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What is the role of an electrical engineer in an automobile company?

You are the future employee needed. Because to increase the reliability of every system from brakes(ABS), steering(electronic power steering), suspension (purely active suspension like MR dampers( magneto rheological smart fluids), safety (airbag) ,driver comfort( adaptive cruise control) and many more are switched over from mechanical aspects into electrical and electronic aspects for better control and performance and safety and everything.. You just need good knowledge in all electrical stuffs and sensors and transducers suitable particularly for automobile like lambda sensors, wheel speed sensors. You have to work integrated with other branch employees and develop a perfect automobile. You won't believe that MARUTI SUZUKI recruits only electrical students from my college even though I'm an automotive student from a well reputed institution! So, that's it. Thanks for A2A.

What is your niche idea? I understand that most have to be kept to yourself but if you have too many, would you mind sharing?

A universal cruise control system that works by directly actuating gas and brake pedals and operates at any speed starting at 0. That would be phase I. Phase II would be building a universal adaptive cruise control on top of it. I am aware that it’s a project no lawyer would want to touch, but I want to build it anyway.

What is adaptive cruise control in automobiles?

Cruise Control is a system which is capable of maintaining the speed of a car at a desired level. There are two major types of cruise control. Cruise control is basically useful on a longer drive, empty roads & where speed limit is constant. Adaptive Cruise Control lets you set speed & distance. In order to understand in deep, here is a video of adaptive cruise control explanation that I found useful to me - Hope it is useful to you too. Cheers.

What pros and cons does your car have?

Mine is a Hyundai i20 2019, 7 speed auto (DCT), 100hp There are not too many reviews online (for the 2019 model) so I guess this answer might be helpful for a few people. Pros For a small car, it looks pretty nice It’s loaded with options (cruise control, heated seats, heated side mirrors and steering wheel, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, backup camera and sensors, lane keep assist, automatic windshield wipers, automatic headlights and high beams, …) It has a 1.0 petrol turbo engine (T-GDI), but it accelerates pretty quickly and has a nice little engine sound (although it’s pretty quiet when not driving sporty) It’s a DCT, meaning I can shift manually if I want to It handles well. It remains very stable even at high speeds (140 km/h and above, don’t ask me how I know) It’s very fuel efficient (on average, 5.5 l/100km / 42 mpg) It has plenty of room for a car of this category The reliability is great 5 year warranty, unlimited mileage Cons Not very good for overtaking at high speeds (100 km/h and above). You can still overtake, but you need a longer distance than with more powerful cars. In terms of options, the only useful and “modern” options missing are adaptive cruise control, blind spot assist and front parking sensors Would be great to have a snow mode for better handling in the snow Crappy start/stop system, always on by default. This is an issue when I stop at roundabouts for a couple of seconds and the engine stops. When this happens, it takes quite some time for the engine to start and get going again, which is not very safe in such situations. Every time I start the car, I have to disable this feature, which is annoying. The infotainment system does have Bluetooth and we can stream music on it, make phone calls, … Although, to use Apple CarPlay, a USB cable is necessary. makes sense, right? So far I’ve done over 33k kms (20k miles) in 11 months and I never had any issue. Let me know if you have any questions. :) Here are a few additional pics:

What's your "never again" car brand? Why?

What's your "never again" car brand? Why? Cadillac. Our new 2014 Cadillac SRX was a lemon that, according to CarFax, Cadillac ultimately junked because it could not be repaired even after it had been returned to Detroit for analysis. The adaptive cruise control system failed catastrophically for some unknown reason. The car had also been repaired under warranty earlier in the year because of suspension problems. Since the adaptive cruise system could control both acceleration and braking, in addition to the inconvenience, the car was unsafe to drive. The car was continuously in a dismantled state at the dealership for repairs from September 2014 until it was taken back by GM in the beginning of 2015. Cadillac ultimately replaced the car with a 2015 model that still works fine. The problem is that both the dealership and GM stalled and sandbagged the replacement process and all but accused us of some kind of sharp dealing. By the time Cadillac declared the 2014 car to be irreparable, there were no remaining 2014 models, and GM insisted that we had to pay for the increased price of a 2015 model. We visited with the owner of the dealership, and he suggested that we talk to his own lawyer about why we had no recourse. I wrote to the office of Mary Barra, the CEO of GM, and the response was from a person who was pleasant enough but whose job was simply to placate us. Her efforts to solve the problem were useless. She had no authority to negotiate. The 2014 SRX was technically a “lemon” under state law that qualified us for a return of the total purchase price. I told the dealership that we had decided to hire a lawyer specializing in lemon law to pursue our options. We had looked at a new Mercedes Benz SUV that we thought might be a good replacement for the Cadillac. Only at this point did a regional GM manager contact us, and we were able in one phone call to negotiate a replacement of the 2014 SRX with a 2015 model at the next higher trim level. We paid 95% of the trim differential ( I think around $1000) and settled the matter. The process was so painful, and the customer service was so bad that It is extraordinarily unlikely that I will very buy a GM product again. Our next SUV will likely be a Lexus based on the wonderful experience we have had in the past with Toyota.

What are the benefits of cruise control?

Cruise control is of two main types: Regular cruise control: This only holds a set speed. You can change it, and the car will change the throttle input to go up or down to that speed. Some automatics will even shift down if they think the car needs engine braking, eg, going downhill(2015+ Hyundai Sonata is a good example). In this case, you are responsible for ensuring that your car isn’t going to hit the car in front, since the system doesn’t know how close you are to them. This system has been in cars for years and is almost universal. Adaptive cruise control: This will hold speed, and a set distance behind the car ahead. It will even bring the car to a complete stop, and set off again if the car in front stops and then moves again, eg, at a light. This kind of setup uses either a dual camera system, or a nose mounted radar to detect the car in front and ensure you don’t hit them. This is a newer system that is becoming more popular in mid range and higher end cars. It’s also sometimes referred to as radar guided cruise control, although there are cars these days that use only cameras for it (Subaru Eyesight). All cruise control systems disengage once you hit the brakes or the clutch (in a manual)

What are the different segments in the automotive adaptive cruise control system market?

Adaptive cruise control is an advanced system that automatically adjusts the speed of a car to maintain a safer distance from the preceding vehicles. The system can increase or decrease the car’s speed in order to maintain a safer distance. An increasing number of collisions on the road, rising disposable income, awareness among people regarding safety, and advancement in research & technology are some of the major growth drivers of the global automotive adaptive cruise control system market. Additionally, increasing demand for premium and luxury cars is also propelling the growth of adaptive cruise control system in the automotive industry. Go through the detailed scope,