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Priced from RM 585k, the 2021 Porsche Taycan RWD is here in Malaysia

Cars in Malaysia, has launched the new 2021 Porsche Taycan RWD here.

Priced from RM 2.2m, Porsche 911 Turbo S lands in Malaysia! AWD, 650 PS, 800 Nm

911 Turbo S.

Watch: Ambulance taken advantage by Porsche Taycan

Over the weekend, social media was abuzz as they united to criticise the actions of a pink Porsche Taycan

Porsche #DrivingTomorrow exhibition opens at Changi Airport, until 16 January 2021

of Porsches journey towards electromobility, and its futureproof solutions and innovations through

Built on evolved Taycan platform, Audi A6 e-tron concept debuts at 2021 Shanghai Auto Show

Taycan and Audi e-tron GT.

Nearly half of Porsche Asia Pacific's sales come from EVs and hybrids, Q1 2021 its best ever

Centre Ara DamansaraFirst deliveries of the Porsche Taycan also took place in Q1 2021, with 150 units

1 in 8 Porsches sold is a Porsche Taycan, main demand from China

Porsche has delivered 9,072 units of the Porsche Taycan world-wide in the first quarter of 2021, only

Porsche Taycan debuts: 761 PS and 1,050 Nm, needs only 2-Speed transmission

Two variants – Turbo and Turbo S Up to 761 PS (with overboost) and 1,050 Nm Top speed of 260 km

First tuner electric car? TECHART refines the Porsche Taycan

German Porsche tuner, TECHART, has announced its new product range for the Porsche Taycan.

Porsche Cayenne GTS and GTS Coupé receive V8 bi-turbo heart, 0-100 km/h in 4.5s

litre V6 biturbo engine from its predecessor, a V8 heart now beats once more under the bonnet of the Porsche

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Malaysian orders opened for freshly debuted 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

For those who think the Porsche Taycan needs extra space in the rear, well, here’s the stunningly

New Porsche Panamera gets 630 PS & 820 Nm, electric Panamera coming soon?

You have the Porsche Panamera, Panamera GTS, Panamera 4 Sport Turismo, Panamera Turbo S, and about ten

Is the Audi e-tron GT just a Porsche Taycan with a different body?

In a recent roundtable with Porsche Indonesia and Mayk Wienkötter (Porsche AG, Spokesperson Product

Porsche Taycan launched in Thailand - costs over RM 1.5 million

Turbo – 9,900,000 THB (1,335,329.04) Taycan Turbo S – 11,700,000 THB (1,578,116.14)Not bad

A CKD Porsche Cayenne will be launched in Malaysia, CKD Taycan next

cars are made in Europe, either at the Porsches own plants in Germany - Zuffenhausen (911, 718

Porsche Malaysia is giving out a 911 GT Edition 1:18 diecast but you have to win it

SDAP’s Facebook and Instagram platform and winners will be announced at the end of the campaign

John Wick star Keanu Reeves ditches Mustang for Porsche Taycan, electric drifts ensue

cult comedy “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” took two Porsche Taycans down the

This Porsche gathering reminds us the joy of driving

Let’s face it, most of us have not driven our cars pass 90 km/h during the pass 6 weeks.

Porsche Taycan mixes water with electricity at Sydney's Darling Harbor

Porsche Australia launched the 2021 Porsche Taycan earlier this month.

Tesla Model S Plaid unveiled: 1,100 PS, 0-100 in less than 2 seconds

figures are yet to be confirmed, but the presentation makes the following bold claims: Quickest 0-60

The Volvo S60 T8 does 0-100 km/h in 4.4s, what cars can it keep up with?

BMW i8 coupe, 0-100 km/h 4.4 secondsAlso a hybrid like the S60 T8, its 1.5-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder

Is the road tax actually cheaper for electric cars in Malaysia?

Porsche Taycan Turbo S (560 kW)- RM 11,594 Road Tax?

Can Tesla Model 3 Performance do the same as the new Porsche Taycan on 0-90-0?

The all-electric Porsche pulled off a 0-90-0 spec of an impressive 10.17 seconds.

The next Porsche Macan is all-electric, based on Porsche Taycan platform

Porsches electric line-up will see the introduction of an SUV with the new Porsche Macan.

Review: Porsche Taycan 4S - an electrifying, synapse-frying performance car

" Asked my colleague Shaun as we barrelled along in the Porsche Taycan 4S.

Review: Porsche 718 Cayman GT4, a perfectly irrational middle finger to turbo+DCT sports cars

Same recipe as the original, but more of everything. 420 PS, and 420 Nm of torque, 0-100 km/h in 4.4

The 2020 Porsche Taycan is the world’s most innovative car

those are still round), the boffins at the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) have awarded the 2020 Porsche

Will Malaysia be launching a CKD Porsche Macan?

Some of the models planned include the Porsche Cayenne and the Porsche Taycan.

Porsche says no to full-electric Porsche 911, but a hybrid is possible

Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume, has confirmed that the Porsche 911 will never become a fully electric car.

Porsche Taycan Launched in Malaysia, RM 725K only? 761 PS and 1050 Nm

Three variants (Taycan 4S, Taycan Turbo, and Taycan Turbo S) are now available for the keen early adopters

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The New Porsche Taycan Turbo S0-100 km/h in 2.8sec only !coming soon!In Mamba Green Consult us for more professional and expert informations. Steven LimPorsche Brand Ambassador 012-378 3290 #passionforporsche

Arrgh! #Porsche #Taycan Turbo S beats the #Tesla Model S #P100D in 0-100 and 0-250 km/h acceleration times and with a big margin at the end.It's high time we need the #Plaid #ModelS @Tesla, Watch comparison test #video...#PorscheTaycan #TeslaModelS

Porsche Taycan Turbo S- Experience With Laura Natalie Siegemund German professional tennis player Porsche Taycan Turbo S- Experience With Laura Natalie Siegemund German professional tennis playerPerformanceAcceleration 0 - 100 km/h 2.8 secTop Speed 2… https://youtu.be/68_fUr9AQmE

"In the following video, we can see the Tesla Model S P100D lose to the Porsche Taycan Turbo S in terms of reaching 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) and up to 0–250 km/h, where the Taycan truly shines."Took them long to pick this up. $TSLA $TSLAQ

Porsche Taycan Turbo S, all electric 761 HP. 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. Looking forward to see it on the road .... #porschecarreracup #porschefrance #porsche #porschetaycan #turbos #turbo #newcar…

Spotted the new @porsche Taycan Turbo S at a local hybrid-car event..That’s one fast beauty 0-100 : 2.8 sec., 0-200 : 9.6 sec. Topspeed : 260 km/tPrice starts at 1.7 mill. Dkr.#porsche #ForzaHorizon4 Not my best shots

“News Links” Porsche Taycan Turbo S Beats Tesla Model S P100D In 0–100 km/h & 0–250 km/h Acceleration Times via @cleantechnica

Porsche Taycan Turbo S - Expensive all electric car - 0 - 100 km/giờ tro... qua @YouTube

porsche taycan turbo s 0-100 Q&A Review

Does Tesla's Roadster justify its $200,000 base price?

Does Tesla's Roadster justify its $200,000 base price? , Absolutely. Any car that has ,similar performances, (Bugatti, Koenigsegg etc.), even an electric one like Rimac has a price that is about ten times higher. On the other hand, it leaves in the dust any sports car of a ,similar price, like Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini. When it comes to cars we all like pictures. I think this one explains my point the best. Source: Cleantechnica. Edit July 2019:, Recent rumours are saying that this 0–60 time will be achievable only with the $50k SpaceX upgrade (rocket boosters). ,Without them the base model will make this 0–60 in “only” 2,1 second., OK. I can live with that. Both times are insanely small. Edit September 2019:, Just recently Porsche unveiled its fully electric top-spec Taycan Turbo S (I know, a silly name, an electric car with “Turbo” in its name). ,Porsche Taycan - Wikipedia, Specs: 93,4 kWh battery, 560 kW motors. 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in 2,8 seconds. Top speed: 262 km/h (163 mph).. Range: 388–412 km (241–256 miles) - WLTP ,Porsche Taycan Turbo S Gets Low 192-Mile Range From EPA, Very decent sports car performance numbers, but the ,base price, (without any additional options) is $185.000. Edit December 2019:, Tesla’s competitors keep making my case to an almost laughable extent. ,Electric Corvette prototype breaks top speed record at 211.8 mph (340.85 km/h) - Electrek, OK, it’s a nice number, but this performance comes at a cost: a range of only “above 175 miles”. And it will have a 7 or 8 gear transmission - which is a laughable feature to anybody who knows how electric motors work. I’t shows wasteful nostalgia, lack of knowledge, hauling around dead weight or simply skipping the investment in a gearbox that might make sense - 3rd gear and the top gear. Everything else is just wasted money. ,The announced price is around $750,000 and the planned production is - 75 cars., In normal language - ,Genovation already knows that this car won’t sell. Edit January 2020:, Another competitor which proves my case: ,Drako GTE electric supercar gets benchmarked against Tesla Model S P100D - Electrek, Based on Fisker Karma, the design predecessor / competitor of Tesla Model S, it is quicker than the Model S Performance. With a 90 kWh battery and four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous 225 kW motors (about 1200 HP), it is of course a quarter mile champion - and has a top speed of 206 mph. Don’t ask me about its range, but I am guessing roughly half of the Model S, let alone the Roadster. So on a 1/4 mile it might be neck on neck with the Roadster, maybe even having a slight advantage because of lower weight, but in any other aspect (top speed, range) it will be left in the dust. ,Drako says that it plans to make only 25 units with a ,$1.25 million, base price., Yeah. You already know the specs of the Roadster 2. Now I am asking you: ,are $200.000 justified? , The better question should be - ,why will Tesla sell the Roadster so cheaply?

Do you think that electric Porsche's Tyacan will challenge Tesla?

To answer your question, it is. Porsche, has been on the top of the game in every car segment for years. Tesla may have been the pioneer of the electric car industry, but other brands are being created to join this electric car revolution. Tesla has to worry about the Porsche Taycan not only because it is a competitor in terms of performance to the Model S, but, it is Porsche’s FIRST EVER electric car… having the numbers that the Taycan Turbo S showed recently against the Model S, I would be scared to the bones If I was Elon Musk. Let’s analyze the Teslas and the Taycans. The Porsche Taycan is Porsche’s newest model and its first-ever electric car. Porsche launched the Taycan in three different versions: Taycan 4S 4dr Sedan AWD (electric 2AM) which starts at $103,800. Taycan Turbo 4dr Sedan AWD (electric 2AM) which starts at $150,900 Taycan Turbo S 4dr Sedan AWD (electric 2AM) which starts at $185,000 Each model has its competitor, where the Taycan 4S competes against the Model S 75D (base model) priced at 60,000 dollars, The Taycan Turbo competes against the Model S 90D which is about 90,000 dollars, and the Taycan Turbo S competes against the Tesla Model S P100D or next-up Performance. I will compare the Taycan Turbo S and the Tesla Model S P100D with each other because they are the top models and the most solicited of both… being the model that has “the most to offer” by both brands. The most important neck-to-neck specifications are the next: 0–60 time: Taycan in 2.6 seconds and Tesla in 2.5 seconds 0–120 time: Taycan in 12 seconds and the Tesla in 10 seconds Around the same amount of charging capacity, as both cars can do about 220 miles at a constant speed of 75 miles per hour *Image and information from Car and Driver Magazine Now, charging time. It would not be fun to be afraid to loose all battery in both cars, and sometimes you are short in time, so you need the fastest-charging car… Teslas, ,take, about 20 minutes to ,charge, to 50%, 40 minutes to ,charge, to 80%, and 75 minutes to 100% on the original 85 kWh Model S. The ,Tesla Model S P100D, can be charged in ,5 hours,. The ,charging time, is estimated by dividing the battery capacity by the ,charge, capacity of the ,charge, point. If you have the ,Performance, ,variant, — which has a range of 370 miles — it costs $15.29 for a full charge based on electricity prices of ,13 cents, per kWh and 85% charging efficiency. That gives you a charging cost of 4.1 cents a mile, or $4.10 per 100 miles. The Porsche is around these times and specs… Taycan drivers, can comfortably charge their vehicles with up to 11 kW of alternating current (AC) at home. On the road, they benefit from the vehicle's ,800-volt technology, and the ingenious temperature control strategy for the battery. The Performance Battery Plus allows the vehicle to be charged with higher currents (direct current, DC), thus speeding up the process significantly: ,in just over five minutes, the battery can be recharged for a range of up to 100 kilometres (according to WLTP),. The charging time for five to 80 percent SoC (state of charge) is 22.5 minutes in ideal conditions at 800-volt high-power charging stations, with a maximum charging capacity (peak) of 270 kW. The ,charging time, for five to 80 percent SoC (state of ,charge,) is 22.5 minutes in ideal conditions at 800-volt high-power ,charging, stations, with a maximum ,charging, capacity (peak) of 270 kW. As a conclusion, both cars are amazing. I would take the Taycan Turbo S because I am a Porsche brand lover and owner, but I would be afraid that my other cars and my house would get on fire, as it happened to one Taycan owner already. I will leave it up to you to decide: Taycan or Model S? Be sure to comment! Thank you for the upvotes!

Why is Porsche fighting Tesla so hard?

Because Porsche wants to show it can build electric cars too! Porsche Taycan - Wikipedia The Porsche Taycan is an ,all-electric, car first unveiled in as a concept car named Mission E at the ,2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, and now in production form. It is Porsche's first series production electric car. and is planned to be sold in several variants of different performance levels, and it could spawn derivatives in a future line-up of models based on its platform. A drag race was held by TopGear between the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and the Tesla Model S. The Porsche Taycan Turbo S ran a drag race five times and won every time against the Tesla Model S by a small but increasing margin with each subsequent race. The best figures recorded for the Taycan Turbo S were: 0-60: 2.61 0-100: 6.12 ¼ mile: 10.69s @ 131.6mph The best figures recorded for the Tesla Model S Performance were: 0-60: 2.83 0-100: 6.64 ¼ mile: 11.23s @ 123.2mph The Tesla was in Ludicrous+ mode, the battery was pre-conditioned and both cars had around 85 per cent charge before the first run. Tesla Model S vs Porsche Taycan: Top Gear pits a tech titan against a true driver's car The rest of the comparisons between the two vehicles covered the Model S Performance and Taycan Turbo S’ features and behavior on the road. ,Top Gear, deputy editor Jack Rix noted that the Taycan drives better as it provides a more intimate connection with its driver, but the Model S is still the gold standard when it comes to convenience. Tesla’s vast Supercharger Network, coupled with ,V10’s entertainment features, such as Tesla Theater, as well as the Model S’ large interior space and trunk capacity, make the sedan a great vehicle for long drives with passengers. The Taycan, on the other hand, provides a far more basic experience when it comes to driving. It drives excellently in ,true Porsche tradition,, much better than the Model S, but it does not offer much in the way of comfort. The rear seats are notably cramped compared to the Model S, and its frunk and trunk capacity are far less than those in the Silicon Valley-made vehicle. The Taycan’s software and entertainment features are also a step down from the Model S. It does have Apple CarPlay, which the Model S does not have, but its infotainment system is basic compared to Tesla’s. Overall, ,Top Gear,‘s conclusions are pretty perfect for the two cars. For customers who want a quick daily driver that’s comfortable, capable of hauling people and luggage on long trips while being supported by a robust fast-charging network, it’s hard to go wrong with the Model S Performance. For drivers who wish to have a real connection with their vehicle and have an almost emotional experience while driving, there is no reason to skip the Taycan Turbo S. The Tesla Model S Performance and the Porsche Taycan Turbo S are ,different cars for different people,, and they are both excellent in doing what they aim to do.

Is there an electric coupe/convertible that has AWD, has a top speed of over 200 MPH, can go 0-60 in under 3 seconds, has luxury to boot, and has decent boot space?

Is there an electric coupe/convertible that has AWD, has a top speed of over 200 MPH, can go 0-60 in under 3 seconds, has luxury to boot, and has decent boot space? The first one which could come close is the ,Porsche Taycan Turbo S, - but it is limited to 262 km/h (163 mph). The electric sports car that goes with your specifications is the ,Tesla Roadster,., 0–60 in about 2 seconds, 2+2 seats, with AFIK an optional targa (removable) roof (don’t quote me on that), 400+ km/h (250+ mph) top speed. Only the boot space is unknown to me, but I don’t think that many people will buy it to be actually used as a 4-seater. There is the prototype. It will probably go in production and get available by early 2022, with a price between $200,000 and $250,000. The Tesla Autopilot will probably come for free. You are probably asking about the ,modified electric Corvette,, the ,Genovation GXE Corvette: The 800-HP, $750,000 Green Hypercar, Well, if you think that an EV sports car needs several gears, but a battery with only 61 kWh (Tesla Model S Performance has 100 kWh, the Roadster 2, as mentioned, will have 200 kWh), well - that’s the car for you. ,Just have these ,$750k, ready., Just allow me an opinion - ,you have too much money, ,since it is a car that is designed for joy rides that take 15 minutes, maybe 30 if you take it a lot more easy. As a daily driver, with this performance, but a battery that equals the first, entry level Tesla Model S 60 from 2012? Well, OK, but don’t say that you haven’t been warned. It’s a car where you can rattle down its specs to boost your image, maybe do an impressive run on a drag strip - but then the show stops. And I think that even there it might struggle against a Model S Raven and even more against the coming Model S Plaid, except when it comes to top speed., Yeah. And yes, there is the ,Rimac Automobili C_Two hypercar, - with insane power, quite likely quicker than the Roadster - but also an insane price. I just think you’d be the first who would ask about it’s ,boot space -, because nobody cares. There is another one, the ,Lotus Evija,, fairly comparable to the Rimac C_Two - but I don’t think it has a boot space for more than a lunch box and a credit card either. Edit 24–09–2020: ,The Tesla Model S Plaid has been unveiled, it should be the perfect car for you. It isn’t a coupe, it is more a sports sedan, but in any other aspect it fills in all desired requirements: ,Tesla unveils Model S Plaid: 520+ miles, 200 mph, and 0-60mph in less than 2s - Electrek, ,I won’t publish any pictures because these which are currently available are from a fairly short demo on a race track, so it is a bit early. With a price of “merely” ,$140k,, I think it is (in comparison to others) ,a bargain., But, I don’t think that you will complain about the boot space, it has plenty of it. Lucid Air,, it’s competitor, won’t be an option since it is limited to ,“only” 168 mph,, and that one is really built as a (very fast and very premium) sedan.

Will Ford be able to beat Tesla to market with the electric F150?

Will Ford be able to beat Tesla to market with the electric F150? Let me tell two stories first. Almost 3 years ago, in 2016, Chevrolet was first in the mid-priced EV market with a decent EV, the Bolt with a60 kWh battery. It is OK, it works, but it isn’t anything special. More than a year later Tesla started the production of the Model 3. First the Long Range, Performance, Mid Range. By the time it started the base version Standard Plus, which is priced roughly the same as the Bolt, you don’t hear a beep about the Chevrolet Bolt anymore. ,Yes, it still gets sold, but barely. Just recently in September 2019 Porsche unveiled its electric sports car Taycan. A true Porsche, with Porsche 911/Panamera looks and performance, built with the help of Rimac, the builder of two supercars, the Concept 1 and Concept 2. It is slightly better on a race track, Tesla has more range and accelerates better, both have pro’s and con’s. The catch: Model S performance has a price of $105k - $115k (with all options), the competing Taycan Turbo S starts at $185k - and goes up to $225k. ,Roughy twice the price. ,Roughly a year from now, maybe a bit later, Tesla will start the production of the Roadster 2. With twice the battery size, 3 motors instead of 2, a 0–100 km/h of 2,2 instead of 2,8 seconds and a top speed of 400 km/h instead of 260 km/h, it will blow the Taycan out of the water. ,All that while having roughly the same price as the Taycan Turbo S. So to answer your question. Will Ford be the first in the pickup market? Possibly. Will it matter? Will it be better? Errr … no. Once Tesla starts to produce its own pickup, it will be able to sell as much of them as it wants (or is able to produce). With Ford? I’m not so sure. We will see.

How much does the most expensive electric car cost in 2021?

The top-spec Porsche Taycan Turbo S can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, onto a top speed of 260 km/h. It is set to become India's most expensive electric car at a price of around Rs. 2.5 crore. India would receive the 2021 Porsche Taycan, which packs several upgrades over the launch model.

What is the best electric car on the market?

This definitely depends on what one defines “best” as, because there is no single electric car which excels in every category, but instead many which are outstanding in different ways. On the affordable end of the spectrum, the upcoming Volkswagen ID3 offers a very appealing package. I would say that this is the best mass-market electric car. It has up to 550km (340 mile) range in its highest trim, while prices start at only $30,000. Being a car from Volkswagen, reliability will certainly not be a worry. It is likely to be the best selling electric car: On the complete opposite end of the price range is the Pininfarina Battista, a 1900 horsepower electric hypercar from the Italian designers, Pininfarina Automobili, famous for designing several of the most historic Ferraris. This will be one of the fastest cars in the world, doing 0–100km/h in just 1.85 seconds. This pits it against rivals like the Lotus Evija and Rimac C_two, both of which have similarly ludicrous levels of power. It will cost a cool $2 million: In terms of pure driver engagement and at a (relatively) much lower price, the Porsche Taycan certainly claims the prize for being the best driver’s car. Manufactured by a company that has been producing the most rounded sports cars for several decades, the driving experience, as expected, certainly does not disappoint. In the top-of-the-line Turbo S trim, the Taycan has 750 horsepower and can do 0–100km/h in just 2.6 seconds. Now you may (or may not) be thinking: “hang on, isn’t that 0.2 seconds slower than a Tesla Model S P100d in ludicrous mode?!” But, the Tesla needs the optimum conditions for such a launch, and also it can only be done once before the car needs time to cool down. The Porsche’s launch is constantly repeatable with very little deterioration - its test driver at Porsche launched it so many times he was sick and had to stop! But the Taycan isn’t all about straight line acceleration, as it has advanced body control that keeps it stable around corners and helps it to disguise its 2.3 ton weight (which is still much lighter than a Tesla model S), making it an impressive track weapon: Finally, perhaps the best all-rounder is the Tesla Model 3. This car offer much more practicality than the Porsche Taycan with 60 litres more boot space and also a proper rear bench with three seats (rather than 2 in the Porsche as standard). It is also significantly cheaper at $35,000 compared to the Porsche’s $100,000. The range is also better - it can do up to 520km on a single charge. The Model 3’s performance is also nothing to be ashamed of, with the fastest model 3 capable of 0–100km/h in just 3.5 seconds. In conclusion, it is a reasonably affordable, practical and fast car that can suit just about anybody’s needs:

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    Tell me the Costs of Porsche Taycan.

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    The Costs of the Porsche Taycan are as follow:

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    Is Porsche Taycan available in Rear Airbags?


    No, Porsche Taycan isn't available in Rear Airbags.

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    What are the Electric variants of Porsche Taycan?


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