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The 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan R packs 320 PS, AWD, 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds!

Like the recent surge in Malaysias Covid-19 cases, the headlining numbers the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan

2020 VW Tiguan Allspace launched in Malaysia, 7 seats, up to 220 PS, from RM 164k

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia has just launched the new 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace.

Frankfurt 2019: Volkswagen unveils new logo

At the ongoing 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show, Volkswagen has unveiled its brand new logo, alongside

Deal breakers: Love the Volkswagen Tiguan, but wish its suspension was more pliant

Make no mistake, the Volkswagen Tiguan is an excellent SUV.

Review: Volkswagen Tiguan - Should you be brave and take this over the Honda CR-V?

model – the Volkswagen Tiguan.

New 2021 VW Tiguan Allspace facelift debuts - Now with semi-autonomous driving, MIB3

Say hello to the facelifted 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace!

After VW Golf and Polo, the next GTI in line might be the Tiguan

Volkswagen TiguanVolkswagen Tiguan has been the automakers best-selling model in their line up, and it

Spied: 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan facelift coming soon?

3/4 view of the facelifted Volkswagen Tiguan, shot by CocheSpias.Volkswagen Tiguan was launched here

2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 1.4 TSI vs 2.0 TSI - Do you need the extra power?

Volkswagen Malaysia was on a roll earlier this year with the simultaneous introduction of several new

VW Tiguan Allspace vs Mazda CX-8 vs Mitsubishi Outlander – Which is the alright choice?

Volkswagen has just launched the new 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace in Malaysia.

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In Brief: Volkswagen Tiguan – Ageing but still worth going for a test drive?

(2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Price and Specs | Gallery)Volkswagen TiguanThe Volkswagen Tiguan is a crossover

New 2021 VW Tiguan Allspace facelift teased! New tail lights, MIB3 infotainment

That is the date given by Volkswagen for the global unveiling of its new 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

2021 VW Tiguan Allspace Highline 1.4 in Malaysia gets new wheels, LED taillamps, USB-C sockets

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) has updated the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Highline 1.4

VW teases 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan facelift

The current Volkswagen Tiguan has been on sale here since 2017, and it desperately needs a facelift,

2020 VW Arteon, Passat R-Line and Tiguan Allspace to make Malaysian debut on Aug 12!

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia is set to introduce three new models this week - namely the 2020 Volkswagen

2021 VW Tiguan facelift, Tiguan R joins the line-up.

VW has just unveiled the 2021 Tiguan facelift.

Volkswagen Tiguan overtakes the Golf as VW's best-selling model

The production of Volkswagen Tiguan just broke six million mark globally, making it as the best-selling

Free instalments for 6 months with a new Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) celebrates the Tiguan for being the best seller, breaking six-million

5 things we like about the VW Tiguan Allspace

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) just took the covers off the VW Tiguan Allspace – a 7

United We Drive: Volkswagen Launches New UNITED Limited Edition Models

of the Passat and Tiguan models.

Proton X70 vs Honda CR-V vs Volkswagen Tiguan - which is the better SUV?

No wonder it was a dominant force to be reckoned with.(2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Gallery | Specifications

Volkswagen teases new compact SUV for America – Tiguan smAllspace?

Volkswagen appears to be doubling-up its SUV strategy in America by releasing a couple of teaser images

RADICAL CrossBlue Coupe: Next-Gen Concept of Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagens quadrangular appearance has been the traditional traits for Tiguan, that has been the case

VW Passat Elegance and Tiguan Allspace, should you consider them over Japanese rivals?

Volkswagen’s R-Line brothers, the Passat R-Line and Tiguan Allspace R-Line, are currently hogging

How the 7-seater Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace makes sense in Malaysian market

As it stands, the Tiguan has to compete against the likes of the Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5 and of course

120 units of Volkswagen Tiguan to be supplied to Le Tour de Langkawi

VPCM will be providing 120 units of Volkswagen Tiguan Highline, which will be used throughout the race

RM 2k for extra space? 5-seater VW Tiguan vs 7-seater Tiguan Allspace

Yesterday, we are pretty much inundated with a trio of Volkswagen launches but while the Arteon and Passat

Review: 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace R-Line – more space and more grunt!

2020 Volkswagen Tiguan AllspaceTwo weeks ago, we were invited to sample the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

Should you buy the Volkswagen Golf now or wait for the all-new model?

The Volkswagen Golf, in its current 7th generation form, may be a couple of years old, but it is still

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What are the most common problems with a 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan?

now this is looking into the huge 8 ball from mattell: The problem with this question, is there are things that are designed to wear at the same rate as anything else, however there is no predicting when a particular component will fail on your car. If you perform the suggested maintenance as recommended in the factory owners guide, it should be long lasting. at issue is a 2013 VW Tiguan, now being 2019 this would make it 6 years old and 72,000 miles older than when it was new. Certainly due would be the water pump,/timing belt, along with front suspension rubber components, perhaps exhaust issues would creep in, or Brakes would be due to be replaced. But those are maintenance items. Nothing new. Exceptions would be a power steering pump, or a steering gear. It depends mostly on how hvrd it gets driven, ,and, what type of driving it gets. the “rust belt” states are not kind to the frames of these vehicles. Here is screen grab of the real world fuel performance., It shows the current population of 99 vehicles compared to the 2012 model year where there were 20% more samples to compare. as the bottom graph shows, it all depends on how you drive the car. Some specimens show excellent fuel economy at 40 MPG, while others are at 15. (most fuel ups are around the 24 MPG mark. This is consistent with a vehicle then that has one or two engine variant., The 2011–2012–2013 is the 3rd year running for the revised face-lift model. The biggest split, is with whether you have a diesel variation, where the engine gets 30 MPG versus the gas version only gets 23 MPG! over the life of the car (15–20 years) this is a significant cost saving. here from the eia (us) is chart of price variations: With the us average being 3.25 per gallon (gulf states much less), this would add up over time $$$. compared to gasoline costs: us average 2.85. Lets assume you drive 12,000 miles a year. For this driver the 15 years of operation at 24 MPG results in fuel consumption of 500 gallons on average for a total of 7,500 gallons during that time. If it was fuelled by diesel at 33 MPG this would result in burning 5,400 gallons instead. at a pricing differential of 2.50 for RUG versus 3.00 for D2, this makes the “cost price” for D2 over 15 years at current prices 16,300, versus 18,750. In the USa it seems hardly worth it. $2,450 over 15 years buys a lot of fuel. However, in other countries where the cost of Diesel is approximately the cost of gasoline, then (such as Canada) then Diesel is far better of a choice.

Which vehicle brands and models should you absolutely never buy at all costs in 2020?

There probably isn’t enough data available for 2020 vehicles to make a call. According to Consumer Reports, these are the least reliable vehicles from 2019. 10. Chevrolet Traverse 9. Chrysler Pacifica 8. Tesla Model X 7. Acura MDX 6. Volkswagen Tiguan 5. Volkswagen Atlas 4. Alfa Romeo Giulia 3. Jeep Wrangler 2. Chevrolet Camaro 1. Chevrolet Colorado

Which is the cheapest SUV in usa?

2019 Honda CR-V: $25,545 Honda Honda CR-V The Honda CR-V is hands-down one of the best and most well-rounded compact crossovers you can buy and that’s partly because of its affordable pricing. If you’re looking for a small SUV with a lot of space inside for both passengers and cargo, the CR-V is one of the most space-efficient vehicles in this class making it a great car for small families. If you have some extra room in your budget, we recommend upgrading to the EX trim or higher so you get the Honda Sensing safety tech suite and the turbocharged engine, which improves both performance and fuel economy. 2019 Mazda CX-5: $25,395 Mazda Mazda CX-5 For a modern crossover that combines style, fun driving character, and a surprisingly premium interior, check out the Mazda CX-5. The base engine may not have a lot of muscle, but it provides lively acceleration and this chassis provides engaging driving dynamics, especially for an SUV. This Mazda also has one of the best interiors at this price point when it comes to both design and material quality making you feel like you’re in a more expensive car. There’s a new turbocharged gas engine and a turbo-diesel for 2019, but those are only available in the higher, more expensive trims. 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan: $25,290 Volkswagen VW Tiguan The recently redesigned Volkswagen Tiguan is the only crossover on this list available with three rows of seats. Granted, that third row is pretty cramped considering this VW’s compact dimensions, but it’s still nice to have in case you need it in a pinch. The ride quality is comfortable and serene, making it good for long-distance commutes and it has an impressively roomy cargo area when it isn’t optioned with the third row of seats. The Tiguan also has a distinctly German personality that makes it stand out from the more mainstream crowd. 2019 Subaru Forester: $25,270 Subaru Subaru Forester Over the years, the Subaru Forester has evolved from a quirky wagon to a more conventional compact crossover. It retains its Subaru charm through things like its distinct Subaru look and, of course, standard all-wheel-drive on every model. This makes it one of the most affordable AWD vehicles you can get in this segment since every other model on this list else charges extra for it. The Forester’s standard AWD not only makes it good for wet or snowy road conditions but for off-roading too, especially when equipped with optional X-Mode. Another thing we love about the Forester is standard EyeSight safety tech on every model, which gives you automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assist. 2019 Ford Escape: $25,200 Ford Ford Escape The Ford Escape is due for replacement with its next-generation starting in the 2020 model year, but the 2019 model still presents a strong value in compact crossovers. It has an especially generously-sized cargo area and has sporty handling complemented well by its exciting engine choices. The base engine is good, but if your budget allows it, we like the turbocharged 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, which turns up the performance with 245 horsepower. For a more efficient crossover, consider the smaller 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine, which also offers a performance upgrade over the base engine. 2019 Kia Sportage: $25,035 Kia Kia Sportage The Kia Sportage is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades in compact crossovers. It does just about everything well with above-average performance, a roomy, upscale interior, a modern aesthetic and one of our favorite infotainment systems. There are few areas where the Sportage really blows away its competition, but again, it’s an SUV that does everything well and does nothing badly. If anything, its fuel economy is subpar for this segment, but other than that, the Sportage checks a lot of boxes for anyone in the market for a small SUV. 2019 Chevrolet Equinox: $24,995 Coming off a fresh redesign in 2018, the Chevy Equinox is a compact crossover that does a nice job of exemplifying the Chevy brand’s reputation. It’s safe, reliable and practical and it’s an overall great value no matter which model you go with. It has roomy, supportive seats, it’s great on gas and it has a good standard infotainment system with a short learning curve even if this is your first car with a screen in it. The Equinox also has a sharp, modern look that we think will age well. 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: $24,690 The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross was an all-new model for 2018 that revived the old Eclipse name in an unexpected way. Rather than a coupe, like the old Eclipse, the Eclipse Cross is an SUV that’s on the smaller side of the compact SUV segment and its smaller dimensions yield a particularly sporty aesthetic. Unfortunately, its smaller size means a smaller cargo area than most rivals, but if you’re willing to sacrifice a little practicality in favor of a sharp look, then its tight cargo space probably won’t bother you. This Mitsubishi ,MSBHY, +0.94%, also has a smooth and comfortable ride, meaning you get the sporty look combined with a comfy ride with little compromise. 2019 Hyundai Tucson: $24,445 The Hyundai ,HYMTF, +11.41%, Tucson has been one of our favorite compact crossovers ever since its current generation was introduced for 2016. The Tucson gets even better for 2019 with a face-lift updating its interior and exterior styling, a newly-available 2.4-liter engine, and a big tech upgrade with a standard 7-in infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay plus forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking now coming standard. All of that standard kit plus a smooth, quiet ride and a strong reliability rating makes this Hyundai an excellent value. 2019 Jeep Compass: $23,590 Jeep Jeep Compass Like the Eclipse Cross, the Jeep Compass is another SUV that is on the smaller side of the compact SUV segment. Yes, it’s small even for a compact, but it’s also the most affordable compact crossover of 2019. This Jeep exudes true Jeep character with an aesthetic that’s rugged, yet cute and real off-road chops when equipped with AWD, especially in the Trailhawk trim. A standard 7-in infotainment system is new for 2019 which further advances the Compass as a great value proposition in small SUVs.

What is it like to own a Volkswagen store in India, considering their limited catalogue? If I can open one in Andhra Pradesh, should I go ahead?

I will not go into the intricacies of opening a Volkswagen store. However I can definitely let you know from the information that I have gathered from the Volkswagen sales team. First of all you must understand that Volkswagen buyers are of a different creed, they are the real car buyers and are more technical and precise in terms of what they want. Spend a day at Volkswagen showroom and you would see two types of enquirers coming in to inquire about a car. Number one are those who are looking out to buy a new car and just stumbled at Volkswagen showroom, they will just inquire and go. Number two, these are the buyers who are actually attracted by Volkswagen but never dared to buy it, these are the ones who you can target and convert them as your valuable customers. Now coming back to your original question, yes they hardly have a variety as Polo, Vento and Ameo (late entry to the market) are the only selling proposition they have right now. Other cars such as Jetta or Passat are hardly sold in smaller cities. However, looking at the future aspect of it, Volkswagen is actually going to increase the number of cars in the market and it is expected to increase up to 6–7 models by 2018 or 2019 which is merely 2 years. Indians mindset towards Volkswagen is also getting quite better. So, if you are planning to open a Volkswagen showroom, please do a survey of the city you are planning to open and check how many people actually owns a Volkswagen there, and how many would be willing to buy it etc. After that you just need some damn good salesman, as a piece of advice the sales man you should hire should also have excellent technical knowledge of the car on top of excellent selling skills, Most Volkswagen buyers like this. Now coming back to opening a showroom in Andhra Pradesh. Andhra is indeed quite developed and people are technologically mature. I’m sure if you have a combination of excellent salesman ship and after sales service, you can do very well. FYI, you can check here the sales figure of ,Polo,, ,Ameo,, ,Vento,, ,Tiguan,: All the very best. I hope you open the showroom soon :)

How many miles can a VW Tiguan last?

Transmission problems in a 2019 VW Jetta and a 2018 VW Tiguan. Complete transmission failure. I guess they last just about 2 years or so. New technology is unreliable technology. Toyota uses the same company, Aisin for their transmissions in Toyota cars. Don’t worry, if your Toyota has the very reliable Aisin 4 speed automatic transmission. The Aisin 8 speed automatic (model AWF8F35) is the one that has complete failure. Internet search “2019 Volkswagen Jetta and 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan…”. Never buy any new car that uses a newly designed engine or transmission. I personally would wait 5 years or more to see how long they last, before buying one. I purchased a 2013 Toyota Corolla, 18 months ago. I knew that this car was going to be reliable, since this year of car did not have major problems in 6 years. The 2012 Corolla is reliable too. There were 2 recalls on my car for the Takata air bags. They both are free repairs at any Toyota dealership. But, at least these problems did not leave me stranded on the side of the road, like the 2018 VW Tiguan can possibly do. I personally believe that some of the 2013 and older Toyota cars can be more reliable than some of the newer ones. You would think that new is more reliable. That is not always true. Cars are most reliable between 20,000 and 100,000 miles. Always have an auto mechanic from a different business check out any car before you buy it.

Which SUV should I buy, 2019 Toyota RAV4 or 2019 VW Tiguan?

Volkswagens are money pits as they age. The Toyota RAV4 is a quality, reliable vehicle and parts are easily and readily available and every mechanic would know how to repair them. They also retain good resell value. It would be a more sensible choice.

Are there any problems with the 2021 VW Tiguan?

Long term, VW cars are not reliable, like a Toyota. German engineered cars in the USA have more problems than the ones made in Germany. The VW Tiguan is made in Mexico. These are the ones that are sent to the USA. Transmission problems in the 2018 and 2019 VW Tiguan. Class action lawsuit. Internet search “2019 Volkswagen Jetta and 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan…”. Do you still want to buy a VW car? I personally would buy a 2013 or older Toyota car for better reliability than the newer ones. My 2013 Toyota Corolla has been very reliable in the 19 months that I have owned it. My car is 8 years old. Two year old VW Tiguan has transmission problems already. I believe that my 8 year old car is more reliable than the two year old VW Tiguan, long term.

Is Volkswagen a direct competitor to Tesla?

Is Volkswagen a direct competitor to Tesla?, Not really. Porsche and Audi come closer. The Volkswagen Jetta is close to the size of a Tesla Model 3 but has a base price of less than half. Performance of a Jetta lags that of the Tesla, and no plug-in version is available. The Jetta is powered solely by gasoline, whereas the Model 3 is powered solely by electricity. Future electric models from Volkswagen may compare favorably to the Model 3 or future Tesla models, but as of today they are very different cars. Similarly, Volkswagen really doesn’t have anything like the Model S or Model X. A VW Tiguan would come close to the seating and cargo capacity of the Model X, for about one-fourth of the price, and again no plug-in model is available. Volkswagen currently has no EV offerings other than the e-Golf which is sold in limited numbers. Future offerings include the I.D. series, which will not be in production until the end of 2019 at the earliest. So it seems unlikely many VW shoppers will look at Tesla, or vice versa. Those who are specifically shopping for an electric vehicle today will find few offerings from Volkswagen. Those who are not concerned with buying electric may be put off by the price premium on Tesla models today.

Is it expensive to maintain a 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan?

Hello Shane. This is an interesting question that I hear a lot. There is an opinion it seems that Volkswagens are expensive to maintain. So the logical question then is relative to what? To a Kia Rio? Yea, probably so. But let’s review a few facts. First of all, VW’s TSI motors have a manufacturers recommended 10,000 miles or 1 year between oil changes. So the most common service interval has gone to 2x even 3x the common cycle. Now tires, basic fluids, etc should be comparable to equally equipped models from other brands. Brakes might be a bit more expensive on your VW simply because VW uses better brake components. And frankly in the first 6 years of ownership, that’s about all you need to worry about except the transmission service. Now this is one item I know can be costly and I believe it is done perhaps twice now during the standard warranty period. So, I always recommended my customers purchase the pre-paid maintenance. It’s fully refundable (unused portion) and it helps ease the burden of that costly transmission maintenance. So is Volkswagen more expensive to maintain? According to YourMechanic, not really. The site rated car maintenance ,costs, by brand over the course of 10 years and VW ranked #22, costing less to care for than Ford, Kia, Chevrolet, Subaru and Hyundai, among others.Dec 12, 2016 Cost of ownership is a hot topic in the car circles. Kelly Blue Book does a 5-year cost of ownership awards series each year. Nada highlights the topic in “how to calculate your cost of ownership”. So, I’m going to stop and end with this. First, is Volkswagen more expensive to maintain? That is such an open-ended question the answer will always be ‘whichever the writer wants it to be’. I could write articles all day and sway opinions one way or another. Which brings me to my last. We overthink cars. If you want a good investment; don’t buy a car. These are machines we use to traverse the distances we put between ourselves in the United States. Frankly, any car would do just fine but some of the most efficient are some of the less convenient models, hence they sell poorly in the United States. So, we ain’t buying strictly on logic. If you like it, and the base reviews check out. Buy it! Don’t think too much. It will make your brain hurt!

  • What is the Front Tyres of Volkswagen Tiguan?

    Here are the Front Tyres and variants of Volkswagen Tiguan:

    Variants2018 Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI Comfortline2018 Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI Highline
    Front Tyres215/65R17235/55R18
  • Tell me the Dimensions of Volkswagen Tiguan.

    The Dimensions of the Volkswagen Tiguan are as follow:

    Variants2018 Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI Comfortline2018 Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI Highline2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Upcoming Version
    Ground Clearance
    Approach Angle
    Departure Angle
    Boot Volume615615
  • Does Volkswagen Tiguan has Parking Sensor Rear?

    Yes, Volkswagen Tiguan has Parking Sensor Rear, which are: 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI Comfortline, 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI Highline.