - All you need for a family car

way back to the Honda Civic Shuttle 4WD.Honda Civic ShuttleSporting a spare tyre on the tailgate and

Save money and drive safe with these three tyre care tips

It’s super simple - just know the basics of your tyre size and follow the correct pressure guide

J.D. Power study: Michelin is best tyre brand of 2021, outranks Pirelli, Goodyear

Powers 2021 Original Equipment Tyre Customer Satisfaction Survey.Michelin Pilot Sport 4 on the Honda

Honda Jazz Hybrid And Honda City Hybrid – Here's What You Need To Know

Introduced 2 years ago, the Honda City Hybrid and Honda Jazz Hybrid are Honda Malaysias answer to affordable

New 2020 Honda Civic (FC) facelift launched - Sensing, LaneWatch, 173 PS, from RM 113k

The new 2020 Honda Civic FC facelift is finally launched in Malaysia.

A "cheap tyre” is going to kill you, here is why good tyres costs more

A tyre’s tread pattern is only a small part of what makes it a good or bad tyre.

How sneaker makers like Nike can teach tyre companies about influencing its buyers

It is amazing how much time and internet juice is spent trying to explain that tyre choices matter.

Honda City RS costs RM 19k more than City 1.5V, but only RM 56 more to maintain over 5 years

The 2021 Honda City RS is here and it costs a whopping RM 19k premium over the City 1.5 V.

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Owner Review: Follow-up story of Proton Waja tyre burst out at 180km/h -Full story

reflect the views of WapCar.Facebook: Sharviin Sasasey ManigamSince everybody was asking about my busted tyre

In Brief: Honda CR-V 2019, the crowd favourite

(Honda CR-V 2019 | Gallery)Since its initial introduction back in the mid-90s, the Honda CR-V 2019 has

Run flat tyres, tyre repair kits, or spare tyres. Which is best?

Your car ownership experience isn’t complete without having at least one flat tyre incident.

Shopping for a Vios? Honda wants to give you RM5k in rebates for Honda City and BRV

Honda Malaysia today announced the Honda 1 Million Dreams Special Rebate worth RM 5,000 for the all-new

No matter what you drive, you can #AskForContinental

So, which Continental tyre model should you go for?

Have you ever wondered what Bibendum on your tyre wall is pointing at?

How do you check your tyre wear?

Maintenance cost comparison: Proton X50, Honda City, Mitsubishi Xpander - Which car is the cheapest?

the 2020 Honda City is priced from RM 74,191 to RM 86,561.

Rendered: 2021 Honda City Hatchback with Spoon livery- Cute or fierce?

Upon the debut of the 2021 Honda City Hatchback, some have said it looks like the Mercedes A-Class, while

India’s 2020 Honda City’s gets a new 1.5L DOHC engine, likely for Malaysia

Following its global debut in Thailand late last year, India is set to be the second market to introduce Honda

Are there any good tyres for 13-inch rims?

budget-friendly cars not just for model variant differentiation but also lower costs when it comes to tyre

2020 Honda City 1.5L V - What's the real-world fuel consumption figure?

Powering the 2020 Honda City 1.5L V is a naturally aspirated 1.5-litre 4-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC engine

Owner Review: Reasonable maintenance cost and low fuel consumption - My 2021 Toyota Yaris 1.5 E

version.Car selection process I had a budget of: RM80k-RM90k Models that I have considered include: Honda

Here's the top tyre choices for 13- to 17-inches in 2020!

not much cheaper, really.RecommendationsNot all tyres are equal, so in this guide well list five main tyre

Why is my tyre shop trying to sell me nitrogen gas inflation?

You might have come across this scenario while sending your car to your neighbourhood tyre shop &ndash

Indonesia launches sharper, updated 2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

Indonesians recently welcomed the 2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) facelift, coming with a host of visual

Honda owners staying near Kampung Baru Subang, there's a new 3S centre for you

To cater to the growing demand in the Shah Alam area, Honda Malaysia is happy to announce the opening

Volvo XC90 Armoured - Genuine Armoured Warrior With 50 mm-thick Glass, Weighs 4.5 Tonnes!

director, Stephan Green said.And he mentioned: “The XC90 Armoured with VR8* protection rating (VPAM BRV

Owner Review: Tyre blown out at 180km/h - Near-miss experience in my Proton Waja

was late for her class and I was late for work.So as I was driving and then suddenly my front right tyre

All-new 2020 Honda City (GN-series) - about RM 3.7k to service over 5 years/100k km

Its here - well, at least the S, E and V, pure-petrol variants of the all-new 2020 Honda City for now.The

Tyre blowout while driving: This is how you maintain control and avoid crashing

response that will either save you and/or your car to see another light of the day.What causes a tyre

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  • Is Honda BR-V available in Sunshade?

    Yes, Honda BR-V is available in Sunshade. The available Sunshade variants are: 2020 Honda BR-V 1.5L V, 2020 Honda BR-V 1.5L E.

  • What is the Driven Wheels of Honda BR-V?

    Here are the Driven Wheels and variants of Honda BR-V:

    Variants2020 Honda BR-V 1.5L V2020 Honda BR-V 1.5L E2018 Honda BR-V 1.5 E2018 Honda BR-V 1.5 V2018 Honda BR-V 1.5L SE
    Driven WheelsFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel Drive
  • Does Honda BR-V has Sunroof?

    Yes, Honda BR-V has Sunroof, which are: 2020 Honda BR-V 1.5L V, 2020 Honda BR-V 1.5L E.