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Some standard safety features on the Almaz RS include: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Bend Cruise Assistance

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These are the 5 cheapest cars in Malaysia with adaptive headlights

expensive, high-end cars.Now, even cars like the Perodua Axia offer ADAS and even some like the underrated Nissan

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to a report from the Financial Times, the Japanese government have tried to propose a merger between Nissan

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Owner Review: A Dad's take on a Soccer Mom's Car - 2013 Nissan Serena S-Hybrid

This direct injection twin-CVTC unit is paired to Nissan’s Xtronic CVT gearbox with Adaptive Shift

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Spied: 2020 MG HS spied, Proton X70 rival coming soon?

the front wheels.Depending on variant, the MG HS can be had with a host of ADAS features, including: Adaptive

45 Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and more pulled over by Hong Kong police

A Nissan GTR was even reportedly confiscated for illegal modifications to the car.The place where the

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Deal Breakers: Nissan Serena, love its practicality, not its infotainment

Which leaves us with the Nissan Serena.

Top 3 things about Nissan Serena 2.0

The new Serena s-hybrid features a 2.0l engine with an XTRONIC CVT gearbox and an adaptive shift control

Stability control is not the same as traction control

Last week, we shared our insights on traction control and how does the system work, and due to the nature

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Is the new Tesla Roadster too fast?

Is the new Tesla Roadster too fast? I'll go out on a limb here and say that for it's relatively low price tag in the segment, it's probably going to be a place where many more people will die, than say a Bugatti Chiron, simply because there will be many many more Roadster 2.5s sold than Chiron sold. Of course, 1.9 seconds 0-60mph is not really all that much faster than most 1000cc superbikes, but the Tesla does have a bit of a problem in that it's speed and acceleration are available by pushing buttons and stepping on the accelerator. That makes it far less idiot friendly than a bike, even though there are probably more than a million bikes on the road capable of nearly that sort of acceleration, and the bikes are far more readily available to idiots and responsible folks, due to their much lower purchase price. An interesting point to note is that of all the idiots I've known with fast bikes, only one has died that I'm aware of - pancreatic cancer… I'm assuming that the Roadster 2.5 will have speed & acceleration limits in place as the Nissan GTR was supposed to initially, based on GPS location. The Tesla in car footage I've seen on various models seems to indicate that the cars know where they are and what the speed limit should be, with that information, restrictions are easy to implement based on location. Also Tesla's autonomous driving will probably assist with curbing irresponsible driver behaviour by seeing other cars around the Roadster 2.5 and playing the digital parent, reducing the available speed and acceleration when other vehicles are detected, as well as using the forward vision system from its adaptive cruise control to pre-emptively brake should it foresee a possible collision. From what I understand the doppler radar based vision system used by Mercedes Benz can see further than 100m / the length of a sports field. Yes, at speeds relative to the top speed of a Roadster 2.5 100m~120m is not much, but if you're going to “do the crime you should be prepared to do the time” I've blitzed up over 300kph a few times on bikes, but generally there are 4 lanes of traffic ahead of and behind me and I'm stuck doing half the posted speed limit 100 times for every 2 or 3 times I've managed to top out. So in answer to the posted question, yes the Tesla Roadster is too fast for most people's eyesight and reactions. But then so are most fast bikes and super cars, and I'm willing to bet more people have died in plane crashes than have died on fast bikes and in supercars combined… Fortunately traffic is the great leveller and most Tesla Roadsters will find themselves in highway traffic the majority of the time.