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What is the best sports car under $200k?

I’ve driven a number of cars, BMW E46 M3, BMW E60 M5, 997 Porsche 911 Turbo, Audi R8 V10, Lotus Exige, Ferrari 458, and the McLaren 570s. By far the best car out of all of them is the McLaren 570s. The car starts at just under $200k brand new and you can get a used one with a few options below that price point. The Driver’s Car What I love first about the McLaren 570s is that it is a driver’s car. While other manufacturers charge you more for a “drivers” car, like Porsche with the GT3 vs 911, or Ferrari with their Speciale or Scuderia, the 570s is the base and entry version of the car and it is the one with the standard sports exhaust, stiffer suspension, tighter steering, and less weight. So in the detail, what is there to love? The Styling It may or may not be your cup of tea but for me this car is stunning. It borrows the rear lights and treatment from the P1 which is magnificent, unique, functional, and not overly done, though it is extremely aggressive. They’ve improved the front of the McLaren tremendously from the original MP4–12C which felt uninspired but also made the lines flow more than the 650S. The side view is about as perfect as a car can get. My only gripe was with the cut off rear section, which the new GT version fills in more: 2. Driving There isn’t a better driving car on the road. It is the only car in the price range that comes with a carbon fiber tub which not only means less overall weight but a very stiff and connected drive. The steering wheel is precise and heavy and it is, dare I say, more fun to drive than the Lotus Exige and that was by far the best handling car of the lot. 3. Power While I’m not a fan of turbos, this car has tremendous power. Yes it has turbo lag. Yes it is sufficient to notice. But it is a high-revving V8 which will beat the new Audi R8 V10+, 991 911 Turbo, and Nissan GT-R in a standing quarter mile and remember that this is a RWD car while the rest are AWD. When the turbos are fully spooled up the power delivery is just incredible and hard to compare to anything else. It may be in the mid 500hp, but it drives like it’s well over 600hp. 4. Ergonomics When you get inside of the McLaren it immediately feels like a smaller car. Everything is where you want it to be and it is one of the most comfortable cars to sit in. There is nothing on your steering wheel besides the paddles behind it which rotate with the wheel. There are no extra buttons or gimmicks or other nonsense to distract you. Most importantly the seats and the steering wheel have enough adjustment that you can find the perfect position. Also unlike the Ferrari the turning signal is a stalk instead of a button which is important because my preferred driving position in the Ferrari I can’t see the blinker lights so I never know if it’s on or not. The Iris system is completely functional and usable and quite intelligent. Not the greatest when compared to a BMW, but certainly miles ahead of what Ferrari is doing and has all of the usual bells and whistles you are used to. 5. The Doors Ok at first I thought the doors were gimmicky. I mean come on: And of course the sales person tries to convince you that these scissor doors are more practical. But what’s interesting is that they actually are. In absolutely extreme cases of parking close to another car they are definitely impractical, but in 80% of cases including tight spots, they actually open all the way while a regular car will open about 30% and you will be contorting your body to slide into the car. Plus, they are cool =] 6. The Brakes I thought that the Porsche with steel brakes was always the best braking car. The Audi R8 seemed to not have the initial bite and the Ferrari with Ceramics felt like it had Ceramics. Mainly that unless you were on the track they didn’t feel all that confidence inspiring. The ceramics on the 570s are spectacular. And it has the best brake pedal feel of any car. In true race car fashion you don’t get much pedal travel. In fact the brake pedal mostly travels during normal street driving like coming to a red light, after that it’s all about pressure. This gives you tremendous amount of feedback about how hard you are braking and you just feel everything through your leg. Others have commented that the way the car is designed makes it ideal for left foot braking, and it is. The dead pedal surface area is huge and your resting position with the left foot is perfect for sliding it over on to the brakes. 7. Cargo Ok here you definitely lose. The most functional was the Porsche, followed by surprisingly the Ferrari and then the R8, and the McLaren is even smaller. But you can fit one carry on suit case in the front and not much else and something behind you. Usable for a daily driver, but maybe a bit challenging for a roadtrip if it’s more than one person going. 8. Negatives While the electronics are great, the car does have electrical gremlins. They will probably have this worked out next year, but right now it may throw some faults and it’s all related to the the IRIS system, nothing mechanical. The gas tank is smaller compared to the other cars and driving in high RPMs you will use a lot of gas. So be prepared to fill up every other day. I’m talking below 7 mpg and only a 19 gallon tank. Unlike other auto-manual gear box the McLaren acts like a traditional automatic. Meaning when you put into D, or “1” and take your foot of the brake the car will start driving forward. It’s rather annoying and especially since the brake pedal is heavy (which is good for spirited driving) it does get a little cumbersome in stop and go and red-light traffic. 9. Overall As you can see the negatives are really minor. Overall the car is outstanding. The car is not cheap. But you certainly get more than you pay for. A carbon fiber tub, a drivers car that’s raw and stripped down but with great electronics (when they work), amazing looks, best in class performance, and the most direct driving experience of any car out there. Conclusion The McLaren P1 is an amazing automobile and was compared against the best that Porsche and Ferrari had to offer, but most of us will never drive one, much less own one. With the McLaren 570s McLaren has basically laid down the gauntlet to both Porsche and Ferrari. The McLaren 570s is better than anything that either one offers in the price range.

What is your favorite car and why?

There is nothing more beautiful than having a feeling that you have 5 Supercars in your garage just waiting for you to take them for a spin. The 5 best cars which i would definitely want to have in my garage are Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X The Evo X is a legendary race car. It is great car for everyday driving and also packs a punch as a race car with its 2.0 litre engine which provides a 303 horsepower which delivers a colossal mid range torque. It can also be used in off-road conditions owing to its four wheel drive. It also has a five speed manual transmission which i feel is great because it feels old school. This car has quick reflexes and a wealthy heritage. 2. Ford Mustang Fastback 1965 This is one of my favourite cars of all time so i would definitely want to have it in my list. Its one of the most iconic cars in the world. This car has 3 variants which have 160bhp,210bhp and 270bhp with 3 speed and 4 speed both automatic and manual transmissions. This car can be best used for drifting and drag races if given the proper tuning. Its design and shape is one of its most distinctive feature and my favourite. 3. BMW M4 GTS BMW has been my all time favourite car manufacturer. So definitely i will pick the fastest BMW road car ever. The orange wheels and bumper simply makes it a look apart. This car at 493bhp which is 30kg lighter than the M4 can be used as a luxury grand tourer or can be used a quick racecar. Its aerodynamics is simply flawless. 4. McLaren 570s Next i would want to pick from the hypercar section. It is a car to thrill and makes sure people turn their necks to see it. This car has a carbon fibre and aluminium body which makes it durable and lightweight. It has a 562bhp and twin turbo V8 engine which produces enough power similar to a fighter jet. It has a supercar styling to it, exceptional driving dynamics and is affordable for a McLaren. 5. Lamborghini Murcielago Lp670-sv How can i ever forget this beast?? Manufactured by one of the most successful car company in the world,the Murcielago is car to die for. Compared to the earlier LP640, the Sv develops 29 more horsepower raising to it to a total of 661bhp in its v12 6.5 litre engine. So yup that completes my list. 5 cars.

Is a real sports car one with a manual transmission?

The problem is, what do you consider a ‘manual’ transmission? Take the McLaren 570s, it has a dual clutch transmission, with only two pedals. It does not have a torque converter. It is frighteningly fast. It is a sports car. Take the Nissan GTR. Definitely a sports car, still a dual clutch transmission, still only two pedals. It turns out, computers and electronics can shift faster and more accurately than humans. For cars that are focused on speed and performance, that’s a big deal. Take a 2019 Mustang GT. The GT with the 10 speed dual clutch is faster in the 1/4 mile than the traditional manual. Porsche makes their PDK dual clutch, which originated in their race program. People like to argue that driving a sporty car without having full control or doing the work yourself is not the same. I agree. Wind the clock back to the 1990’s and the fastest cars in the world were manuals with six-speed automatics, and 0–60MPH times in the low five second, high four second range. We are talking about cars like the Lambroghini Diablo. Now, the Mustang with the 10 speed can hit those times. Hell a 2019 Kia Stinger in GT trim can hit 0–60 in under five seconds. That has an eight speed transmission. Imagine trying to shift through six gears in under six seconds. Now try eight gears. How about 10? There are plenty of cars that can do it, they just have computers handle the shifting.

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    Here are the Model and variants of McLaren 570S:

    Variants2019 McLaren 570S Coupe2019 McLaren 570S Spider
    ModelMcLaren 570SMcLaren 570S
  • Does McLaren 570S has Steering Tilt?

    No, McLaren 570S doesn't have Steering Tilt.

  • Is McLaren 570S available in Screen Size(inch)?

    No, McLaren 570S isn't available in Screen Size(inch).