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All-new 2021 Subaru BRZ unveiled - 2.4L NA, 231 PS/249 Nm, 6-speed manual

Subaru has unveiled the all-new 2021 Subaru BRZ at the Thermal Club Raceway in California, U.S.

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Spoiler still for sale! I'll let it go for $300! #scion #frs #subaru #brz http://instagram.com/p/oWWy-DnsoP/

Brand new #Cusco oil catch can for #scion #FRS #Subaru #brz still for sale! LA/OC area only!… https://instagram.com/p/BHA-XwiBePX/

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What are some of the unknown facts about car production?

I don’t know if you know, but car manufacturers earn more on spare parts and services than the sale of the actual car? Manufacturers can use the same components for different cars. For example, SUVs can use the chassis of the Trucks being produced. It saves on cost because it requires less input for R&D. Also engines can be used for several cars in their current production, for example Subaru Forster use the same engine with the Subaru STI back then it was the EJ25. Last, manufacturers often collaborate on making cars and then use the same cars and sell it under different names, also it can be under a different brand. For example Toyota GT86, Scion FRS, and Subaru BRZ are one and the same car with only few difference in tuning for each car, but the hardware is basically the same.

Why are Toyota and Volkswagen the most successful car companies on earth (in terms of auto sales)? What did they do right?

Well, they’re both the most successful for very different reasons. But also some of the same. The short answer is they’re both very innovative, they both hit their target market perfectly. I lived in Germany, and I’m a VW/Audi master tech so I can shed some light. Toyota is very innovative in process improvement. If you’ve ever heard of lean, 6 sigma, or just in time manufacturing, Toyota invented them all. My wife is in the dental insurance industry and THEY use 6 sigma processes, which Toyota came up with. Basically Toyota realized that in their factory there was redundancy and waste. The tracked everything and analyzed it and realized that people wasted a lot of time walking back and forth to get certain things for their job. So Toyota decided to move everything the assembly workers need to within as close to the worker as possible, within arms reach if they can. That could be as simple as making sure that trash cans were at every station so they didn’t have to walk 20 feet to one. They also aimed to get the factory down to ZERO waste, as in they don’t even have garbage cans anymore, it all gets recycled. Another really HUGE thing they figured out, is that in a typical factory, the parts to build a the cars get shipped in to their shipping department, where they had to be sorted and then put on shelves in inventory. Or, for example the metal for machinists to make parts would come in weeks in advance and have to be sorted, and stored. That means that they had a bunch of employees whose sole job was to put things on a shelf, just to take it back off again. So they came up with just in time manufacturing. In a just in time manufacturing environment, the goal with EVERYTHING is “handle it once”. This means they order things, and have them delivered right before they’re used. So it comes into the factory and gets delivered directly to the workers station who needs it. This means less employees, it means less downtime while the assembly line waits for parts to be pulled, just to find out the warehouse can’t find it because it got put in the wrong spot. Because it’s getting handled two or more times, you’re doubling or tripling the risk of things getting broken, forklift accidents happening, and shrinkage, which is the theft of product. Here’s a fun video to lighten the mood lol. They also concentrated on buying machines that were the right size for the job and not bigger so that machining setup between parts could be done quick (as a machinist, I’ve had a job where the setup between parts took an entire 10 hr shift and then some to change out the plates where the parts are held. We were making the titanium ribs for the Boeing 777…50k dollars per part! Making the machines no bigger than needed saved cost as well. Toyota doesn’t really build GREAT cars. I’ve had a lot of experience with them in my days as a mechanic. They do run FOREVER, and they’re cheap to fix, and unlike German cars, any shop in the world can fix them easily without being a specialist. However, they burn and leak shit tons of oil normally, when I worked at Jiffy Lube at 16 years old, we had a ton of Toyota customers, because Jiffy Lube offers free oil top ups with any oil change. We had guys with Toyotas that had close to 300k miles, and would stop by every other day to get a quart or two of oil, but it kept running. Toyota makes cheap, economy cars for the masses that get good fuel mileage, and are reliable. With the exception of the Supra, they don’t really have any performance models. They DID use to have the AE86 Corolla, and they have the FRS now which has a Subaru motor with a Toyota body I believe. However, for their “performance” car, it’s pretty weak. I drove down to LA to see my Army buddy in my brand new 2013 VW Sportwagen TDI 6 speed, my car was faster AND handled pretty close to as well as the FRS did. In my opinion some of the suspensions Toyota puts on their cars in America should be illegal. I rented a Yaris once, and was just going the speed the offramp told me to go, 30 or something, and there was so much body roll I almost wrecked the car. And then people go put their 16 year old daughter in it, who doesn’t know how to drive, and she’s in a car with unpredictable handling. An 02 VW Jetta 2.0 with 130k miles on the stock shocks will outhandle many new Toyotas. It’s pathetic. And the performance VW models like even the Jetta GLI will destroy all Toyotas. But that’s not what they do, they build cheap reliable cars for people who, in my opinion, don’t enjoy driving as a past time, don’t know about cars, and view their vehicle as merely transportation, rather than a hobby as VW owners do. As proof, Toyota tried to market the Scion brand to younger people interested in sporty cars, basically the 18 to 26 range. The brand was a failure, and lasted only 10 years…Why? Because people who know about cars and want a fun car wouldn’t consider a Toyota. The caveat to that is that there ARE turbo kits for the FRS and Subaru BRZ that make them haul ass, and they’re rear wheel drive and close to a 50/50 weight distribution. But if you can’t afford to do that it’s worthless, Toyota also makes trucks for business, and pickups, which are quality vehicles. Now, VW on the other hand has done it through building relationships with their customers. ,VWVortex, which is an enthusiast site was once the largest car website in the World. The Beetle was like the first car on Earth capable of going 60 mph for an extended period of time without overheating due to being aircooled. Hitler worked with Ferdinand Porsche and designed much of the Beetle including some initial sketches of it, as well as demanding it got 40 mpg, was affordable to the avg German family, could seat 4, and could drive 60 forever without overheating. He intended to have a 24 hour race at Nurnburgring, but WW2 interrupted that, and Ferdinand Porsche fled Germany. The VW plant transitioned to making war vehicles like the 4wd Kubelwagen, which looked like the VW Thing. Allieds bombed the hell out of it, but after the war a British officer realized it would be instrumental in rebuilding their economy and made sure the Beetle went into production. The Beetle surpassed the model T for most vehicles sold ever, and that was beat by the VW Golf later and now has changed to like the Civic or something. Anyway, VW makes sure to sponsor car shows, and nearly every model of car they’ve made since going watercooled has been offered in a performance model that was faster than nearly all other cars besides mustangs and camaros, corvettes, and dodge hemis. The parts are highly interchangeable making them easy to modify, and that interchangeability is what has made them so profitable. VW went to a modular design 5 or 10 years ago that allows them to build every model they make on the same unibody…but you’d never know it from looking. Unlike some other companies, when there’s a safety issue, VW issues a recall BEFORE they get sued. There have been times when they have been sued over things like oil leaks, or burning oil, but they’d never pull a Toyota and wait until they’re sued for unintended acceleration. They were probably right that it wasn’t vehicles just taking off on their own while the customer was on the brakes, their pedal assemblies were just designed poorly and allowed people to accidentally hit the throttle while they hit the brake. Now take VW and Audi, whose motto is Truth in Engineering. Our cars, if you hit the brake pedal, even if you hit the throttle, the engine will cut all power and go to idle. VW and Audi are often 15 to 20 years ahead of the rest of the manufacturers. Take gasoline direct injection, all the manufacturers were trying to perfect if for a decade or so, and VW beat them all. Direct injection is a game changer because it allows you to run a far leaner mixture while cruising, because it isn’t pulled in with the air and compressed, so there’s not physically enough time for the engine to detonate. They also were first to market with the DSG automatic transmission. Most automatic transmissions use a drum with alternating friction and steel disks, and the valve body then presses these disks together as it changes gears. They look fragile right? They are, most autos don’t last 200k miles. The DSG is a manual transmission with dual wet clutches like a motorcycle has for a clutch. So, unlike the autos other brands have, it’s very reliable, and it can shift faster than any human can. I still don’t think they’re as fun, and they can’t anticipate when you need to push the throttle and speed up to avoid an accident so downshifting is weird. This technology is so important that Porsche petitioned the government to allow a company to own more than 50% of VW and Audi for the first time in history. Prior to that the government owned 51%. They did it for the trans, and they did it by shortselling stock, which means borrowing stock betting that your own company will do better than the other, and you can then take over them in a hostile takeover. It failed spectacularly due to VWs new technology, and the guy that masterminded that plan jumped in front of a train and killed himself. Take the braking system as well, VW and Audi (and BMW) have used the ABS system to brake the wheel that loses traction in order to send power to the other side which HAS traction, then when that side loses traction it pulses that brake. Effectively it creates a limited slip differential. This has been around since 1998, and Ford is JUST NOW advertising it this year. That’s why this Touareg is able to drag this truck like nothing. They’re VERY safe as well, for example I know of no other brand that has pyrotechnic seatbelts that go off in an accident to remove all the slack from the belt so you don’t fly toward the airbag. And they use a pressure sensor in the passenger seat to detect if it’s an adult or child and deploy airbags accordingly. I’ve seen an Audi S4 that wrecked at close to 50 mph into a tree and the guy walked away without a scratch. And they’re really nice. I had a base model 99 A6 wagon that had heated REAR seats, you won’t even see that now in a car under 40 or so thousand. People complain they have electrical issues, but it’s mostly people who shouldn’t be fixing their own cars. I own 3 German cars over 200k miles and they have no lights. They’re easy to make fast because many are turbo, I tune cars, and I can make a 180 hp 1.8t put down close to 300 at the crank with no other mods. Watch the video below if you’d like. And you can take a 1.8t and unlike a Honda which uses different engines and trans for each motor, you can bolt a 1.8t from a 2003 VW right to your trans in your 77 rabbit, it even has the holes for the motor mount on the block. They’re like legos.

How can I know if a classic car will appreciate in value?

Wow! That's really a great question. For analysing if a car would be appreciated someday, you really need to know a lot of things. Like, 1) The impact the car had on the market 2) Sales for a particular model over the years 3) Body style. The car really needs to have beautiful design features. For example, it is needless to say that the 2015 Mustang would someday be a classic 4) What differentiated the car from it's competitors? 5) How good of a performer is the car? 6) The car really has to have one or the other strong forte. Either exceptional design features, performance, handling, or elegance. 7) Be in touch with what all is going on in the car tuning scene. That gives you an idea about what cars are popular with the tuners right now. Chances are that some of these cars would be classics There is really no single criteria for this. Public perception for a particular car cannot really be predicted. But you will definitely get a rough idea from the above points. From today's market, I believe these cars would be collectible at some time: 1) 2015 Mustang 2) Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS/Toyota GT86 3) Subaru WRX 4) Dodge Charger/Challenger Hellcat 5) Ford Focus ST Hope this helps. :)

If I teach in America, can I ever buy a cool car?

Yes. First if all, depending where you teach, teachers actually can make a good living. Second, having a cool car us not just about your cash or income - it us AZ bout knowing what cars offer cool features and performance regardless of price. Quick example: My 2017 Civic SI SI cost about $ 24,000 brand new. A Jaguar F-Type cost 3 times that much. My ‘humble' Honda Civic has better handling and braking, and came with a very cool six speed manual transmission, and two driving modes. It also came with dual climate controls, sunroof, 14 cubic feet of easy to use trunk space, room for 5 passengers, a cool virtual gauge cluster with turbo pressure, brake force, shift lights, lap timer, etc., bucket seats, leather wrapped steering wheel, Android and Apple car play, satellite radio, keyless entry, push button start, etc. The Jaguar? Gorgeous shape to be sure, but even dual climate control is an optional extra. Really? And forget day to day practicality. I love looking at them - but money aside you couldn't give me one. Especially when an automatic transmission is the only option. And the interior is cramped. And visibility is not great. Etc. And if you want something ‘cooler’ than a Civic SI, a Civic Type R is still only $ 38K US and is one of the best driver’s cars at any price. And can still work well as a daily driver. And unlike that Jag has extremely high resale value. Of course, if you are a glutton for punishment by means of frequent and large repair bill's, you can get some high style European luxury/performance cars for a good price used. But then you will be giving up that savings every time it goes into the shop. So that really cheap used BMW/Audi/Porsche etc. is being sold cheap for a reason. Or you can buy some cool older Japanese sports cars, and the repairs and maintenance will be manageable. A Mazda RX-8 revs to the moon, has legendary handling, leather seats on some models, and can be found at a good price. Just know they burn oil. So you have to keep on top of that. You can also look at a few year old Subaru BRZ or Scion FRS for a very pure, lightweight sports car. Power could be better, but most critics rave about the handling and feel, and they look sharp as well. A new Toyota Supra may be too expensive, but for an amazing roadster that will cost you almost nothing to maintain how about a Toyota MR2 Spyder? A mid- rear engine design, good mileage, bulletproof engine, and with some sticky Yokohamas on it this little roadster will run circles around most cars through the curves. Mine gave me no issues the four years I owned one, and got lots of positive comments. Red is the best color on this model. Only knock is lack of storage, but once you drive it you won't really care. Like the Mazda RX-8 you can find plenty of these for $6,000 - $ 10,000 US in good shape. Happy car shopping. Like I said, you don't have to be rich to drive a cool car. That is a lie that companies who make overpriced, unreliable, and flawed vehicles want you to believe. They figure you'll buy into their marketing and status and forget to really look at what you are getting for the money. Which can be headaches and regrets. That is why there are so many high end cars for sale. That is not to say that there's not some expensive cars that are worth owning - even if they are overpriced. But the real thrill is finding something cool that is attainable, and that you can live with. I have owned BMW and Jaguar. I have driven Porsches, Lotus, Corvettes, Mercedes, Audis, etc. I am very happy with the Lexus and Honda in my garage. I can sleep well at night. And so can you.

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