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BMW Malaysia has just launched the all-new 2020 F40 BMW M135i in Malaysia alongside the 2020 BMW X1 sDrive18i

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Dubbed as the “S-Class of SUVs”, the Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 4Matic is launched in Malaysia

2021 W223 Mercedes-Benz S-Class showcases rear-wheel steering

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has always been about more than just mere opulence.

2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupé now available in Malaysia – RM 498K, CKD

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia.

2020 Mercedes-Benz G-Class with less sporty engine previewed in Malaysia; From RM 999k

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Recently, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) launched the locally-built (CKD) 2020 Mercedes-Benz C200 AMG Line

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piston calipers with 350 mm discs at the front with single-piston 330 mm discs at the rear.The AMG Ride Control

Mercedes-AMG A35 Sedan launched in Malaysia, priced from RM 348,888

The hot Mercedes-AMG A35 Sedan has just landed in Malaysia, with prices starting from RM 348,888.

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Why didnt Mercedes-Benz Malaysia introduce a plug-in hybrid variant?

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe facelift – so what has changed?

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Stability control is not the same as traction control

to keep you safe.What is stability control?

Owner Review: The Kompressor Engine - How I met my Mercedes-Benz C200K

no better form for me than in the form of the 2007- 2011 W204 Mercedes-Benz C200K (K indicating the

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If you’re looking for an SUV within the range of RM 350k, the BMW X3, Volvo XC60 and Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Hatch vs A-Class Sedan; what’s different other than looks?

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class has always been known to us as a hatchback.

2020 (G20) BMW M340i vs 2019 (W205) Mercedes-AMG C43 - Which is the ultimate performance sedan?

4.4 seconds and top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h.Under the bonnet of the Mercedes-AMG

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adaptive cruise control in mercedes Q&A Review

What's the coolest feature you've seen in a car? Preferably something that isn't very common, such as the rain channels in the Mercedes S-class that channel rain from the windshield away from the side windows, & nothing related to self-driving cars.

Focusing just on things that appeared in 2015: EyeSight, from Subaru comes immediately to mind. Pre-collision warning, braking, throttle management - within the bounds of the laws of physics, it's pretty much impossible to rear-end another car with this, or drive it into a fixed object. Plus there's lane-departure warning, and adaptive cruise control, which slows you down to match traffic. Pretty much a huge win. Until I put on my "hey, I built shit like this for a living" hat and think about all the things that can go wrong on hard-to-test edge cases...

Which car is best under 1 crore price?

Now there are too many great cars at that price point like a Mercedes-Benz CLS, Land Rover Discovery, Lexus RX, BMW 6 Series GT but I would recommend you a car which is quite an all-rounder, an ,Audi Q7 The car is ,huge, for the money Has ,wonderful interiors ,where you can relax and unwind Has the legendary Quattro 4WD system and is a technological wonder as you get features such as Lane Departure Assist, Adaptive High beam, Radar-Guided cruise control etc. The car also has ,oodles of space and Flexi-seating options, (yes, seven seats) Award-winning performance, a top speed of 250 Kmph (electronically limited), and fuel economy of around 11 kmpl And all this ,UNDER 1 CRORE ON-ROAD PRICE Upvote, if you like the answer Follow ,for more Sai

What's your "never again" car brand? Why?

What's your "never again" car brand? Why? Cadillac. Our new 2014 Cadillac SRX was a lemon that, according to CarFax, Cadillac ultimately junked because it could not be repaired even after it had been returned to Detroit for analysis. The adaptive cruise control system failed catastrophically for some unknown reason. The car had also been repaired under warranty earlier in the year because of suspension problems. Since the adaptive cruise system could control both acceleration and braking, in addition to the inconvenience, the car was unsafe to drive. The car was continuously in a dismantled state at the dealership for repairs from September 2014 until it was taken back by GM in the beginning of 2015. Cadillac ultimately replaced the car with a 2015 model that still works fine. The problem is that both the dealership and GM stalled and sandbagged the replacement process and all but accused us of some kind of sharp dealing. By the time Cadillac declared the 2014 car to be irreparable, there were no remaining 2014 models, and GM insisted that we had to pay for the increased price of a 2015 model. We visited with the owner of the dealership, and he suggested that we talk to his own lawyer about why we had no recourse. I wrote to the office of Mary Barra, the CEO of GM, and the response was from a person who was pleasant enough but whose job was simply to placate us. Her efforts to solve the problem were useless. She had no authority to negotiate. The 2014 SRX was technically a “lemon” under state law that qualified us for a return of the total purchase price. I told the dealership that we had decided to hire a lawyer specializing in lemon law to pursue our options. We had looked at a new Mercedes Benz SUV that we thought might be a good replacement for the Cadillac. Only at this point did a regional GM manager contact us, and we were able in one phone call to negotiate a replacement of the 2014 SRX with a 2015 model at the next higher trim level. We paid 95% of the trim differential ( I think around $1000) and settled the matter. The process was so painful, and the customer service was so bad that It is extraordinarily unlikely that I will very buy a GM product again. Our next SUV will likely be a Lexus based on the wonderful experience we have had in the past with Toyota.

What car besides the Tesla has the best adaptive cruise control?

I think a lot of car companies have started coming out with different types of adaptive cruise control. Some of these are - Mercedes (Distronic Plus) Porsche (Porsche Active Safe) Volkswagen Passat (Traffic Jam Assist) BMW (Active Cruise Control) Also, various other manufacturers that offer Adaptive Cruise Control are - Audi Honda Civic Touring. Hyundai Elantra Limited. Chevrolet Malibu Premier. Toyota Prius. Chrysler 200C. Mazda3 s Grand Touring. Ford Fusion. Nissan Altima. Also, you can check this video out to know the difference between adaptive and normal cruise control. It helped me understand it as well - Hope it was helpful to you as well. Cheers.

Why does Adaptive Cruise Control ride the brakes while going down a hill to maintain speed? Isn't it better to downshift?

Why does Adaptive Cruise Control ride the brakes while going down a hill to maintain speed? Isn't it better to downshift? The cruise control on my current car (Mercedes) and van (Dodge Caravan) and the previous three cars that I have owned (all automatics), held speed by downshifting the transmission not braking. One risk about using the brakes for cruise control management is that on an extended downhill, especially if towing a trailer, the brakes can potentially overheat and begin to fade. That’s a time you don’t want brakes fading…

What is the block of black glossy plastic in the center of Mercedes-Benz grilles of recent manufacture used for?

Pretty sure it's the adaptive cruise control radar unit.

Do Germans use cruise control on the Autobahn?

Some do, others don’t. I had my first cruise control experience in an US rental car during a vacation in Florida. I was so pleased by this that I bought an aftermarket kit and had it installed in my 1981 Mercedes-Benz 200. Back then a cruise control in a car was something rather unusual in Germany. Compared to today, standard configuration of cars was very basic. Power windows, power locks, power steering was not standard, at least not with smaller cars. And cruise control usually was an extra option, either to be ordered alone or in a package together with the automatic transmission. Today cruise controls has become more common, because cars have everything onboard you need for it: a speed signal (delivered by the ABS), an electronic motor management (you won’t pass the emission tests without it) and a drive by wire throttle. For several years it was rather simple to upgrade any VW to a cruise control: Simply exchange the lever for the indicator lights at the steering wheel column against one with the CC switch and unlock the software. Today even the tiny Smart Fortwo comes with a CC. Many people I know do not like it, nevertheless. They fear of losing control or falling asleep, besides that they claim that traffic in Germany is so dense that you hardly can drive a longer distance with a constant speed. Adaptive Cruise Control can solve this problem, but today it is common only in new, big and expensive cars. I assume that right now less than 10% of all cars in Germany have ACC. So the answer is: Some Germans use cruise control on the Autobahn, others don’t. By the way: About all heavy trucks are equipped with CC, and about all truck drivers use them.

Why Mercedes Benz GLC 200 petrol have no distronic adaptive cruise control in India?

The GLC 200 is basically a C class Mercedes and the 200 means it has the smaller engine option. Distribución cruise control is an expensive option so Mercedes probably didn’t even offer it as an option on that car.

What are the oldest/cheapest cars or SUVs that have adaptive cruise control?

As of 2017 - 2017 Toyota Corolla L with standard TSS-P - $18500 2017 Honda Civic LX with optional Sensing package - $18740 + $1000 option 2017 Subaru Impreza Premium with optional Eyesight - $21195 + $2395 option Older/used cars may have adaptive cruise control, but as far as “cheapest” that varies since used car values varies based on mileage, year, condition, etc.. also you would have to find one with that option from the factory. I believe the 2003 Mercedes E Class was available with Distronic as an option, those are about $6–8k today? Good luck finding one with that option package however.