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Table is not a full representation of actual cost because Proton has parked some necessary maintenance

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public transport projects like Prasarana’s MRT, LRT and Rapid Buses, and not specifically on road maintenance

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We tried checking with Proton for the cost of these optional jobs, but Proton has declined our request

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Toyota Vios and Honda City.Apart from being cheaper to purchase compared to the City and Vios, the cost

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The limited-edition 2020 Jaguar F-Pace is now on Malaysian shores courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia

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Good news for potential Mazda owners as Bermaz is offering a six-year/120,000-km warranty and free maintenance

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like to remind you the rule of thumb that you should put aside 10% of the cars value when new, as a maintenance

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, we will take a closer look and see how much owners of the Toyota GR Supra need to pay in terms of maintenance

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as the Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) driver assistance system and LED headlights.With that said, the cost

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Due to the above average fuel consumption, fuel cost is on the higher side but maintenance cost is reasonable

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The criteria for the car are as follows: Good fuel consumption Minimal on the maintenance cost Sporty

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Apart from insurance and maintenance, another big ticket item that we have to spend on our cars is fuel

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Ah, right; yes, or money to be saved. We replaced our 2 diesels with one EV & one PHEV when they were ready to be replaced & are spending 1/4 of what we were on “fuel”, plus VED.

After being made redundant, I Replaced my Jaguar XF with a Honda Civic i-DTEC providing similar capability without the prestige, half the capital expenditure, lower maintenance, zero VED, half the insurance cost, improvement of 30% fuel economy, all about money.

Got my eyes on a black Jaguar XF...only thing stopping me is the thought of maintenance cost

jaguar xf maintenance cost Q&A Review

When does a Tesla owner break even?

Please understand that I’m not trying to be mean or sarcastic when I say this. If your only concern is to break even, you probably want a Chevy Bolt or a Chevy Volt.. or maybe an e-Golf (I haven’t tested those). I love my Tesla every time I get in it, but my Volt was much better value. If you’re comparing a Tesla on cost of ownership to a $30k car, it’s going to lose, not because it’s a Tesla, but because it was never a $30k car. If you compare it to a Mercedes or BMW or Lexus at the same price point, you’ll come out ahead. As far as fuel costs go, there are some variables, but it goes like this: My Tesla Model S, with dual motors, gets about 3.3 miles per kilowatt. Technically 4 is possible, but that would mean I would have to behave better, and that’s not likely to happen (I’m not rude to other drivers, but that incredible launch and torque is incredibly addictive, so if I’m able to have fun and not bother anyone else, I’m given to doing it). So at 3.3 miles per kilowatt, my current energy rates (Dallas Texas, CoServ) is 9 cents. Fuel tanks for most cars are based on 300 miles range, so to ‘fill up’ 300 miles would be 300/3.3*.09 = $8.08. I had a Jaguar XF Supercharged that was almost identical to the Tesla in terms of shape, size, and Performance, and it got 17 mpg for the exact same driving habits. 300 miles @ 17 mpg, is about 17.65 gallons. So if gas is $2.00 / gallon, like it is now, the Jag will cost you $35.30 for the same 300 miles. Which means the Tesla is 4.36x cheaper than the literally equivalent gas powered car. That’s based on $2/gal. At 2.50/gal that’s $44.13, which means the Tesla is 5.46x cheaper. That’s a savings of $36 every time you would ‘fill up’. At $3.00 that would be $52.95, or a savings of $45 EVERY TIME YOU FILL THE TANK. I owned the Jaguar for 5 years, and I remember dreaming fondly of being able to get tires to last 30k miles. I put about 8k miles per year on a car and I’ve replaced the tires on the Jaguar 4 times in 5 years. Let’s assume that’s a wash. You still save on oil changes and maintenance. The Tesla has 25k miles on it, and the brake rotors and pads still look brand new. I’m talking mirror finish and no grooving at all. 95% of your braking is regenerative using the engine, so not only are you saving brake pads, but you’re improving your efficiency. So the answer varies, which is why your answers on Quora are varied. If you compare the Tesla Model S to a Jaguar XF S ($80k car, 0–60 in 5.1 seconds, same size, same shape, same luxury) then you’ll come out ahead as soon as you start driving it. If you try to compare an $80k Model S or a $50k Model 3 to a $22k economy car, then you may find you have to keep it for 10 years to come out ahead. It’s not really a fair comparison, because people aren’t exactly cross-shopping a Model S vs a Ford Focus. But if you cross-shop a Chevy Bolt to a Ford Focus, you’ll probably find that you break even before the lease is up. But as they say, your mileage may vary.

What is the most expensive thing you want to own?

I currently drive an 09 plate Jaguar XF S which I’ve owned for almost 4 years. It’s a lovely car to drive, and very luxurious inside (compared to my previous E46 325Ci). However I do aspire to own something more prestigious. Eventually, when I can afford both the car and it’s upkeep I’ll love to have either: Aston Martin Vantage Or Maserati Granturismo Both cost around ~£25k which is an awful lot of money, plus the maintenance costs can be quite pricey. But hopefully one of them eventually be sat in my garage.

In India, why is Jaguar not as popular as BMW, Audi and Merc?

Well to be frank Jaguar/Land Rover are good looking great driving cars, But the real problem with these cars are they are highly unreliable and are expensive to maintain I myself am a owner of luxury cars and do own a jaguar myself , It's not true that they are not heavily discounted they are, and gradual price is somewhat near or less then the competition JLR s CBU units are expensive cause they are not assembled here and hence heavily taxed. The major reason for there low sales are poor and expensive after sales and high cost of maintenance for a normal service for 2016 e class diesal is about 28000 the jaguar xf will cost you about 42000 and then the constant work shop visits they need as they break down a lot. Range Rover sports suspension can not even cross 60000 mark although it's a rugged suv. There are numerous horror stories attached to there unreliability hence indians have usually stay awayed from them.

Which car brand has the highest and lowest maintenance cost among Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Jaguar in India?

It is not easy to list them in a defined manner. A lot of things have to be considered, for example: Where are the spare parts made? What year is your car? What are your driving conditions? What type of car are you driving? Hatchback/Sedan/SUV? Did you buy your car new or used? If used, did the previous owner go to the OEM Service Stations or local ones? Broadly speaking, if you take a 2015 E Class, 5 Series, Audi A6, Jaguar XF in their base diesel trims, your ownership costs are not going to have a discrepancy of more than 15% from any other. The 4 manufacturers have localised production and are generally reliable cars.

Which of the following cars is better: the Jaguar XF, the BMW 5 Series, the Audi A6, or the Mercedes-Benz E-Class?

Out of the four mentioned I would recommend Mercedes E-class or BMW 5 series. Both of these are better in terms of power and maintenance. Jaguar XF is exceptionally stylish and has the best looks but lags behind in power and has high maintenance cost. So if you don't want to go with the first two I mentioned then go with Jaguar

Will it be a good idea to buy 7-8 year old Jaguar XF for a family man? How about servicing/maintenance cost?

As an ex-mechanic, I can only tell you the rules I live by: Never buy an English car Never buy a French car Never buy an Italian car. Never buy a German car. They are poorly engineered, difficult and expensive to fix. I would probably buy a Mercedes Benz or a Ferrari if I was very rich and could afford the repairs, but I am not. Best cars to buy for someone who is not extravagantly rich is a Japanese car. Failing that, I would buy American.

What has changed at Jaguar and Land Rover Since TATA took over?

Everything!! Jaguar Land Rover, where down and out after their frequent change of ownership. Ford (owned Jag 1989–2008, LR 2000–2008) & BMW (owned LR 1994–200) had quelled the growth, innovation and uniqueness of the JLR brand. The cash-inflow towards JLR was inadequate to sustain the quality of products, new developments and to maintain its competitive advantage. It resulted in poor products with high price tag and regrettable reliability. BMW came up with their own SUV products when they owned LR and Ford improved the Navigator and came up with MKX and introduced cheaper LR models with less powerful engines, and the Jags inspired the Fusion and Focus. So they clearly weren’t concentrating to grow these marquee brands. Since 2008 acquisition by Tata’s, JLR ia thriving back to its glory! Product Capabilities,: None of the Jaguar or Land Rover model are same as 2008. Each of them have been completely overhauled and re-designed to lead the automobile industry one again. The huge investments (12 billion GBP since 2012) in Research and Development, has made JLR the highest investor towards R&D in UK. Which led to exquisite products such as the Jaguar XJ (2010) or the new Range Rover (2013)… they also started mass-production models to increase revenues and capture market share such as Jaguar XF/XE and RR Evoque/Discovery Sport. These cheaper offerings brought the focus back onto the brands as they now were affordable by middle class. Tata’s approach to cost effectiveness wasn’t much appreciated initially, but with the overall change in the landscape of JLR now everyone seems to agree to it. Tata decided to come up with less priced V6’s and High efficiency diesel engines in Jaguars (F-type, XK, XJ & F-Pace) & Land Rover (RR, RRS, LR4, Evoque, Discovery) models. Niche Products,: Jaguar F-type, Jaguar F-Pace, Range Rover Sport are some of the relatively newer products aimed towards millennials. These models are ultra luxury blend of JLR, they are an unique blend of best in class luxury, highest quality material, cutting edge technology and advanced safety features. The innovative features such as the round gear shift or the terrain response system have no match. The less-priced V6’s are very capable yet fuel efficient and have been very popular. Business,: It’s good times for JLR, Sales have grown 5-times since 2010. Profits have grown from ,loss of £400 million, (2008) to ,profit of £2.5 Billion, (2015). They are now manufacturing out of the UK in China, India and Brazil to gain cost-benefits. They have changed their parts/spare business model and now they source locally in respective geographies to gain supply-chain effectiveness. No longer all parts are made n shipped from UK which has proved to improve the after-sales maintenance experience and customer satisfaction. They’ve increased presence by opening more dealerships (3400 globally) and are now available in every top-tier and most mid-tier cities in North America and Europe. They’ve merged Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships, so now both brands sell under one facility and same staff… Increased productivity and operational efficiency. Media & Advertising,: Traditionally, JLR never bothered about promotions, ratings and reviews. They do now, whether its the 3-minute Superbowl commercial, the James bond association (Daniel Craig made to drive RRS from NewYork Docks to launch event and presence in latest bond movies) or the Icelandic test drives (they had all top reviewers flown to Ice Land and test drive the new vehicles in real challenging terrains) they’re spending huge and gaining huge results for the brand. They’re working with Google to reach out to customers and prospective buyers in move effective and innovative ways. Focus on JLR Customers,: Even with bad ratings, JLR always was at the top of every loyalty ratings. It’s customers are die-hard fans on their vehicle and brand (like me!), because they’re the ones who have the actual experience. In the present day scenario, the customers are VIPs. They are treated well, given ample opportunities to give feedback and listened and attended to individually (I complained once, and got 3 calls from Land Rover NA, The regional manager and one of the Directors at the dealership). The ownership and loyalty benefits have been started and are really amazing. The complete coverage road-assistance, adventure schools (you drive LR’s through most difficult terrains, amazing experience), travel packages. Moreover, I just got a $5k discount and 1% rate reduction on my 2016 RR. (Bargain for a RR, WOW!!) Reliability,: If not the best, the new products are very reliable. The warranties are excellent (they also cover headlamps and fog lamp replacements), the only maintenance you need is the annual service. The computer diagnostics are great, it flags down the problem and tells you how critical it is and how much time (distance) you have to get it fixed. It only happened to me once in 4 years with my RRS after a 5000 mile trip I had to get a service done out of turn (wheel alignment and some computer settings). The cost of repairs has come down significantly as well and is much less comparable to other luxury brands (Porsche) So overall, Tata’s have infused a new life to the JLR brand, they’re ready to be the leaders for another few decades!

Is it worth buying a Jaguar XF?

If you like cars and enjoy driving, buying a Jaguar XF may be totally worth it—”it” being quite a bit of money. But there are a few things to consider. Let’s talk money first, which could probably be the main reason not to do it. The XF isn’t cheap to buy and not exactly cheap to own. The actual running cost obviously depends on where in the world you are, but in relative terms it is not crazy (it’s not a Lambo, dude), but also probably a bit more than your run-of-the-mill Toyota Camry or Škoda Octavia (or whatever a generic, sensible economy car is in your country). If you care about the details (a German perspective on my X250): Insurance: somewhat pricey. Third-party/liability insurance isn’t that bad, but comprehensive cover comes at a price. Fuel: reasonable, not better or worse than comparable cars. It’s a big, heavy vehicle, so you can’t cheat physics. I get about 8.5L/100km (≈27 mpg US) out of my V6 diesel. Planned maintenance & parts: It wants to be serviced once a year or every 24,000km/15,000miles. A routine service hasn’t cost me more than 650€ all-in yet. Like any heavy “performance” vehicle, it consumes brake pads and tyres a little more quickly than “regular” cars. Decent tyres are vital for your safety and enjoyment. My last set of summer tyres lasted about 30,000 km and cost about 650€ to replace. Unplanned maintenance & reliability: My XF has been very reliable so far, if anecdotal evidence is what you’re after. A power window motors was a little weak; fixed within warranty. One recall for a potential airbag wiring issue. A few weeks ago that “check airbag” light came on due to a wonky connector. That was fixed as a courtesy repair. But if you have to pay for repairs, it won’t be cheap. Someone scraped their delivery van across the XF’s rear right corner and the damage on my vehicle (rear light assembly, rear bumper assembly, some paint & etc.) cost the poor chap’s company close to 2800€. So don’t dent your Jag. Depreciation: Cars depreciate, and some cars depreciate even more. My XF has been recently appraised at about half of its original sticker price. So there’s that. Don Cox's answer, says “if you do not have 10k to put into it you can not afford it. “ – I think for about 10k € (or USD) a year, you can run a Jaguar XF, including depreciation. Now that we’ve explored all the monetary reasons why you shouldn’t buy an XF, let’s look at why it’s worth buying one: It drives and handles beautifully. The steering is spot-on. It’s a joy to drive in anger on back roads. With a decent engine it is definitely quick enough. Steer clear of the 4-cylinder engines. It’s very comfortable and a great place to spend time in. Excellent Autobahn/highway cruiser at any speed. The interior quality is quite good—and not just by British standards. I think it looks stunning and anecdotal evidence shows I’m not the only one to think so. In conclusion: For those who enjoy driving and can afford it, a Jaguar XF is worth buying.

Which are the low maintenance luxury cars (around 50 lakhs) available in India? (Low cost of A.S.S among the luxury brands)

Audi Q5 and Jaguar XF is low maintenance luxury car in below 50lakh in india

  • What is the Chassis Type of Jaguar XF?

    Here are the Chassis Type and variants of Jaguar XF:

    Variants2017 Jaguar XF 2.0 240PS Prestige2017 Jaguar XF 2.0 240PS R-Sport
    Chassis TypeUnibodyUnibody
  • What is the Parking Brake of Jaguar XF?

    Here are the Parking Brake and variants of Jaguar XF:

    Variants2017 Jaguar XF 2.0 240PS Prestige2017 Jaguar XF 2.0 240PS R-Sport
    Parking BrakeElectronicElectronic
  • What is the Body Type of Jaguar XF?

    Here are the Body Type and variants of Jaguar XF:

    Variants2017 Jaguar XF 2.0 240PS Prestige2017 Jaguar XF 2.0 240PS R-Sport
    Body TypeSedanSedan