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Ora Lightning Cat: Retro-futuristic EV that looks like a budget Panamera

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New Porsche Panamera gets 630 PS & 820 Nm, electric Panamera coming soon?

The 4-door limousine from Porsche, the Porsche Panamera comes in various trims and variants.

Think the Honda City's ad is extreme? This Geely Preface ad compares it to a Porsche Panamera

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Porsche’s electric line-up will see the introduction of an SUV with the new Porsche Macan.

Watch out, Tesla! Lynk & Co Zero EV zeroes in for production in 2021

the model shown is fully camouflaged, we love the shooting brake body style that makes it look like a Porsche

Malaysian orders opened for freshly debuted 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

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BMW i3s sold out in Malaysia

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Ferrari 812 GTS lands in Malaysia, last Ferrari NA V12? From RM 1.5 mill before tax

distributor of Ferrari vehicles in Malaysia have pulled off the wraps for their latest Ferrari 812 GTS

Want an electric car? Here are EVs available in Malaysia and her neighbouring countries

Porsche TaycanPorsche Taycan 4S Porsche Taycan Availability Country Starting Price (RWD)

A CKD Porsche Cayenne will be launched in Malaysia, CKD Taycan next

In what could be a first not just for Malaysia, but also the world, Porsche is reportedly setting up

Porsche Taycan debuts: 761 PS and 1,050 Nm, needs only 2-Speed transmission

is a four-seater but it can also be ordered with a 4+1 seating configuration, just like the Panamera

Can Tesla Model 3 Performance do the same as the new Porsche Taycan on 0-90-0?

The all-electric Porsche pulled off a 0-90-0 spec of an impressive 10.17 seconds.

New 2021 Porsche Panamera produces 630 PS, 820 Nm and sets new Nürburgring lap record

Germans - some of them prefer to smash the Nürburgring lap record, as is the case with the 2021 Porsche

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more than 40 Hong Kong blockbuster movies, he was also part of the cast of the Tomb Raider movie in 2018

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Frankfurt 2019: Ferrari 812 GTS, letting the 6.5L V12 sing with the top down

s victor in the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona.Since then, the front-engine V12 architecture has not been used

Porsche-approved Apple CarPlay for classic Porsche 911 & Boxster is priced from RM6,750

Porsche has introduced their new Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) infotainment system

Porsche Taycan launched in Thailand - costs over RM 1.5 million

Porsche Thailand by AAS Auto Service (AAS), the sole authorised importer and distributor of Porsche cars

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Is being frugal on everything the way to build wealth?

This reminds me of the time I called Dave Ramsey live on his radio show circa 2010. First to answer your question though: yes…..but you don’t have to be frugal on ,everything forever,. Stories abound here and other places of normal people building significant wealth through being frugal, spending way less than they make, and investing your savings. But - eventually you get to a point where your debts are paid off, your mortgage is paid off, your kids college funds are funded, and you are just stacking money up. Just stacking money for the sake of stacking money isn’t that exciting. My wife and I were frugal for a long time and it served us well. But after we were well into 7 figures of wealth, I was still driving a 2000 Honda Civic with 130,000 miles on it. My employees had nicer cars that I did. My car ran fine and it was so cheap to run. But still, I was thinking…,am I becoming a miser? I was, and it was bugging me. I had gotten good and generating a high income while being pretty content with living a very modest lifestyle. Actually, I took PRIDE in a very modest/frugal lifestyle. Still, it didn’t feel great. So I called Dave Ramsey live on air! By that point I had been listening to Dave since 2002 and pretty much followed everything he said (though I use credit cards and pay them off monthly). I told Dave I was debt free and was thinking of getting a new car, but not sure I should because I liked building wealth and my Honda Civic ran fine. Without even asking me more about my financial background he surprised me by saying ,“Well, why don’t you just buy yourself a new car then?” Oh…..I wasn’t expecting that answer. I thought he was going to dig more. We talked a bit more but his input was pretty clear: ,Dude, you’ve done a good job with your money - GO ENJOY LIFE A LITTLE BIT! “Live like no one else, so ,LATER ,you can live like no one else.” ,- Dave Ramsey That was nearly 10 years ago, and while we continued to save and accumulate assets, and have assets appreciate, we have enjoyed our lives. We aren’t frugal about everything at this point. Just the dividends alone from our investments throw off more money each year now than we made in income in the first years of our marriage. Being frugal paid off - but there has to be more to life than stacking up money. And - for the love of god, there isn’t anything wrong with enjoying materialist things here and there. Remember that 2000 Honda Civic I drove with 130,000 miles forever? After talking to Dave, I first replaced it with a new 2012 Acura TL, then 4 years later I upgraded again to a 2014 BMW 750i with 2,000 miles, then this past December I upgraded AGAIN to a 2016 Porsche Panamera GTS American Edition with 10,800 miles. ,OMFG do I love that car., This car looks hot, sounds hot, and makes you want to drive it all the time. This car, among other things, is the culmination of all those years of hard work, frugality and self-denial. My wife and I turn 46 this year. We aren’t going to live forever and we won’t be taking our money with us to the grave. At the end of 2018, we paid off our kids college funds in full. And after that we said 2019, we are going to enjoy ourselves a bit. I got the car, we did some nice upgrades around the house. We are taking a vacation to France (our first, and just our second to Europe - first was last year to Italy). Still, I don’t need a Ferrari or Lamborghini. I’m good with my Porsche as it is deeply satisfying. I do not need a bigger house or more food. I don’t need more stuff and stacking money higher and higher isn’t super exciting after a certain point. What’s left for my wife and I is to make sure our kids are successfully launched into the world, and give back. But, to come back around to your question: be frugal early on, save your money, invest it, but then when you are “in the clear”, come up for air, and enjoy your life a bit. ,You earned it :)

What additional costs should you be prepared for when considering buying a supercar such as Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc.?

The majority of comments on this question are writing nonsense. Ferrari comes with 7 years of prepaid maintenance. Porsche does not, and I am not familiar with Lamborghini. McLaren used to be outrageous on maintenance requirements, they have dialed that back to be competitive with other badges. first oil change In a new Porsche is complimentary. Annual oil changes after that are on the owner and while more expensive than a Honda, they are not terrible. You can change the oil on a 911 yourself with basic tools. carbon ceramic brakes are standard on Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and standard on some on Porsche models, options on others. They last 50k-75k depending on the amount of track use you subject the car to. So if your car has carbon ceramic brakes, you’re really not expecting to have replacement expense through the life of the vehicle. tires are pricey, $400-$550 a corner depending on what you go with. Independent tire shops will charge an additional fee for “exotic wheel” service. Tire wear comes down to how you drive the car. These are 3,500 lb vehicles on average and they are not hard on tires unless you drive like a track day warrior premium fuel is required… and I don’t know where to point you on that one. If the type of fuel that your car requires is important to you, maybe it’s time to consider a Toyota. Insurance is a highly variable expense on any car. What surprises people to learn is that for exotic cars like Ferraris, insurance is not always that expensive because the expectation of miles driven is pretty low. But if you’re 25 years old and you have a DUI and three speeding tickets on your record, it really doesn’t matter what car you buy. What guarantees you a low insurance rate, irrespective of the car you’re insuring, is a good credit score, owning your home, and having a clean driving record. one thing to consider is that because these cars are lightweight by design, they tend not to be hard on suspension and drivetrain components, a major focal point of repairs on modern cars. The last area of expense is one that does not come directly out of your pocket until you sell the car. All of these cars depreciate significantly for the first owner. Unless I was dead set on a unique combination of options or a limited edition car in its first year, I would never buy any of these cars new at full MSRP with dealer markup. I did buy my 911 GTS new, but I scored a great deal with the dealer who just wanted to move the car and I pulled 14% off of the MSRP. My Panamera was bought new, but I ordered that car at the end of a model year ensuring that I would get a one-year-old car when they delivered it a 2018 model in Jan 2019) and with that was able to negotiate a discount on a custom build. McLaren is the worst for depreciation, certain Ferrari models will drop quite a bit in the first two years, and Lamborghini is a lot like Ferrari when it comes to depreciation UPDATE This answer is getting views and I feel compelled to add that owning any of these cars is not for someone on a tight budget. The cost of ownership is no longer what is was back in “the old days” but some things, especially tires, are just expensive by any standard. People who opine with the oft-repeated quips about maintenance and reliability, yet have little practical experience with the cars themselves, fail to acknowledge that these companies do invest in improved reliability and quality. For Ferrari it was 2010 with the introduction of the 458 that you could say they became daily drivable. The Huracán is a similar story and Porsche has always been daily drivable, even the GT cars. McLaren had a rough go with the MP4–12C (the annual maintenance was nutty) and subsequent models got hit really hard with depreciation as a result. In more recent examples like the 570 and the new GT you are seeing a car that you can really live with as an owner. None of these cars is going to be Toyota Camry-like in ownership but then why buy them? If you are looking for a supercar experience and want to control your expenses, buy a 2–3 year old car still under warranty (original or CPO extended) and enjoy it. As I wrote earlier, a Ferrari comes with 7 years of prepaid maintenance so unless you break something through neglect, you won’t have anything other than tires and fuel to cover. A 911 is about as practical as you can get in this class and other than annual oil changes and air cabin filter change, not a lot of expense to cover. If you don’t drive like a warrior, the tires will last a long time on a 911 because of the rear engine config and light weight of the vehicle. The negative camber on the 305 rears will take a toll but even on streetable track Sport Cup2 tires I am getting good wear compared to my AMG, which is a tire and brake eater.


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